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Re: Biggest Marks on this forum?

Yup. I knew that post was bound to piss one of these bone-headed followers off.
Originally Posted by Seb View Post
So the wrestling section is bad because people like wrestlers?
First of all, idiot, learn to read....
Originally Posted by CERB3RUS View Post
None of them know what an "opinion" is and how little they matter.
Namely people like you who think because you sit at home on your fat asses and watch a few wrestling matches that think you actually know anything whatsoever about the business. You might have a lot more opinions than most, but that in no way certifies you as a competant refference in the feild. How much experience do you have in the industry? Who the fuck did you wrestle for? Since you have enough time to even reply to that comment, it's a safe assumption you don't have any and really don't know jack shit about the topics you attempt to argue as a self-proclaimed "expert". You might like arguing, but that hardly makes you an expert on wrestling. You might want to brush up on your interpretation skills before you try understanding things.

Secondly, I like certain wrestlers, but that doesn't make me a "mark". I don't jump on someone's ass because they said Randy Orton's match at Mania was the worst WM main event of all time, or that Morrison is a talentless spot-monkey because I simply don't give a shit what anyone thinks of my favorite wrestlers. I couldn't care less. Marks (like you) lose countless hours of sleep jumping people's asses over the internet because you feel obligated to stroke your favorite wrestlers' cocks because someone you don't even know said they suck. And rating every match you watch in Dave Meltzer's star-rating formula because you've forgotten how to just enjoy a wrestling match. Comparing that to real knowledge of the wrestling business or anything it takes to be successful in the business is pathetic. I would love to see you try to work a crowd over without getting laughed at and booed out of the building in a blaze of X-Pac heat.
What? So because they are weary of Jeff Hardy's flaws, they don't like him?
What the fuck does that have to do with anything? I've never seen a perfect wrestler so I'm pretty sure every wrestler has at least one flaw. Obviously Enigma and Hannah DO like Jeff Hardy (as I stated before), so I don't even know how you came to that abominable sarcastic hypothesis. They might like Jeff Hardy, but they're smart enough to know he's not the best wrestler in the world. Even Enigma has stated The Rock was worlds better than Jeff Hardy during his time, and Jeff isn't even his favorite wrestler ever. Marks tend to misinterpret opinions for facts based on how good of an argument their opponent imposes despite how little experience either of them have with any promotion. Something it seems you have been the victim of for quite some time. It's sad really. The Blue Meanie and the late Mass Transit know more about wrestling than you. How does that make you feel?
Maybe you should look up the definition of 'mark'.
I know what it means, but I'll post it anyways so that you can learn what it means.

mark - a fan who believes that the characters and events of some or all of professional wrestling are real. The term can also be applied to a fan who idolizes a certain wrestler, promotion, or style of wrestling to a point some might consider excessive
Sounds to me like it's a synonym for "obsession". And yes, there's nothing weird about an obsession over a wrestler, right? But that does not indicate superior knowledge of anything.
Neither of those two are the biggest Jeff Hardy marks either. Although Enigma is certainly up there.
Again, no matter how many times you try to convince yourself glorified opinions are the same as "facts", they aren't. What exactly makes someone a bigger mark than another person? What are the qualifications, criteria, and measuring sticks of being a mark? Is it who has a certain wrestler in their Wrestling Forum signature more often than another person? Is it who dresses the most like Jeff Hardy? Is it who busts the whitest nut over the Swanton? I'm being silly, but I honestly can't think of anything else to go by. Saying someone is a bigger mark than someone else is a ridiculous statement.

That's practically equivalent to two children on a playground saying "I like the Red Ranger more than you! Na Na-Na Na Na Na!"

Those would be blind marks.
They're all blind. They're marks.

What's wrong with liking a wrestler?
Nothing at all. But proclaiming a fucking forum poster is the biggest fan in the world over anyone else is ridiculous. And arrogantly starting arguments with zero experience on the subject is equally ridiculous. After getting hit in the chest once by one of Ric Flair's chops, your perspective on the otherwise "boring" wrestling manuever would change drastically in a heartbeat.

It's just annoying reading posts from teenagers like you who preach to people like you're fucking experts about things you will NEVER be knowledgable in. I don't mind occasionally debating with someone over trivia, but when some smug mark calls me an idiot because I like Tazz more than Chris Benoit, then the whole purpose of discussion loses all merit and purpose.
You come across as having no idea what you're talking about.
That's probably because you don't. Or it could be just another bitter attempt to discredit someone's opinion with a baseless response. Most-likely a combination of the two actually, but it's common practice for a vindictive asshole to call the other guy an idiot to close his rebutle. Even as an arbitrator you're a follower.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, follower.
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