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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Bit rushed these shows I will admit, but I just want to start properly writing Survivor Series. Here is the last Raw and Smackdown before the show so enjoy

Topeka Kansas
12th November 2007

*Opening Video and Pyro*

We then go to ringside where JR and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show. They run down tonight’s card, which includes Ken Kennedy v, Jeff Hardy, and a Contract Signing will take place for this Sunday’s WWE Title Match between Randy Orton and Chris Jericho.

We start off the show with the entire Corporation coming down to the ring. Randy Orton starts the promo off by quickly hyping his WWE Title defence against Chris Jericho in six days time. Orton says that he is going to prove that Chris Jericho doesn’t have what it takes anymore, when he beats him within an inch of life and retains the WWE Championship. Orton says that he is going to save his anger towards Chris Jericho for Sunday, but this week he wants to focus his anger on the big fat Samoan slob who turned his back on him and the entire Corporation last week. Randy Orton gets in Umaga’s face and says that he is the WWE Champion, which means that Umaga should of did the better for the entire Corporation and lie down for the champ, but instead he wanted to tear Orton apart. Randy Orton then slaps Umaga across the face, and asks Umaga if he knows who the hell he is. This infuriates Umaga who goes to attack Orton, when Vince McMahon and Estrada block him off. Vince tells them to cut if off, saying that the Corporation does not need this. Vince tells them that no one is bigger than the Corporation itself and they should work as a team. Vince tells Orton that Umaga did something really stupid last week, but it was Randy Orton who walked out on Umaga allowing Triple H to attack him with a Sledgehammer so Umaga in some ways had a right to be upset with Orton. Vince then tells the two to make up and shake hands, and Orton reluctantly does so but doesn’t come off so well as Umaga doesn’t know what the hell Orton is doing. Vince quickly moves on saying that tonight Umaga is going to make up for what he did last week by taking out the Corporation’s biggest threats. Vince announces that Umaga will take on John Cena and Triple H in a Handicap Match. Umaga shouts out loud in Samoan, as Orton smiles and nods in approval at Vince’s announcement. Vince goes to continue to speak when he is cut off by “My time is now” and John Cena appears on the ramp with a mic.

Cena comes out and says that it is usually Chris Jericho’s job of recent weeks to stop the Corporation boring everyone else senseless, but the only way he is going to stay awake through a whole episode of Raw is if he comes out here and shuts them up himself. John Cena goes through all of the Corporation members running them down one by one. This eventually leads to Orton taking the mic saying that Cena has no right to come out and interrupt the Corporation. Orton says that since Cena is no longer a main eventer, he should move on and stay in the mid card where he belongs, as he doesn’t deserve to be standing this close to superstars the quality of Randy Orton. John Cena laughs before saying that after Randy Orton loses the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, he will be the first man to get a title shot and he will once again be WWE Champion. Cena says for now though he feels a bit funny, probably because he was drinking some beer with Stone Cold before the show. Cena says he either might be drunk or he might be stupid, but heel he wants to kick some ass in Topeka Kansas. Cena then heads on down to the ring and is about to get in it when he halts just before entering it. John Cena then grabs hold of Ken Kennedy’s leg and pulls him to the outside and tosses him shoulder first into the Steel Steps. John Cena doesn’t appear to be so stupid as he then grabs a Steel Chair and enters the ring with it, to which Vince McMahon instructs them all to leave the ring. John Cena tosses the Chair down the ramp at the Corporation members who tell Cena they will make him pay as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 1
Singles Match
Jeff Hardy v Ken Kennedy

