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Re: Watchmen Mafia Gameplay Thread

Night 8: A Comedian died last night...

MetalX was sneaking around the building, spying on a certain person. He took a few notes and started his way back to his sleeping quarters. On his way back, a few shots rang out from a room to his left. MetalX dived to the ground, waiting for the inevitable bullet to pierce him, when suddenly a machine gun sounded off from a window to his right, aimed at the other man. All the gunfire dyed off, and as MetalX got to his feet, he made his way to the area of the man who had originally shot at him, but didn't see him anywhere. Thankful he had been scared off, he made his way back to bed.

Wes_FR was cleaning his gun while smoking a cigar. "Damn shitheads. I won't miss 'em next time." he muttered to himself. "You'll have your chance at me right now!" shouted an enraged voice standing above him. Wes aimed his gun up as a man dropped from the rafters onto Wes, knocking the gun from his hands. The two men brawled, with Wes on the obvious loosing side. Blooded and beaten, he crawled to the feet of the man who had just kicked his ass. The man picked up Wes and flung him threw the window. The next mourning they found Wes dead on the ground.

Wes_FR was:


Congratulations, you are The Comedian, The Bodyguard, Watchmen Aligned! You win when your team is the last one left. You are a big tough badass, although you don’t really care for anyone, your awesome enough to be the bodyguard. Each night, PM me the name of one player you want to protect, and during the night that person won’t be able to be killed.

If at any time you are unmasked, you become simply Edward Blake. During this time, when you use your role, if the person you protect is targeted to be killed, there is a 50% chance you will die.

It is now Day 9. With 12 alive, it's 7 for a lynch

The game wouldn't end until one of the main factions are left btw.
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