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Re: Buffy The Fuckin Sexy Vampire Slayer Mafia!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Lostfan View Post
K well we'll go through it step by step.

His first post is a vote for me, correct? So he's picked up on my breadcrumb. Kantos is known to distance as mafia, he's actually mentioned it as one of his tells a few times, IIRC on MSN.

Then when I decide I don't want to be mafia he attacks me, so obviously the mafia don't have that many people and a potential recruit would be helpful. The fact I also outed their Alignment Finder- think that was the name would also piss him off.

He then CC's my character nearly 3/4 of an hour after, first claiming he forgot, then that he was playing some game. Both of these are untrue. He clearly posted during this period.

Then he proceeds to act like a jester as he knows I'm telling the truth, and thus wants to avoid being lynched. possible he is a jester, either way vigging him works and is safer, I don't know leave that up to everyone.

So yeh, very strong case for day 1.

Also the fact that this assumes my role to be true is irrelevant you can look back when I'm dead and say wow yeh cool story.

Jester quicktopic


So let me get this right...You're Xander, and a jester, and Kantos has just essentially copied you claim exactly???

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