Hardy and Kennedy put on a fast paced back and forth match to kick off the wrestling side of the show, with the two men given enough time to produce a good match. After some back and forth technical wrestling to start off the match, Jeff Hardy was allowed to use his speed and agility to hit some high flying moves getting the better of Kennedy. Hardy crashed and burned however when Kennedy moved out of the way, as Hardy catapulted himself over the top rope to the outside. Ken Kennedy then gained the momentum after he hit a running boot, sandwiching Hardy’s shoulder between the steel steps and his boot on the outside. Kennedy worked over the shoulder inside the ring, with his main intention being to make Hardy submit. Kennedy looked as though he would just do that after applying an abdominal stretch, but Hardy was able to elbow his way out and then get back into the match with a sit-down Jawbreaker. The last few minutes of the match we saw several close falls exchanged between the two men. Jeff Hardy was just milliseconds away from winning it after hitting the Whisper in the Wind, only for Kennedy to get his shoulder up off the mat. Jeff Hardy went for the Twist of Fate only for Kennedy to push Hardy into the referee and then take advantage with a low blow. Kennedy then hit the Mic Check, before taking Hardy to the top rope. Kennedy looked to put the exclamation mark on the victory when he hit the Green Bay Plunge on Jeff Hardy, but as he made the cover RVD rushed into the ring and attacked Kennedy! The referee called for the bell giving Kennedy a DQ win.

Winner: Ken Kennedy via DQ in 13:55

After the match RVD rushes to the outside of the ring and grabs hold of a Steel Chair and brings it into the ring with him. RVD then tosses it into the hands of Ken Kennedy and hits him with the Van Daminator. RVD goes to continue the attack, but Ken Kennedy rolls out of the ring just in time. Ken Kennedy crawls down the ramp looking on at RVD in shock, as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by the Tag Team Champions The Worlds Greatest Tag Team. Todd asks them how they feel with the odds against them at Survivor Series when they have to defend their titles at Survivor Series. Shelton Benjamin cuts in asking Josh how does he think they feel, complaining that they have to face three teams in one match to defend their titles. He moves to the positive side however saying they are called The Worlds Greatest Tag Team for a reason, because they are the best team in the world. He says that he doesn’t care if you are two red neck hicks, two wannabe gangsters, or two highflying punks who look as though they are yet to go through puberty. Benjamin says that he and Charlie form the greatest team in the history of the WWE, and there is no stopping them ever.

Commercial Break

Match 2
Tag Team Match
The Highlanders v The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

The next match of the evening, saw the Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin in action, as they prepare for their 4 way tag team match at Survivor Series. It was a match that was mostly dominated by Benjamin and Haas who looked to send a message to their opponents at Survivor Series. During the match their opponents at Survivor Series Cryme Time, The Redneck Wrecking Crew and the Hooligans came down to the ring at different times to scout the Champions. This distracted Benjamin and Haas several times, and the Highlanders nearly stole the victory after Robbie rolled up a distracted Shelton Benjamin from behind, only for Haas to make the save. The end of the match saw the WGTT raise the tempo, and Benjamin leapfrogged Haas hitting a Leapfrog Body Guillotine onto Rory. Benjamin then took Rory’s head off with a Superkick, before Haas finished him off with the Haas of Pain.

Winners: The Worlds Greatest Tag Team in 4:44

After the match the Worlds Greatest Tag Team hug and celebrate their victories before holding their Championships in the air as the three teams on the outside watch on. Cade and Murdoch signal to them that they will take the Tag Titles off them at Survivor Series, to which Cryme Time approach Cade and Murdoch and say that they will be the ones to take the titles. London and Kendrick get involved as the Worlds Greatest Tag Team exit the ring and back off down the ramp, as the three teams at ringside break out into a six man brawl. Referee’s come down to end the madness, as the Worlds Greatest Tag Team watch on with a big smile on their face.

