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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Raw Feedback

Kennedy & Jeff looks like being a good match and I’m sure this contract signing will be quite entertaining to say the least

That was a nice promo to start the show with Orton just being so intense, and man I wish I could have seen him have a go at Umaga like that, really pushing his luck. I would have loved to have seen them go at it, but with Vince there, it was never going to happen. I like that he kind of agreed with Umaga to keep him happy since he’s a big tool for The Corporation, but putting him in a handicap match? I think you have something up your sleeve there mate! Cena coming out took me by surprise a bit considering Jericho’s the one who needs the attention, but I guess he has the contract signing later on. I wasn’t too sure I enjoyed Cena until he got in to the aggressive mode and went after them. The best decision was made to get The Corporation out of there like you did

Kennedy back in the ring straight after leaving it before the break? Poor guy going back and forth! In all honesty that was a real good match with Jeff, and I was happy that Kennedy looked to have the match won, until RVD came down. I thought we were going to see Kennedy escape again when we saw a chair brought in to the ring like before, but the Van Daminator is a great move and it sure gives RVD some much need credibility back. The low blow didn’t do Jeff too much damage either as he was in shape to win the match, taking care of all three guys here well bud

That was a real solid promo from Shelton. He had to do all the talking really, and it worked, especially the line about London & Kendrick having not gone through puberty yet. That added a little humour to a very serious promo that was delivered perfectly. Their win over The Highlanders was always in the bag, but they did it in style, loving the super kick & Haas of Pain combination. The other teams coming down and brawling was cool, and I always like the spot when the champs escape up the ramp while the challengers go at it. Nice!

Man I just loved Carlito in this segment, he was brilliant. It reminded me of when he was just on fire as a heel, acting up cocky and getting caught out with a bluff, but not caring and still looking cool at the end of it. Calling Melina a slut too after he said Punk did it was just brilliant. That was great man!

You really are building up the tension between Cena & Jericho, seeming to indicate that Jericho will take the title from Orton at the Survivor Series. The mid carder joke is being aimed at Cena a lot tonight, personal opinion is it? Cena mentioning the scenarios from the recent past to speculate an Orton win was a nice way to start it all, and I think we are going to see fireworks between these two soon

The tag team match was pretty sweet with lots of close calls, teasing the end of the match and the win for Punk & Mickie. The frequent break up of falls from Morrison & Melina worked real well to show them as a strong double act, but after what happened before, I didn’t like Carlito getting involved as he had shined already tonight. With the team build up, I forgot about the Punk/Carlito history and I think that had some effect on my reaction to it

Hardcore cutting to the chase as always sure hyped up the fact that he wants to kick Cody’s ass tonight, but we all know Cody will get himself out of it with a win thanks to the stipulation or by some other method. It’s just intriguing to find out which one it will be, but this promo hypes it up even more

Yes, I knew it had to be, Ted DiBiase Jr! It was a good match up but I didn’t expect the tag partnership to come so quickly, but it works for me as I love Team Priceless despite the stupid name, Simply Priceless is far better. The shot to the back giving Cody the win sure made it more of an impact debut too, and DiBiase Sr being there too is just awesome, although I will have to re-evaluate my plans now. If I could pick on anything here, I would have liked Cody to have got a bit more offence in

I loved the Vince pep talk with Umaga, and you said it yourself, he is a big asset to The Corporation. It’s great to see Vince getting so intense, and it was totally believable with the his hatred for Cena & Triple H. It’s also good to see Orton being an equal really in leading the group instead of Vince bossing him about. Mentioning him and Coach going to the ring later also adds some intrigue in to what will happen. Have you been reading my mind and plans? Cutting the promo as Orton & Vince discuss a plan, it’s great to make us wonder what will happen in the contract signing

The handicap match worked pretty well, and the teasing of Cena turning heel is being built up so well by it being gradual. The clothesline is a great way to have some kind of exchange at some point, I just hope it blows up at Survivor Series. Umaga put on a decent effort when most people would have had him run over by Cena & Triple H, which is something I know won’t happen here. The problems over the finish of the match added some more tension to what is becoming a very interesting situation indeed with Cena & Triple H, as well as the tension with Cena & Jericho

Wow, I was shocked at the press conference straight away with Coach being rail roaded by Jericho. I wasn’t sure about that at first, but when you delivered the warning to Vince, I knew it was the right thing to do. Aside from a minor typo with Orton apparently trying to antagonise Orton, it was really greatly written. The stipulations are both great, especially the interference one as that gives Jericho a lot more hope, and obviously makes us see him winning a bit more likely now. With Austin’s warning in place, I was surprised Orton got that pissed, but it was the best way to end the show going in to Sunday with the faces standing tall. I just hope that signifies the end for Chris Jericho’s hopes, but seeing his upturn in real life lately, I would be happier than I would have been a few weeks back if he wins. With that said, I want Orton to retain by a long way

Great show mate, it was one of your best TV’s I’ve read. I must say you did some great work with the Carlito & WGTT promos too!

