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Re: Biggest Marks on this forum?

Originally Posted by CERB3RUS View Post
What the fuck does that have to do with anything? I've never seen a perfect wrestler so I'm pretty sure every wrestler has at least one flaw. Obviously Enigma and Hannah DO like Jeff Hardy (as I stated before), so I don't even know how you came to that abominable sarcastic hypothesis. They might like Jeff Hardy, but they're smart enough to know he's not the best wrestler in the world. Even Enigma has stated The Rock was worlds better than Jeff Hardy during his time, and Jeff isn't even his favorite wrestler ever. Marks tend to misinterpret opinions for facts based on how good of an argument their opponent imposes despite how little experience either of them have with any promotion. Something it seems you have been the victim of for quite some time. It's sad really. The Blue Meanie and the late Mass Transit know more about wrestling than you. How does that make you feel?

You claimed Enigma wasn't a Jeff Hardy mark because he knew of his flaws. A mark is a fan of a wrestler. A blind mark is a fan of a wrestler who is unaware of their flaws and think they're the best at everything. Time for you to learn a difference. I'm a pretty big Shawn Michaels mark, but i'm not afraid to admit the guys run at the top was somewhat a flop and he's nowhere near a bigger draw as he should have been.

Again, no matter how many times you try to convince yourself glorified opinions are the same as "facts", they aren't. What exactly makes someone a bigger mark than another person? What are the qualifications, criteria, and measuring sticks of being a mark? Is it who has a certain wrestler in their Wrestling Forum signature more often than another person? Is it who dresses the most like Jeff Hardy? Is it who busts the whitest nut over the Swanton? I'm being silly, but I honestly can't think of anything else to go by. Saying someone is a bigger mark than someone else is a ridiculous statement.

That's practically equivalent to two children on a playground saying "I like the Red Ranger more than you! Na Na-Na Na Na Na!"
Why are you having a tirade about me throwing out my opinion that Doddsy_V1 is the biggest Jeff Hardy mark? Did you not see the pictures of merchandise he posted earlier in the thread?

It's not a ridiculous statement. It's common sense.

They're all blind. They're marks.
See above ^^

It's just annoying reading posts from teenagers like you who preach to people like you're fucking experts about things you will NEVER be knowledgable in. I don't mind occasionally debating with someone over trivia, but when some smug mark calls me an idiot because I like Tazz more than Chris Benoit, then the whole purpose of discussion loses all merit and purpose.
Care to point out anything in particular rather than just generalize?

I would never call someone an idiot because they prefer one wrestler over another. Everyone has different tastes.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, follower.

That's a bit rich from the guy who called me a moron for having my own opinion and debating those on a wrestling forum, and also said that people like me are why the WWE section sucks and that everyone should just be a sheep and agree with each other.

If you want to debate something wrestling-related, I would happily tear you to shreds.

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