We then go backstage to see John Morrison backstage with his manager/girlfriend Melina and Morrison asks Melina to bounce a nickel off his abs to which Melina tells him that their match is next. Morrison says he knows that but he needs some sort of warm-up before their match to which Melina comes onto him and kisses him. We hear a “Das Cool” in the background, and they turn around to see Carlito in the background nodding with a smile on his face and an apple in his hand. Melina calls Carlito a pervert, to which Carlito tells her to calms down and says he just came here to talk about something he heard. Carlito says he doesn’t usually like to tell tales, but overheard CM Punk talking to Jeff Hardy backstage earlier, and he called Melina a slut. Melina shouts “What” to which Carlito says that’s right and he went up to him and told him “das not cool”. Morrison doesn’t believe Carlito, to which Carlito says he didn’t really approach him but he would of. Carlito tells Morrison that if he takes out Punk after Survivor Series he will give him an Intercontinental Title. Morrison and Melina laugh at Carlito’s stupidity, and Morrison says that the Intercontinental Title is coming back to the Palace of Wisdom before walking away with Melina. With Melina and Morrison out of the way we hear Carlito mutter under his breath “What a Slut” as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we return from commercial we go backstage to see Chris Jericho buying a coffee, and turns around to see John Cena. There is an uneasy moment of silence between the two men, before Cena to break the silence says that he wishes Jericho good luck ahead of his match. Chris Jericho tells Cena he doesn’t need any, to which Cena says that if he beat Jericho, and Orton beat Cena there is no way Chris Jericho is going to walk out of Survivor Series with the WWE Championship. Jericho asks Cena to repeat what he just said, before Cena says he was just kidding and he knows that Chris Jericho is going to walk out with the WWE Championship around his waist. Cena says that he also knows that after Survivor Series he is going to get a title shot, and take back what is rightfully his and that is the WWE Championship. Jericho laughs before telling Cena that when he sees Val Venis, tell his fellow midcarders that the next WWE Champion said hello. Chris Jericho then smirks and walks off, as Cena looks on staring right through Jericho as we cut back to ringside.

Match 3
Intergender Tag Team Match
CM Punk and Mickie James v John Morrison and Melina

We witnessed a very entertaining Tag Match with some good action between both the males and the females. CM Punk and John Morrison started off the match in some very fast paced back and forth action, with both men knowing each other like the back of their hand. CM Punk looked to get the early win when he set Morrison up for the GTS, but Melina distracted Punk which allowed Morrison to slide off Punk’s shoulders and drop him with an inverted DDT. The divas then tagged themselves into the match and Jerry Lawler went mad with excitement as Melina and Mickie went at it in a true cat fight. Mickie James just like Punk looked to have the win when she hit Melina with the Mick Kick, but John Morrison got into the ring and pulled Mickie off Melina. This angered Mickie who slapped Morrison across the face. The end of the match saw CM Punk hit the GTS, and Melina rushed into make the save only for Mickie James to tackle her to the outside. This distracted the referee, allowing The Intercontinental Champion Carlito to rush into the ring and hit his rival Punk with the BackCracker. Carlito then rushed out of the ring as John Morrison crawled over to steal the victory.

Winners: John Morrison and Melina in 7:01

After the match we go backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by Hardcore Holly. Josh shows Holly footage of Cody Rhodes turning on him several weeks ago and asks him how he feels ahead of his Falls Count Anywhere Match with Cody Rhodes. Holly says Cody has done all he can to back away from his challenge ever since he turned on him. Holly reminds us that Cody faked an injury, and attacked him before their match two weeks ago. But tonight there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Holly says that the only thing Cody can do right tonight is take an asskicking like a man. Holly then walks away as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 4
Falls Count Anywhere Match
Cody Rhodes v Hardcore Holly

This match was very violent and seemed like a squash match for Hardcore Holly, who straight from the get go looked like he wanted to punish Cody Rhodes for turning on him several weeks ago. We saw one of Holly’s main qualities in stiffing up rookies, as he looked to put a real beating on Cody Rhodes. Cody did get some offence in the ring however when he pulled out a fire extinguisher from underneath the ring and sprayed it into the eyes of Hardcore, before dropping him with a DDT on the Steel Ramp. Cody wasted time however as he picked up a Steel Chair, and he charged up at Hardcore Holly with it, and Holly caught him with a Back Body Drop on the Steel Ramp. The two men then brawled up the Ramp, where Holly hit Cody with a camera over the skull before signalling for the end. Holly set him up for the Alabama Slammer, WHEN SUDDENLY A MAN COMES FROM BEHIND HOLLY AND HITS HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH A BRIEFCASE! Hardcore Holly appears to be knocked out, as the man pulls Cody ontop of Holly allowing Cody to take the victory.

