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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review:

Opening Promo: Great way to open the show by putting over the magnitude of this match taking place at Mania. Five years you’ve been building this match up, and I’m sure that you are going to deliver with an excellent matches. Hunter was on point, but LESNAR OWNED THIS SEGMENT! Lesnar was on point from the moment he first spoke. As far as the announcement from Bisch, great use of the bait and switch tactic. With that said, Michaels appearing out of nowhere and OWNING Shane with SCM, was a good way to build momentum for Michaels and tonight’s Main Event. However Bischoff demanding Michaels to meet at his office, seemed like a lame way to end the segment.

Tag Team Title Match: Like someone mentioned before, if this storyline doesn’t end with Straight Edge challenging and WINNING THE TITLES AT MANIA, then this storyline would make no sense. I say that because it simply would make Straight Edge look weak, and make MNM even bigger as a heel tag team champion group. However adding Kennedy into this storyline was interesting, as I wonder how you plan to explain Kennedy’s actions.

Michaels/Grisham/Hunter Promo: Well obviously things ain’t go well with Michaels/Eric’s meeting, nor did I think they would at this point in the show. As far as Michaels/Hunter’s segment, good way of planting a seed for how the show might end tonight.

Cena VP: Even though you’ve mentioned that you’re not a Cena fan, you write him excellently in this thread. The VP really put him over and you’ve really made him a big name in this thread.

McMahon/Marella Segment: Even though he hasn’t had a match in this thread to my knowledge, Santino has been gold in this thread. Great way to add some comedy in the show.

IC Title Match: Before I comment on the match, I notice the match times for the first two matches, barely eclipsed the four minute mark. Seems like this show will mostly be a promo show. With that said, not surprised to see Kennedy’s plan not work, as Straight Edge and Alexis Laree(when do you plan to have her go by her real name of Mickie James?) even the odds out. Hopefully some type of announcement concerning the parties involved and Mania are made soon, because I’m not sure how much more you can book of this storyline, without it becoming redundant.

Cena/Christian Promo: NOW THIS IS THE WAY YOU BUILD UP A MANIA MAIN EVENT! Flawless promo man! With that said, Christian OWNED CENA WITH HIS LINES! Cena though came back with his ending lines, as he really made the match at Mania feel like it is going to be a truly epic classic!

HOF Video: Sensational Sherri inducted into the Hall of Fame…excellent choice. What a tribute to one of the pioneering female managers of this business. RIP Sherri.

Tyson/Rico: Surprised to still see Rico in this thread(though you do hint to a possible “future endeavors” for him, possibly following Mania). With that said, not surprised that Tomoko gets the easy win.

McMahon/Estrada Segment: UMAGA VS. MICHAELS IS GOING TO GREAT! With that said, it looks like Mags will be winning and the Empire will be in Hunter’s corner come Mania.

Orton/Benjamin: Like you mentioned the match was more on the storyline of MITB and the two groups, then the actual match. That saying, kind of surprised that the match end in a DQ. Also I thought this match would go over the five minute mark. Brotherhood gets the advantage here tonight, but I see this feud continuing for quite some in this thread.

Christian VP: Like Cena, through the VP, you really shown the build that Christian has had in this thread, throughout the past couple of years. Him beating Taker four times in a row at the time, was crazy imo, however it now makes sense as Christian is a bona-fide star in this thread. Looking forward to the title match.

Bischoff/MNM Segment: Looks like next week we’re finally going to get an answer concerning MNM/Kennedy/Alexis Laree/Santino/Straight Edge and the tag team title situation. This is one storyline that Bisch isn’t playing a lame duck GM.

Michaels/Foley Promo: It seems a lot like Foley is playing a similar role of that he plays IRL in TNA at the moment. With that said, this Foley evolution in this thread over the past year has been amazing. I wonder how you’re gonna explain Foley’s line “That’s Why I Chose You”. I think though that you’re saying that as Mania will be the final match for Foley in this thread.

Main Event: Umaga has been built up strongly in this thread, and Brock has been as well. With that said, it’s not a surprise that Mags won. That way if, and I believe Brock WILL beat Hunter at Mania, it will mean more, because he would had beaten not just Hunter, but the rest of the McMahon Family Empire in the process.

Ending Promo: Foley was spot on as I think we all knew that Foley/Michaels would be an Unsanctioned match. Foley locking in the Mandible Claw to Michaels following his match, was a great way to continue the crazy persona that Foley has, as Foley’s lines of “I WANT YOUR BEST, I WANT YOUR VERY BEST” really made the feud between the two even more personal.

Overall Comments: Last week I mentioned that Smackdown had the better show. However you hit a home run with Raw, as this Raw really was a promo-heavy show, and made the Cena/Christian match come off as a match that you don’t want to miss. Also the Hunter/Brock segment was well written with Brock being on the top of his work. Finally the Foley/Michaels segments were great. Only thing that bothered me was the fact that outside the Main Event, all these matches barely eclipsed the four minute mark. Hopefully that won’t be the case on Smackdown.

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