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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Epic opening with Mick Foley. We finally got some answers, itís all about The Hardcore Legend coming back. To be honest, I did not expect this, I donít know I just expected something different, I wouldnít say I am disappointed as the promo was epic, the match will sure be epic, and the build up so far has been epic, itís just this seems like the ĎMania 22 Edge/Foley storyline at SNME recycled. Foley decided he didnít want to be the puppet anymore, and he became The Hardcore Legend again. You have more time, and more microphone time to build this up better, hopefully you continue to do it justice, so far it has been great.

The faces here in Rey Mysterio and Alexis Laree finally pick up a victory, I really expected this, I mean how many times can you make them lose before it goes beyond a joke. Short and sharp matches again tonight then I guess? Kennedy attacking Laree from behind made me laugh, am I a bad person? Well played though here, with the brawl and what not, at the moment I can see a massive clusterfuck match coming out of this for ĎMania, and I really wouldnít like that.

Eric Bischoff comes out and I guess we are going to get the punishment now? This was unexpected, I expected it to happen later in the show. Triple Jeopardy, I believe that you thought of that match, people on the internet never lie . Not to sure about the logic of this though, itís meant to be a punishment for Kennedy yet he is getting a shot at the IC Title from it. Seems like Bischoff is rewarding him, because I donít think Kennedy will care about MNM losing the tag titles. With that being said, I was expecting both the IC and Tag Team Titles to change hands and now only one is going to, at this stage I am not sure which one. Unpredictability is good.

Christians training was pretty epic. I love the way you are making this match to be such a big deal, you are giving it major segments every week and these little videos just help to add to the suspense. Great hype so far for this match, IMO.

Paul Burchill making his debut. Seems like youíre keeping him with this incest gimmick, hopefully you donít have him jobbing though, I personally believe he is a great talent.

Well, Burchill did get the win, he is off to a promising star, hopefully he eventually gets built into a solid mid carder. Go slowly though, some more squash matches for now.

Youíre loving the video package tonight, this is probably my favorite feud along with Taker/Angle at the moment, keep it going mate.

DH Smith and Rob Conway during one of the hottest times of the year. . Donít future endeavor Smith though, give him something interesting to do after ĎMania and he will be fine.

Nice touch with JR getting into the hall of fame, really just a feel good moment, nice way to break the intensity of the night.

No shit Brock Lesnar was going to beat Tyson Tomko, at least the main event will be a competitive match up. I know its all about promos and build up, but I would still like some decent matches on the weekly show to be honest.

Lesnar short and sweet is definitely the way to go, he is kind of like Goldberg, not the best on the microphone. He has his own back up? Triple H trying to be all epic made me laugh, OWNED, Austin at ĎMania is epic win.

at Tomko thinking Austin gained 150 ponds. So they think he is bluffing. This is just to add that extra bit of anticipation right? I mean, will Austin show up kind of thing, even though we all know he will.

Finlay on the microphone is just yuck, I am glad it didnít last long, good to see him get interrupted by the most epic man in history on the mic, Armando Estrada . Umaga > Finlay, if one of these two win the MITB it better be the Samoan Monster.

Bischoff explained him self well despite me at first thinking you may have just stuffed up. Two good matches made for next week as well, good, with the matches we have been getting out of late we need some greatnessÖ Teddy Long should have spoken a little bit more though, should have brought up the racism.

The New Wave defeating The Brotherhood, I really donít agree with that at all, but I guess its you booking the show. Just thought The Brotherhood are the better faction and should be getting the rub in this one.

Christians training was better then Cenaís, more creative to.

Vince is going to bring Austin to Smackdown. Awesome. Weird to have them taking up Smackdowns time though, Angle and Taker better still get their time to shine. Cool concept here with the McMahon Family Empire panicking and all.

Christian is so much better then Cena at the moment that it is not funny. Actually it is.

Awesome main event, lol yay, a match with detail, donít worry I understand all effort goes into promos and Mania at the moment. Randy Orton turning is what I would expect from him, Cena and Christian once again donít come to blows but the tension builds, its only a matter of time.

GreatÖ againÖ I think maybe last week was a better read though.
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