Winner: Cody Rhodes in 5:59

After the match the mystery man pulls Cody Rodes to his feet and the two men embrace. Moments later “Everyone’s got a Price” hits and the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase walks out onto the stage with a mic to a big pop from the crowd on his return to the WWE. Ted DiBiase does his trademark laugh and says that he is back in the WWE. Biase says he is back in the WWE, to manage the careers of the two biggest talents in the WWE. Biase then introduces the mystery man as his son Ted DiBiase Jr, and says that he and Cody Rhodes will form the greatest Tag Team to ever step into the WWE. Biase then finishes off by saying that his son and Cody Rhodes are simply priceless. Ted DiBiase’s music then hits as he opens the briefcase, which has a brick in it which knocked Hardcore out, and which also has thousands of dollars in it. Biase then shows off his money and says that everybody has a price for the Million Dollar Man.

We then go backstage into the Corporation’s locker room where we see Ken Kennedy walking into it tapping Jonathon Coachman very hardly on his injured neck and then sitting down and taking a drink, as we then see Randy Orton and Vince McMahon talking as Umaga walks in with Armando Estrada. Vince tells Estrada to tell Umaga that he brought Umaga in for a reason, because he is the toughest and meanest specimen in the WWE. Vince says that John Cena had the nerve to interrupt us and run us down, and Triple H has been doing the same thing for twelve years. Vince tells Umaga that he wants him to stop all that, by crippling John Cena and Triple H. Vince tells Umaga he wants him to take them out, and if he does so then he will prove why he deserves to be in the Corporation. Vince tells them to go because their match is next, and the two men walk out of the locker room with Randy Orton staring a hole through Umaga. Orton tells Vince that he doesn’t trust Umaga to which Vince tells him he has to because he is a huge asset. Vince then says that he and Jonathon Coachman will accompany Orton to the ring for his contract signing with Jericho. Vince then goes to talk with Orton about a plan, but we don’t get to here it as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 5
Handicap Match
John Cena and Triple H v Umaga with Armando Estrada

Very weird match in that the odds are against the heel in Umaga instead of the typical face being against the odds, and Umaga is also able to put on a valiant effort against both John Cena and Triple H taking the match right to them. However John Cena and Triple H dominated the early stages of the match with both men going through their moves sets on Umaga getting many near falls. However it was miscommunication between Cena and The Game, which allowed Umaga back into the match. Triple H accidentally took Cena down with a Clothesline and turned around into a Scoop Samoan Drop by Umaga. Umaga then started to dominate the match not allowing Triple H to make the tag to Cena. We saw a very physical Umaga, who put in a lot of punishment going through his move set on Triple H. Umaga hit the Samoan Wrecking Ball on Triple H and then went for the Samoan Spike, but Triple H was able to duck and drop Umaga with a DDT. Triple H was then able to tag in John Cena who seemed to show no anger towards Triple H, as he cleaned house on Umaga. John Cena went through his normal routine of moves, which led to Cena hitting Umaga with the F-U. John Cena then went to make the cover but Triple H signalled to Cena that he wanted to get one over his rival. John Cena looked reluctant but made the tag, and Triple H hit Umaga with the Pedigree and took the victory over his big rival.

