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Re: Buffy The Sexy Vampire Slayer Mafia!!!!!!

DH replaced by Haz.

Night 3 - SlayerFest 2009

Wes_FR is walking home at night when, he hears someone behind him. He turns around and the voice begins to speak “I don’t believe you, you’re scum”

“No Don’t” Replied Wes but just as Wes begged for his life to be saved as Buffy walked out of the shadows about to steak Wes. But the bodyguard of the game saved his ass.

But Buffys night had just begun, after her kill was stopped. She was still on patrol but was attacked from behind and with the words “Sorry B, but its your time to go.” Buffy was stabbed in the heart. Buffy was RetepAdam.

RetepAdam you are - Buffy “THE FUCKIN VAMPIRE SLAYER” Summers . - Innocent Aligned
You are not only the hotness of Sunnydale but also the Serial Killer. You are also lynch immune. You win when all threat to Sunnydale has been eliminated.
But on the other side of town MetalX was attacked by what looks like a monster rather than a vampire. MetalX managed to fight free of this monster.

The Monster was still hungry as he rushes through the forests surrounding Sunnydale, he comes over a dazed and confused Alcoholic (the player ). The Monster viciously attacks Alcoholic and leaves him dead. He was -

Alcoholic you are - Vampire Cordelia Chase - Mafia Aligned
You are the Popular One of Sunnydale. This means that during voting times, your vote will count as two. Also you have one chance to override the lynch and PM the name of the player you wish to be lynched on that day. You win when all threat to Sunnydale has been eliminated.

Your Fellow Mafia are:
Godfather - *****
The Mayor - BigC
***** - *****
Vamp Xander - Kantos
***** - *****
Double Voter - Alcoholic
With 15 left, its 8 to lynch.
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