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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks for all the comments on Smackdown. I've still got reviews to do, and hopefully I'll get around to it before the weekend.


News and Notes:

The general consensus backstage is that thus far, the build up towards WrestleMania has been lacking in comparison to the feel in the run up to last years event, which was built with months of back stories behind all the major matches, whilst this years event has suffered from a lack of long term angles leading in. But, with the main event matches now set, the feeling is that WrestleMania hype is expected to increase ten fold beginning on Raw this Monday.

After her bizarre head shaving incident this past weekend, Louisiana born Britney Spears in now most certainly out of the picture in terms of being a candidate for opening up WrestleMania with ‘America the Beautiful’. Reports have surfaced today that New Orleans jazz legend, Wynton Marsalis is now being lined up, which would be a first for WrestleMania, with the song to be played, and not sung.

No other celebrities are likely to have involvement at the show, although, Mike Tyson will make an appearance, being part of the Hall of Fame festivities.

This past weekend, wwe.com confirmed that this years show will again be a five hour extravaganza, at the cost of a four hour show.
*Bookers note; Yes, five hours IS overkill, and I had been in the process of editing some of the matches (the opener, which, in truth, was too long, and the CW match, which probably works better now with about half of it cut too) to cut the show to work realistically into a four hour timeframe. But, eventually, you have to draw the line somewhere in terms of going overboard with realism, and I‘ve already caught some flak for being too realistic recently. So, yeah it was either that, or pulling a real life move, and having an eight minute triple threat match for a world title. Imagine how much better WM 22 irl would’ve been had that match got another 10 minutes?? And, as if that wasn’t reason enough, WM 20 was five hours, and seemed to be fairly popular . Clutching?? I think so.*

Although still not announced for anything, Stone Cold Steve Austin has again confirmed in an interview this past weekend that he WILL be playing some role at WrestleMania. He didn’t confirm what role it would be, but ruled out wrestling in any capacity.

Bobby Lashley has learned this past weekend that he will require surgery, after being unable to shake off the injury he picked up whilst on the European tour. Lashley had been hoping to work through it, and pick up a spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match, but with Charlie Haas surprisingly getting the nod on Smackdown, that possibility was all but ruled out. It’s expected his match with Edge this week on Smackdown will be his last for the foreseeable future.

Triple H is still said to be unhappy with being pushed out of the main event match at this years show, having expected to headline against Christian after a lacklustre role at last years event. In order to accommodate The Game though, it’s expected that the build for his match against Brock Lesnar will be dominating television for the most part in the lead up to the show.

As previously reported, a massive clearout of lower card talent is expected in the aftermath of WrestleMania. The likes of Snitsky, Rob Conway, and other rarely used talent are likely to be given their ‘future endeavours’ directly after the event, most likely after competing in a pre-show battle royal at WrestleMania.


*Before I get to the Raw preview, just want to make a quick note. This weeks Raw is long. Very long. BUT, it‘s due to the fact the show is promo heavy, and short on matches (only one match goes beyond 5-6 minutes). In fact, that is the case for the remaining Raws in the Road to WrestleMania.*

Monday Night Raw Preview:

San Jose hosts Raw, with less than four weeks until WrestleMania 23. What types of shocks and thrills can we expect as the Granddaddy of ‘em all approaches??

Last week, the main event was made official; John Cena vs. Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship, in what has been dubbed the ‘Collision Course’. This Monday, the two men will collide, but not in any form of competition, but instead a contract signing to make the main event of WrestleMania set in stone. After both men appeared to have the same idea last week and hit the other with a steel chair, the previous ‘friendship’ can now be surely dead and buried. Will that tension boil over on Monday??

It almost seemed inevitable. Once the board ruled against Triple H’s pleas for a rematch against John Cena, two huge forces on Raw were suddenly left with no other alternative. At the close of Raw last week, Brock Lesnar appeared to have got what he wanted - Triple H at WrestleMania.

After months of tension, the two alpha males will now finally get the opportunity to prove which is truly dominant. Brock Lesnar has had to put up with months of broken promises from the McMahon Family Empire, but now, the Iron Man has clearly had enough, proven by his destruction of Mr. McMahon last week on Raw. What ramifications could this hold for Lesnar??

Just a week ago, it appeared Mister WrestleMania was on his way to another potential show stealer at the Showcase of the Immortals. Now, after the doctors ruling, Shawn Michaels match with Mick Foley has been cancelled. However, the Showstopper doesn’t appear to be taking the decision lying down. Instead, HBK caused mayhem, appearing on Smackdown, and delivering Sweet Chin Music - TWICE to the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash. With Michaels promising to continue to create anarchy until his match is back on the agenda, what does the Showstopper have planned for this week on Raw??

After two weeks of excuses, and two weeks of shady wins, MNM will face the music this week, defending the World Tag Team Championships against the hungry duo of Greg Helms and CM Punk one more time, but this week, there will be no disqualifications, and there MUST be a clear and decisive winner. Has the luck of the tag team champions finally run out??

And, in a rematch from SuperBrawl, Rey Mysterio defends the Intercontinental Championship against the straight laced King of the Ring, Mister Kennedy. Can Kennedy finally reclaim the title from the human highlight reel??

Confirmed Matches:

Money in the Bank Competitors Face Off | Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championships | MNM vs. Straight Edge
*No Disqualifications & there MUST be a winner*

Intercontinental Championship | Rey Mysterio vs. Mister Kennedy


Raw to be posted on Friday. Until then … ciao.

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