Winners: John Cena and Triple H in 9:27

After the match there are no celebrations as John Cena immediately gets into Triple H’s face. John Cena is furious at Triple H believing that Triple H hit him on purpose earlier on in the match. The two biggest names in the ten man Survivor Series elimination match at Survivor Series get into a verbal exchange. It looks as though the two men are going to go at it as they start pushing one another, when out of nowhere comes Umaga who returns by taking both Triple H and John Cena down with a Clothesline. Umaga then hits both men with Samoan Spikes and leaves the ring, getting the final word despite losing the match as we go to our final commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we return to Raw, the ring is set up for the Contract Signing and the glass shatters and Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to the ring to a huge pop. Steve Austin gets straight down to business, introducing the challenger Chris Jericho to the ring followed by the WWE Champion Randy Orton who comes down with Vince McMahon and Jonathon Coachman. Before the signing even begins, Jericho rolls to the outside and grabs Coachman and throws him into the Steel Steps. Jericho then rolls back into the ring and tells Vince that the same thing will happen to him if he is not careful. Jericho then gets in Orton’s face and the two men instantly lock eyes, and Austin immediately tells them that if either man lays a finger on the other then he is going to kick there ass. Austin then asks both men to sign the contract, which they both do straight away with Orton trying to antagonise Orton by tossing the contract at Jericho’s head. After both men have signed the contract Randy Orton grabs a mic and says that this Sunday he is going prove that Chris Jericho doesn’t belong in the main event anymore, and that he is not the same man that beat The Rock and Stone Cold in the same night in 6 years ago. Orton says that just to make sure that he doesn’t have to embarrass Chris Jericho ever again have Survivor Series, he has made sure that it is written in the contract that if Chris Jericho loses at Survivor Series he will never ever get a title shot as long as Randy Orton is the WWE Champion. Chris Jericho looks down at the mat and smiles as the crowd gives Orton huge heat. Jericho takes a mic and says that he is fine with that, because he was able to make sure that there was a stipulation that Jericho wanted to be added to the match. Jericho says that he talked to Steve Austin, and they came together with a stipulation that if any Corporation member even shows their face during their match then they will be fired.

The crowd gives a huge pop as Orton immediately gets in Stone Cold’s face questioning his decision. Austin gives Orton the double bird not giving a damn about Orton’s complaint. Randy Orton then grabs his WWE Title and places it on his shoulders, before suddenly tipping the table right into Chris Jericho before taking him down with his WWE Championship right to the skull. Orton then mounts ontop of Jericho and starts pounding away at him, and Austin tries to stop Orton by pulling him off Jericho, but Orton shoves Austin out of the way and continues the beat down. Randy Orton then starts sizing up Jericho signalling for the RKO, as Austin looks at Orton in disgust as he brushes his chest. Chris Jericho begins to get to his feet, as Orton is suddenly spun around and Stone Cold drops the WWE Champion with a Stone Cold Stunner! The crowd gives a huge pop as Vince McMahon then gets in Austin’s face and asks him what the hell is he doing. Vince says he can get Austin fired from his GM Spot, but he is tapped on the back by Chris Jericho. Vince turns around and tries to reason with his Bastard Son, but Jericho trips him down onto the mat and locks on the Walls of Jericho onto his own father! Vince starts tapping for his life as Jericho’s music hits and Stone Cold calls for some beers. Austin tosses a beer to Chris Jericho who drinks most of it, before lifting up the WWE Championship. Jericho stands over Orton, and taps the beer can against the WWE Championship belt as the show comes to a close.


WWE Smackdown!
Wichita, Kansas
16th November 2007

*Opening Video and Pyro*

We then go to ringside where Michael Cole and JBL introduce us to the show. They run down tonight’s card which includes a huge main event as Finlay takes on Ric Flair, plus Teddy Long has forced MVP to put his US Title on the line just days before he was supposed to defend it against Matt Hardy, as he faces a former rival in Kane.

They are suddenly interrupted as we see the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble and his rival Kid Kash going at it backstage in a full on brawl. Referee’s and Road Agents come into break the two men up.

We then cut straight back to the arena where the World Heavyweight Champion Edge, appears at the top of the ramp with a mic in hand. Edge announces than in memory of the legacy of The Undertaker, which will end at Survivor Series, Edge will conduct a funeral for The Undertaker’s career tonight. Edge then smirks as Elijah Burke’s music hits as we are ready for the first match of the evening.

