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Re: Buffy The Sexy Vampire Slayer Mafia!!!!!!

Night 5 - Anything Can Happen In The Next 24 Hours

An unlikely team up takes place this night when dan_marino is attacked and staked by two people! From there he bursts into dust. He was -

Dan_marino you are - Drusilla - Mafia Aligned.
You are The Silencer of the Mafia. Each night you may PM the name of any player you wish to silence for a full day and night cycle. Your fellow mafia are:

The Godfather - *****
The Silencer - dan_marino
The Mayor - BigC
****** - *****
Vampire Xander - Kantos
Vampire Cordelia - Alcoholic
Vampire Joyce - Certs
With the Mafia being down to two, they decide to go and out rip the neck outta one of you non-mafia. They find Retep and kill him. He was -


RetepAdam. you are - Willow Rosenburg - Innocent Aligned.
You are The Witch of the game. This means that each night you may PM the name of a player you wish to Role Block (you cannot use your power on the same person, two nights in a row). You win when all threat to Sunnydale has been eliminated.

With 8 left its 5 to lynch.

Split: 5 - 1 - 2

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