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Re: Being The Booker

I don’t know if it’s really like Hunter to mention his opponent’s history. I think Triple H made a weak excuse about protecting Lesnar’s career. That wouldn’t be the case when you’ve faced and beaten the name’s he’s faced and beaten. Lesnar brought up a pretty good point about Hunter being protected in the family. I like how Bischoff lays down the law and makes an interesting stipulation. Lesnar’s rep FTW, though. That would make things easier and we would focus on the match more so than the distractions. The Shawn Michaels attack was unexpected, but I guess that’s the point, right? Can’t wait to see who he’s facing.

Why is this the opening match again? Pfft, how original is that. Anyway, I could see a major turning point and a possible win with Melina’s ejection, but Mr. Kennedy? That was so flipping random. I hope there’s a good explanation behind this. And why is the match only four minutes?

I’m assuming Shawn wants something to do with Mick Foley, right? I like how Hunter has a little reuniting with Shawn and tries to get him on the heel side. I don’t, however, see him turning. Not after kicking Shane.

Not a big fan of the John Cena video package, even though it was well thought out and organized.

I know you meant for Santino to be comic relief, but… no. Not feeling it. Still, I guess all this segment was meant to narrow the search.

Ohhhh… now I get it! MNM is accompanying Kennedy to the ring! Good call with the heels teaming up. Didn’t expect that shit. I did, however, expect a Straight Edge interference, setting up for a six man tag team match next week. Make that happen, plz.

You know what’s funny? How Christian is in no position to challenge Cena’s hip hop skillz. “In fact … there’s probably more chance of you going home and listening to a Neil Diamond CD than there is of you listening to Snoop Dogg.” Tee-hee. Even though Christian's in no position to challenge his hip-hop skills, I get the message he's trying to send. Christian wants to punk Cena out. But, of course, like every Cena promo, it ends with him making some fiery, preachy speech.

Not a bad squash match for Tomko. Hope you keep him clear for Wrestlemania, just in case he needs to get involved in Lesnar/HHH.

So, Umaga v. Michaels. Yeah, this could go either way, but I’m slightly leaning towards a Michaels victory.

Epic war brewing between these two factions. I just hope it gets resolved soon as ‘Mania’s a little less than a month away.

A lot of involvement going around here. Can’t wait to see what the GM is cooking.

Awesome Foley segment. He really put on the charms and wooed his lover. “That’s why I choose you.” Obviously, the match is back on. I can tell at this point that that’s what’s gonna happen.

Christian owns Black Diamond, MNM in a steel cage and the Brotherhood owns the New Wave. Those are the only predictions I’m making for next week.

I didn’t expect such a huge victory for Umaga. I thought it would come down to the last wire, but you just had Umaga own Shawn, flat-out, in the last paragraph. So, basically, all you told us was that the McMahons will interfere at Wrestlemania. Foley and Michaels in Unsanctioned mayhem. Hell to the yes! However, I believe Unsanctioned is a bit too extreme for a Wrestlemania.

All in all, another awesome show leading to ‘Mania, Beasty. Can’t wait for Smackdown!!

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