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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

King of Trios: Night 3


PROMO - The UnStable
This was just kind of there. Wasn't funny or interesting. It perfectly fit the UnStable: I don't hate them, but I wouldn't miss them if they magically disappeared.

1. The UnStable vs Team Uppercut - ***3/4
Great match that told a simple story: The UnStable suck, Uppercut doesn't, and the weasely rudos will do anything to get a win. Some of the early nearfalls were fantastic and everyone did a great job. Cool seeing Dave hit his finisher, the dreaded floatover, bridging double underhook suplex!

2. F.I.S.T. vs The Future Is Now - ****1/4
This was my favorite match of the entire weekend. Seriously. You know when the fans get behind TFIN, even for a few mintues, something must be going right. Lince had to have broken a few ribs on his dive to the outside. His backflip uranage was good, but the 630 Senton Helios followed it with was even better. Great finish, too. Some people will argue that I've overrated this, but everyone played their roles to perfection, hit some innovative spots, and got TONS of heat. I'm also a sucker for a good heat segment (see: Finals).

3. El Generico vs Arik Cannon - ***1/4
Good back and forth action from these two. I'm not a huge "Anarchist" fan and he didn't really do anything here to change my opinion. His punches are the only thing he adds to a match, but Generico trying (and failing) to brawl back was so cool. Hot finish, though the Glimmering Warlock is pretty stupid. It should be called "Fat Black Magic".

4. Tag Team Gauntlet - ***1/4
This was SO long. It went at least 40 mintues, and only the last 10 or so were even worth watching. That said, it was a kickass last few minutes. We got Soul Touchaz/Young Bucks, Bucks/Up in Smoke, UIS/Brodie & Grizzly, and The Roughnecks facing Quackensaw to end it on a high. Still...TOO F*CKING LONG.

PROMO - The North Star Colony
While the Ants order Green Ant to do up-downs, Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz said...something. I was too busy giggling at Fire Ant listen to his iPod using his long ant ears to hear what they were saying.

5. Amasis, Ophidian, KUDO & Michael Nakazawa vs The Colony & North Star Express - ***1/2
Pretty funny match. Amasis and Chucky T should have a girlish scream-off. Dunno who'd win (lose?). KUDO hit some really nasty stuff. NSE hit a move called Shellshock, a double hip attack. It's incredibly stupid (not in a good way) and the Express hit the damn thing in EVERY match they were in. Needs to go. Nakazawa's Slippery Ring of Impassability was a sight to behold, as was his less successful Slippery Suplex. KUDO's finish was nice. I'd like to see he and Akuma go at it one-on-one.

PROMO - Eddie Kingston
I personally think King is very COMFORTABLE in front of a microphone, if not always very passionate. He was fine here, but sometimes when he's not SUPER PISSSSSED and just being himself, he can lose focus.

6. Austin Aries vs Eddie Kingston - ***1/2
Awesome fun from both guys. The early going saw Aries force Eddie to keep running the ropes. When Kingston got too winded to move, Aries slapped him and took two victory laps. Then Eddie got mad. Some vicious strikes by both guys, and Kingston Sliding-D looked like it may have wrecked his elbow. Or Eddie sells like a master. Either could be true.

7. Rey de Voladores Final - Player Dos vs Kota Ibushi - ***1/2
"Holy Crap, Kota Ibushi has some crazy flips and dives! He's so innovative!" That was me a year ago. Now? Eh. I've seen it all before. There's no magic left in a lot of Ibushi's tricks. Still, it was pretty exciting, and Dos added a nice underdog element. He nailed a crazy suicide conkscrew senton to a standing Ibushi, and worked in a few good spots between Kota's. Not a classic, but still very fun, and once again the crowd really elevates the experience.

PROMO - Team Uppercut
Apparently, in a game of "Rock, F.I.S.T., Uppercut", Uppercut beats F.I.S.T. everytime. Seems like a poorly thought out game then. UPPERCUT!

8. King of Trios Final - F.I.S.T. vs Team Uppercut - ****
I really wanted to bump this higher, but it was criminally short at about eleven minutes. Still, it's the third best match of all three nights, just below the Night 2 RDV match with Kota and Generico. As I mentioned before, the workover segment in this was really good. It wasn't spectacular, but because no other teams did any long workovers in the tournament, F.I.S.T. doing it felt fresh and worked wonderfully. There were two absolutely amazing nearfalls in this and they really added to the drama. And the finish...my God the finish. Never in my life did I think I'd see it. The crowd exploded with shock. So did I. Great f*cking match. Great f*cking tournament.


The members of F.I.S.T. do nothing for me outside of their group. Each guy can do ONE thing exceptionally well: Icarus can draw Rave-level heat, Akuma can flat-out kill you with strikes, and Chuck Taylor has his character and his mannerisms down perfectly. But, IMHO, they are all lacking. Chucky can't sell. Icarus is sloppy. Akuma's. F*cking. Face. . But, as a sum, they are outstanding.

They faced four VERY different teams in the King of Trios 2009 and had four great to fantastic matches with them. They faced The Death Match Kings, The Future is Now, Team Uppercut, and The F1RST Family. Brawlers, Flyers, Technicians, and...whatever The F1RST Family is. 4 different styles, 4 great matches. Kudos to the Friends in Similar Tights, even if your name was slighty off. They were wearing the same damn tights. The "S" must stand for "Same" now. *shrugs*


OVERALL - 9 / 10
This was an amazing night of wrestling. The best match of the weekend came on Night 3, along with two other stellar outings and three other great matches. There's not a bad thing on this DVD. The tournament as a whole was awesome, if a little predictable (I correctly called the winner of both tournaments). The match quality should speak for itself, but if you are still hesitant about whether you should pull the trigger, remember: this is the last one. They'll never do another one. Ever. Buy the damn DVD already! You can get this DVD at smartmarkvideo.com along with Nights 1 and 2, as well as past King of Trios DVDs.

Originally Posted by Jimmy Jacobs, about Wrestling Society X:
"MTV had all these strange rules. We were told we weren't allowed to hit each other with household objects, but they were really excited about using an exploding coffin. So chairs were bad, but exploding coffins were okay. One of the guys at MTV said he wanted one of the wrestlers to be dumped in a vat of acid, and somebody had to explain to him that if you put a guy in acid one week, he can't really come back the next week. Or ever."

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