Match 1
Singles Match
Elijah Burke v Rey Mysterio

For the second week in a row we open with an Elijah Burke v Rey Mysterio. Bit sameish you might think, but Mysterio and Burke had another entertaining match up with both men having a lot of chemistry. It was once again a fast paced back and forth encounter, with a lot of counters and a lot of near falls. After both men exchanged about eight successive pinning predicaments, Rey was able to send Burke to the outside and then leap over the top rope executing a Somersault Plancha. As the two fought on the outside Burke was able to gain the momentum countering an Irish Whip attempt by Mysterio, sending him head first into the Steel Ring Post. Elijah Burke then began to work over the head of Mysterio, on numerous occasions even attempting to unmask Mysterio. Burke executed three rolling German Suplex’s before heading to the top rope. Burke attempted a Diving Elbow Drop onto the heat of Mysterio, who rolled out of the way just in time. This gave Mysterio the time he needed to recuperate and get himself back into the match. We saw some entertaining action in the final stages of the match with Mysterio coming close to victory after a Tornado DDT, and then moments later attempts a Springboard Seated Senton only for Burke to catch Rey with a Powerbomb for a very close near fall. Rey Mysterio however got revenge for his loss to Burke the previous week, as he followed off the 619 with the Droppin the Dime for the victory.

Winner: Rey Mysterio in 9:11

Post match sees Rey Mysterio celebrate his victory with the fans at ringside relieved to of got revenge for his loss to Elijah Burke last week.

We then cut backstage where we once again see Jamie Noble and Kid Kash backstage, and the two men are shouting abuse at one another with referee’s and road agents between them. We then see Teddy Long step into the scene telling the Playas to calm down. Long tells them that if they want a piece of one another, they can do so at Survivor Series. But to make sure that nothing happens tonight he is going to put them in a Tag Team Match, as they will face the team of Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill. Noble complains saying he is allergic to dirty stinky rednecks, to, which Teddy Long says that Noble has been teammates with Kash before and can do so again.

We then go to another area backstage where we see Kane and Ric Flair talking as we see Rey Mysterio walking into the scene having just won his match. Flair tells the other two men that he is sorry and knows he made a big mistake in putting his trust in Batista. Flair tells Kane that Batista proved him right, and that he is nothing more that a coward. Flair tells them that they might be one man down at Survivor Series, but reminds them that between them they have won 18 World Championships between them. Flair says that they are three of the best in the history of the WWE for a reason, and they can take on any challenge. Flair says they can take on four men by themselves and they don’t need another partner. Rey Mysterio tells Flair he is right as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 2
Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero v Tommy Dreamer

We witnessed a solid little match between two of the veterans on the Smackdown roster. Unfortunately there was a very quiet crowd for this match, as it was fairly unspectacular match and there was a lot of grounding and pounding. The only time somebody came close to victory during the first half of the match came when Chavo kicked out just before 3, after Dreamer executed a Fall Away Slam. Chavo locked on a Sleeper Hold onto Dreamer who looked out of it as the referee raised his hands three times, but in typical face style Dreamer was able to fight out of the submission hold and seemed to get a second life as he cleaned house on Guerrero. Dreamer looked to have the win when he set Chavo up for the DVD, but Chavo slid off his shoulders and pushed him straight into the referee. Chavo then hit Dreamer with a Low Blow, before dropping him with a DDT with the referee not seeing the low blow. Chavo then climbed to the top rope and used the move that his uncle made famous the Frog Splash and took another victory going into his match at Survivor Series.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero in 5:59

We then go backstage, where we see Teddy Long in his office and a door knocks, and a few seconds later Matt Hardy walks into the office to a big pop. Long asks Hardy what’s up, to which Hardy replies saying he wants a match tonight. Long says he can’t do that since he is not fit to compete until Sunday. Hardy says Long might be right that he is not fully fit, but he good enough to compete and he demands a match tonight. Long sighs before saying he will go find an opponent for Hardy to which Hardy thanks Long and walks out of the office. Long mutters under his breath to not come to him when he wants to sue someone as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 3
United States Championship
Kane v MVP

