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Re: Being The Booker

That was some promo. Only two people can write face Lesnar so well and that was Mac when we shineboxed BTB for a few weeks, and you. You were on the top of your game here with Lesnar tonight, and Triple H was solid as ever. This is exactly what their feud needed and has really got it cookin' with gas now. HBK appearance was a shock, but we know what he wants. HBK representing Lesnar seemed like a wise move at the time, but I have a feeling Trips will pick Umaga. Coz you mark for him and he's undefeated.

lol @ MNM still beating Punk & Helms. If this doesn't end up as a Mania match with Punk/Helms finally winning, I will have questioned this whole process, but at the moment, that's what it's looking like

Hmm. Bit of intrigue there with HBK & Trips sharing words. I still expect Michaels to show up for his match tonight, but that definitely gives you a thinker

Solid work on the Cena video package, but I hate him as a face so yeah, fuck him

LOL @ Santino.

Rey over Kennedy again, another alarmingly often occurance atm. Leading to a possible Rey/Punk/Helms/Laree vs Ken/MNM match? Wonder where you're gonna take this clusterfuck of a programme now

Christian OWNED Cena. O-W-N-E-D. Exceptional stuff from him, I can tell just me like you relish writing him every week, top stuff. Ugh, I kinda skimmed over Cena's ramblings tbh. Ya know I hate face Cena. Cena brought a bit of fire himself towards the end of the promo, but this was definitely Captain Charisma's moment on the mic. Mania win plz, it MUST happen

Tomko. Yuck. And you talk about future endeavouring Rico? Send Big T with him plz, he's nothing without Christian to guide him

Gotta love Estrada. I knew they'd pick Umaga. Just had that gut feeling. I'm expecting Mags to beat HBK despite a brave fight from Shawn, I don't see you ending Umaga's streak yet. It'll have to end someday, but not just yet imo

Jesus the matches tonight have been balls. Nothing's eclipsed 5 mins has it? A little lame especially considering it's Benji and Orton. Orton's winning MITB, no doubt about it. New Wave vs Brotherhood next week? Looking likely tbh. New Wave, much like Legacy IRL, lacks charisma severely

Well done with Christian's VP. Enjoyed much more than Cena's, for obvious reasons. Still adamant Christian needs to go over

MNM in hot water. Expecting 8 person tag match tbh. Who knows what you'll produce tho

Foley getting in HBK's head again. I'm surprised Michaels didnt kick Mick's teeth out. Main event was well done and ECLIPSED 5 MINS! OMG! Nah lol, good stuff and the aftermath with Mags winning, thought he would. Foley out again, and it's finally on. Unsanctioned Match should be classic, here's hoping it reaches some big heights like we know it can. Good ending to a promo dominated show



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