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Re: Buffy The Sexy Vampire Slayer Mafia!!!!!!

Night 1 - "Welcome to Sunnydale......."

Buffy and Co, are spending there weekends as they always do, in The Bronze. After listening to some of that really awful underground music, Buffy decides to take a walk outside for some fresh air. As she sits in the cold night, wandering where her first true love is, on this dark night, she heres the screams. The all to familiar screams of a cold night in Sunnydale. Buffy immediately runs into the dark alley to see a female police officer being attacked by a Vampire. Buffy immediately pulls out the steak from her jacket and rushes over to the Vamp. After a few cheesey remarks by Buffy she slays the Vampire there and then.

The Vampire was Kantos

Kantos you are - Vampire Xander - Mafia Aligned.
You have no role as of yet, as you are an evil version of Xander. Your fellow mafia are:

Godfather - *****
***** - *****
***** - *****
***** - *****
Vampire Xander - No Role
As Buffy tells the female cop to rush off, the camera zooms out to see a slender dark figure on top of the building. As Buffy walks back to The Bronze, the Female Cop rushes off in the other direction. But the slender dark figure has a crossbow and fires it at the cop, it strikes the cop in the chest. Killing her instantly. The killer speaks in a light voice "I always hated cops." The killer walks off into the shadows as the cop lies on the ground dead.

The cop was Certs -

Certs you are - Kate Lockley - Innocent Aligned
You are the Detective of the game. Each night you may PM the name of any player and I will tell you what type of role they have.

- Killing Role (Serial Killer, Vigilante)
- Investigative Role (Alignment Finder, Detective)
- Role Blockers
- Bodyguard
- Double Voting Roles

You win when all threat to Sunnydale has been eliminated.

So just your usual day in Sunnydale. With 19 left its 10 to lynch

Note: Does Pink Eye need to be replaced? If so Certs you can take his place.
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