MVP came down to the ring showing a lot of anger having to defend the title tonight, when in just two days time he has one of the toughest matches of his life against Matt Hardy, and straight from the get go we saw a very physical side of MVP. MVP from the start took it straight to Kane and in the opening two minutes came close to beating Kane on several occasions. MVP made a big mistake however when he climbed to the top rope, and went for a diving elbow smash only to get caught in mid with a big boot by Kane. Kane then started to clean house on MVP going through his move set on the US Champion. It looked as thought we would have a new US Champion when Kane set MVP up for a Chokeslam, but MVP kicked Kane in the mid section and followed that off with a Face breaker Knee Smash. This allowed MVP back into the match, and he went to finish the match off with the Playas Boot but Kane moved out of the way just in time. Kane then tossed MVP to the outside and the two men went at it on the outside, with Kane ramming MVP head first into the Steel Ring Post. Kane rolled MVP into the ring and the referee checked up on MVP, as out of nowhere came MARCUS COR VON WHO POUNCED KANE WHO CRASHED INTO THE STEEL STEPS! Cor Von then rolled Kane into the ring and fled through the crowd, as MVP was able to recover and hit the Playmaker for the victory thanks to his fellow Playas Club member.

Winner: Still United States Champion MVP in 8:30

After the match, MVP immediately asks for a mic and is given one. MVP asks for his music to be cut and says another victory another dollar. MVP says that this comprehensive victory proved that he is the greatest United States Champion of all time. He says that this victory proves that this Sunday’s match with Matt Hardy is going to be a stroll in the park. He says that Hardy isn’t even in his league, and he proved that by carrying 225 pounds of Matt Hardy on his shoulders when they were Tag Team Champions. MVP says that Hardy might be confident that he is going to get revenge at Survivor Series, but if anybody is going to survive and walk out with the US Championship it will be the man who is half man, half amazing, the franchise Playa MVP. MVP then tosses his mic aside and leaves the ring as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 4
Tag Team Match
Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill v Jamie Noble and Kid Kash

Fellow UKConnection member William Regal not being at ringside was a shock in itself, but Jamie Noble and Kid Kash being able to work well together without any problems was an even bigger one. We were brought back to the days when the two men teamed together in a tag team known as the Pitbulls, as they showed the physicality and unity they showed back then. Kash and Noble made a bright start to the match, but McIntyre and Burchill started to gain control when they worked over the injured leg of Kid Kash which was originally injured by Chavo Guerrero only to be damaged even further by Jamie Noble. Drew McIntyre locked on a Single Legged Boston Crab onto Kid Kash who did all he could to try and find a way to get out of the hold. Kash very slowly started crawling to the ropes, and despite McIntyre’s attempt to pull him back to the centre of the ring, Kash reached the ropes. Kash moments later fought back with an Enzuigiri on Burchill and went to make the tag when McIntyre knocked Noble off the apron. However Jamie Noble rushed into the ring and we saw an all out brawl, which allowed Kash to fight back himself as he started to clean house on Paul Burchill. Jamie Noble brawled with McIntyre on the outside as Kash executed a Brainbuster and then climbed to the top rope. He looked to go for a Frog Splash, when Jamie Noble turns on Kid Kash pushing him off the top rope down onto the mat. Jamie Noble hit a Fireman’s Carry Double Knee Gutbuster onto his teammate and his rival, before leaving the ring as Burchill picks up the scraps to take the victory.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill in 7:26

After the match McIntyre and Burchill celebrate another victory, and surely they are pushing themselves into contention for a future Tag Team Title shot. Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble leaves the ring with a big smirk on his face as he looks at his Survivor Series opponent Kid Kash. Kid Kash gets up onto his knees and looks down at Jamie Noble and signals that at Survivor Series he will make the best of 7 series score 3-1 to Kash.

