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Re: Being The Booker

Wolfbeastís WWE RAW Review

Mick Foley Promo: Fantastic way to open RAW with a fantastic promo. From what Iíve heard from Mick Foleyís heel promos, that is heel Mick Foley to a tee. He was just in character at all times and sounded like a crazed madman which I think, in the end, is what you were going for. Someone above me summed it up as ďepicĒ and I canít disagree with that. It is no joke when I say that is one of the best promos I have ever read in a BTB, well done.

Intercontinental Championship Match: A good opener, really well done and the right way to open the show indeed. It was a quick match but it was a fun match which gives it the credentials to be a great opener. I am glad Rey got the victory at the end and their WrestleMania match is looking good too. It was a nice way to announce it by Bischoff and some comedy with Marella, nice touch.

Training Package: Nice little promo here, itís something different from what we usually see and it was quite funny. As someone also said in their review, adding Rhyno was a nice touch. It really did help to hype the WrestleMania match and itís one, after giving only my first review, I am genuinely looking forward to reading and reviewing.

Burchills Interview: You are still going with the incest thing? I am not to keen on it but lets see where you can go with it. Iím just glad that it looks like you are giving Burchill a genuine chance. His promo did quite a bit to hype up his character and his line saying ďhe can do it in the ringĒ was good, makes him sound intimidating.

Paul Burchill vs. Stevie Richards: You described it as a squash because that is what it was but it was still a good debut for Burchill. I liked how you didnít go over the top with the incest stuff in the first week if that is the way you are headed and just a general good victory for the Englishman.

Lesnar/HHH Package: You are hyping this up a lot and you have a right too because it is certainly going to be a big one. That package, that little history lesson as it were got me quite excited about reading this match.

Rob Conway vs. DH Smith: A nice little match here giving two unestablished stars a chance to shine and I am glad you gave DH Smith the win, he is an exceptional talent who really has never been given the chance to shine and giving him a win could propel him to great things in your BTB. I hope it does.

JR HOF: Nice surprise, when I was reading it and when Coach sat back, Hall of Fame didnít cross my mind until King actually said it. Nice touching moment for a legendary commentator. Good job.

Brock Lesnar vs. Tyson Tomko: Brock Lesnar is just a mean, intimidating, angry, monster isnít he? You capture his power and dominance so well and it just builds him up that little bit more, a good win to really get him over for Mania. Wow, I did not expect that at all, fantastic choice and I REALLY want to read that match now, canít we just go straight to WrestleMania? I also liked the ĎIs it true?í kind of segment with the McMahons and The Game.

Finlay Interview: I like that you have made Kelly a backstage interviewer although I wouldnít mind seeing her more in the ring. Finlay doesnít get a lot of mike time so itís nice to see some here and he put himself over well. You also put Umaga over as a hulking force even by him just standing there. Estrada is the perfect mouthpiece, I never understood why he was taken from Umagaís side.

Long/Bischoff: Nice interactivity between Long and Bischoff, very well-written and some FANTASTIC Main Events signed for next week that I am especially looking forward to. You are pulling out all of the stops before WrestleMania which I like, a lot.

Tag Match: Having just started reading this BTB, I need to get aquanted with some new teams and such but I am already liking the Brotherhood. It was a decent contest, the best of the night by far with lots of good action and its nice to freshen up with heel vs. heel, glad the New Wave won though.

HHH/McMahon: Before I get to this, another great package this time with Cena. Nice little promo and it sounds like things wonít end well for Vince McMahon, it was actually quite funny with The Game saying Ďheís crazyí and I am excited for SmackDown now.

Main Event: A stacked Main Event, before this, the segment with Cena and Christian was very well-written and you are really hyping this up which is brilliant it really gets people interested in seeing it. Anyway, to the Main Event, a good little detailed match and the best of the night. Nice to see the partner turns and the tension and everything, great.

Great show man, keep it up and Iíll be reading for SmackDown in Vegas.
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