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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review

When I first saw the banner for Hunter and Lesnar, I thought it was rather odd and pointless for the 'Five Years in the Making' "aspect" of this match to be played up, but this opening promo effectively tied into that part of this epic confrontation and made it more than a match between two pissed off SOBs. Hunter and Lesnar have barely sniffed each other in the last five years due to Vinnie Mac (for one smart reason or the other) and it all comes to a head at WrestleMania. H and Brock both had rather awesome explanations for why they've been kept apart, though I wished Lesnar couldve kept going a little longer to drive his point home.

Nice way to set up the main event for tonight; continues the HBK storyline and addresses the Empire's vested stake in the Wm match.

No shocker to see MNM once more sneak out with the tag belts once more, and I'm glad that you're dragging this thing out, since the tag division isn't all that strong besides those three. KK + MNM? Me likey.

Very smart move by Hunter to plant the seeds of doubt in the head of his former best friend. Michaels is gonna show up, no doubt about that (it'd be rather cowardly of him not to), but it's nice that the options are being spread out on the table.

Nice John Cena video package, and was a good reminder of all he's managed to do in this thread.

Santino's segment completely lost me. I'm guessing he's not an actual doctor and is merely a stooge for MNM, but I'm definitely not sure.

Ah, god damn it! Solid booking as it continues all three feuds over the belts effectively, but Kennedy should most definitely be the champ. I would expect that that is in fact in the cards, possibly with some form of eight person tag team match with all of these stars involved.

Interesting choice of direction for Cena-Christian, focusing on the popularity and personalities of the two stars involved. I thought we could be headed for a Cena heel turn once Christian went into complete ownage mode, exposing (or at least I thought) Cena for a pandering phony, but The Champ showed that he is in fact pathetically sincere in his love for his Chain Gang. Face-face feuds are always incredibly tough to pull off but I think you've managed to get this one on the right track this week after the downturn last week - I thought them both going for chairs made them look like weak cowards

SQUASH. I thought Tomko would fade into obscurity after he served his purpose and was served up as food for Christian in the I Quit match. You clearly have other plans for the Problem Solver.

Omg, Estrada owns. Umaga vs Michaels? Strong TV main event.

Faction war between the Brotherhood and the New Wave? Get Orton out of this please - via injury, via face turn, via c*ntage, but he has been nothing but dragged down by the three bland wrestlers currently on his hip.

The Captain's VP > Cena's

Easy E has a plan? I'll stick with my eight person tag idea.

This Foley-Michaels feud has been the strangest top-tier feud that I have ever read from you Wolfy. I feel like there's something missing, and I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt until WrestleMania, as I feel you've got something to tie this all together and make this wacky feud make sense. Don't disappoint plz.

Holy crap what a main event. As a fellow Umaga fan, I'd figure you wouldn't end his undefeated streak, but for him to go over Shawn Michaels CLEAN - who has himself a rather big match at WrestleMania - was not expected. It hurts the Foley-Michaels build in the short run a bit, but it does so much for the Samoan Bulldozer, all is forgiven.

And look at you. Immediately making me look bad, by getting Michaels and Foley right back into gear wit the unsanctioned match officially announced. The attack by Foley on HBK seemed to reveal a bit more, with Mick seemingly wanting to have a big, special WrestleMania matchup with Michaels. Hopefully, Foley brings that point home with an awesome promo soon.

Solid show, Wolfy, definitely one of the better shows recently, with Hunter and Lesnar carrying the show. This year's WM isn't nearly as loaded as last year's (though that's to be expected with no Rock, Bret, Austin, Hogan, Flair, etc) but it's fixing to be solid in it's own right. Keep it up.

for the week of September 28th


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