Nige’s Smackdown Feedback

Finlay & Flair in the main event is very surprising considering Edge/Taker will be one of the main events at the Survivor Series just two days later. MVP defending his US title is too considering he has to defend against Matt as well

Wow, we’re kicking off with a bang here with that Noble/Kash brawl and Edge’s announcement. It’s strange to see that happen but it sure does set the tone for what could be a great show before the Survivor Series. I’m not too sure about the Taker funeral having seen Edge do that before their match IRL at Wrestlemania. I get the feeling this will go a different way though

I was going to say I thought we saw Rey & Burke open the show last week, and with that said, it was clear that we were going to see a reverse in fortune. It was a real exciting match with some great spots to keep you on the edge of your seat, like the Burke counter to the powerbomb, and the Tornado DDT by Rey. The winner was always obvious, but a great match

The Noble/Kash/Teddy segment worked out well, and I laughed at Noble calling Kash a redneck, very funny. Tagging together won’t exactly stop them going at each other I’m sure with their match on Sunday and the way Noble has been so opportunistic in recent weeks. Flair’s talk with Kane & Rey was also good, but I’d be amazed if Batista didn’t come back Sunday or even tonight. With Flair doubting him, it makes us believe the door is closed, which will fool some people. The 18 world titles line was funny, considering Flair’s won a hefty percentage of them, 88%

Yeah, go Chavo! He’s receiving a slow build up after feuding with Flair and I think he needs someone to get in a program with quite quickly, but I guess we’ll see that very soon. Like you said, this wasn’t the greatest match to see, but the low blow after the shove in to the referee sure does get Chavo’s character across well. After all the great work you did with him, he needs something solid to work with instead of meaningless wins before that work you did is forgotten

Matt Hardy will not die! That spirit of his came through well here as it is the very same response you would expect from him in real life, although I thought he’d play a part in the United States Championship match. Teddy giving him a bit of lip was a bolt out of the blue, well Matt was gone but it surprised me a bit

With MVP defending the title against Matt this Sunday, we were never going to see a title change in a million years. I was wondering how MVP would retain the title, but with them not receiving the same amount of time as they have recently, The VIP Club escaped my mind for the time being. It’s good to see using Cor Von well here and to his strengths here for it to work in MVP’s favour too. The promo after was needed to big MVP up, and I don’t know what to expect to be honest when he and Matt battle it out

I was just waiting for Kash & Noble to fall apart here, and it didn’t come as a surprise that it was Noble who turned on his partner at a critical time. Being the heel, it was the right thing to do and like you said after the match, McIntyre & Burchill draw closer to a title shot, but it wasn’t the manner of the win in which you would give a title shot to. Like I mentioned last time, match 4 this Sunday is the all important one

Finlay’s interview was real good for someone who isn’t a great talker. Calling Batista a coward and sending a cold warning to the face team and then Flair as an individual worked and helps Finlay get over a lot more

This is what I love best about Matt, his fighting spirit, and you certainly showed that and more to have him pick up a real good win here and in a very good match too. I wasn’t surprised to see Regal pull out the brass knucks, but Matt countering in to the Twist of Fate straight away was great and it does a great job of making the point that Matt will not go down without a fight before the big match this Sunday. I was waiting for MVP & co, but I’m happy that Matt got the chance to shine in the limelight

The Flair/Finlay match just served as a brief distraction before the big brawl. It was all set up well for Batista’s return with the faces being in deep trouble and need of help, so right on cue, here comes Batista. You built that up well tonight, but I think we all expected it. The tension between him & Kane is great to see, and much like the Cena/HHH tension on Raw, we could see some fireworks at the Survivor Series for sure

The funeral was a bit of a let down as I expected to see some kind of big spot. Maybe that’s my own fault for watching the Hell in a Cell match from Summerslam this morning. Edge was in great character as usual, but I thought Taker would come out of the blazing coffin like he did at the Survivor Series three years ago. The low blow was a good way to get Edge to escape, but just days before the PPV, you would expect a brawl of sorts, so it came as a slight disappointment, but for Edge, it was the right thing to do

Another terrific show as ever, and I’ll have a crack at these predictions too now

Edge © v The Undertaker

Chris Jericho v Randy Orton ©

Matt Hardy v MVP ©

4 Way Tag Team Elimination Match
Cryme Time v The Hooligans v The Redneck Wrecking Crew v The Worlds Greatest Tag Team ©

Match 4 of the best of 7 series for the Cruiserweight Title
Jamie Noble © (1) v Kid Kash (2)

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
Carlito, John Morrison, Ken Kennedy, Kevin Thorn and Umaga v CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Rob Van Dam and Triple H

8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
Batista, Kane, Rey Mysterio and Ric Flair v Chavo Guerrero, Elijah Burke, Finlay and Marcus Cor Von

Bonus Questions

1. How many titles will change hand? 2

2. What match will main event Survivor Series? World Heavyweight Championship

3. Who will be the survivors in the Raw 10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match? Umaga

4. Who will be the survivors in the Smackdown 8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match? Batista
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