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Re: Watchmen Mafia Gameplay Thread

Night 8: The End is Nigh

Everyone went to bed knowing that chances are, now that their bodyguard was dead, MetalX wouldn't be there when they woke up. And he wasn't. There was a big puddle of blood and a trail that led a few rooms over, to where his limbless body lay.

MetalX was:


Congratulations, you are Nite Owl II, The Investigator, Watchmen Aligned! You win when your team is the last one left. Nite Owl is more of sneaking around type Superhero as opposed to a straight up brawler, so you are the investigator. Each night PM me the name of one player, and you will sneak out and find their alignment.

If at you time you become unmasked, you become simply Dan Dreiberg. This will last for the following day and night cycle. During this time, if you are targeted by any non-killing non-innocent roles, they will get their role back with your identity.
Invincible was icing his chest after being shot earlier when a man walked into the room. "What do you want?" sneered Invincible. "Going to try and finish what you started? Go ahead, try and shoot me again, see what happens." The man pulled out a rocket launcher. Invincible let out a small scream as he was blown to pieces.

Invincible was:


Congratulations, you are Richard M. Nixon, The Politician, Individually Aligned! Even you showed up for Adrianís party, and now regret doing so. However, now that you are here you are going to do what you do best: get votes. To win, you must have the most votes on you combined more than anyone else at the end of the game, as well as still be alive (if you are the last faction left aside from the winning faction, the game will end). Oh yeah, and you are the president, so you wear a bulletproof vest at all times, so the first time you would die it will fail. Good luck.
It is now day with 10 alive it's 6 for a lynch
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