After the match we go backstage to see Kristal Marshall standing by Finlay. Kristal goes to ask Finlay about his thoughts on the Batista situation, which Finlay quickly interrupts and says he couldn’t give a damn about Dave Batista. Finlay says there are no rooms for pathetic cowards in the WWE, and says that the WWE is better off without Batista. Finlay says that at Survivor Series his team of four is going to have the advantage as Ric Flair’s team only has three men, and says that the best thing they could do is do a Batista because Survivor Series is going to be a whitewash. Finlay then talks about his upcoming match with Ric Flair, reminding Flair that he loves to fight and he is going to be in one tonight.

Commercial Break

We come back from commercial to see Matt Hardy in the ring awaiting his opponent. “Power of the Punch” hits and William Regal comes out revealing himself as Matt Hardy’s opponent. William Regal comes down to the ring as Matt Hardy has a serious look on his face, knowing this is going to be a tough match on his return to in ring action after his beating by the hands of MVP, Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von several weeks ago.

Match 5
Singles Match
Matt Hardy v William Regal

On his return to the ring after being tossed off the stage four weeks ago, we didn’t see a very convincing performance by Matt Hardy and it was in fact William Regal who dominated the majority of the match. William Regal used his intelligence and remembered the damage the Playas Club did to the knee of Matt Hardy before he was tossed off the stage, and he did a very good job of working over the knee of Matt Hardy. William Regal took the kneepad of Matt Hardy, making him more prone to injury as he worked over his unprotected knee. Matt Hardy finally got some offence in the match after he rolled Regal over when he attempted a Boston Crab, and despite only getting a two Matt Hardy started to go through his moveset on Regal. Hardy went for the Diving Leg Drop, but Regal moved out of the way just at the right time before Chop Blocking Matt Hardy and going back after the knee. William Regal looked like he had the victory in sight when he locked on the Regal Stretch onto Matt Hardy, who showed some resiliency somehow using his free arm to elbow his way out of it and break the hold. We then saw some back and forth wrestling to end the match with Hardy continuing to show resiliency after kicking out of a Regal Bomb. The end of the match saw Regal look into his tights and pull out some brass knuckles. William Regal then approached Hardy with them, but Hardy out of nowhere hit a Twist of Fate to take an extremely hard fought victory.

Winner: Matt Hardy in 8:02

Commercial Break

Match 6
Singles Match
Finlay v Ric Flair

We saw a very surprisingly short physical match with a lot of punches and chops being exchanged between the two men. After a back and forth opening minute Ric Flair looked to lock on the Figure 4 Leg Lock onto Finlay, only for the Hornswoggle to distract Ric Flair. Ric Flair was not in the mood for any of Hornswoggle’s antics, as he chased him around the ring and Hornswoggle led Finlay back into the ring and into a huge clothesline by Finlay. Finlay then began to dominate the match gaining numerous near falls with his closest coming after a superplex off the top rope. Finlay began to get frustrated and he went for his Shillelagh and went to hit Flair with it, only for the referee to snatch it off him, and as the referee handed it to the outside Ric Flair hit a Low Blow to Finlay. The match closed with some back and forth wrestling, which led to Ric Flair locking on the Figure 4 Leg Lock just 5 minutes into the match. It looked as though Finlay would tap out, when his fellow teammates at Survivor Series Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von rushed into the ring and ambushed Ric Flair forcing the referee to call for the bell.

Winner: Ric Flair via DQ in 5:47

Cor Von and Burke continue the beat down, as Rey Mysterio and Kane sprint down to the ring to make the save. They start off by fighting off Burke and Cor Von, but Chavo Guerrero rushes to the ring and Finlay recovers and the numbers game comes into play. Marcus Cor Von drops Mysterio with the Alpha Bomb, as Finlay grabs his Shillelagh and smashes it over the skull of Kane. Chavo Guerrero comes off the top rope with the Frog Splash onto the chest of Kane, as Elijah Burke locks on a Figure 4 Leg Lock onto Ric Flair. Cor Von, Chavo and Finlay stomp away at Flair who yells in agony through the figure 4 leg lock….


The crowd rush onto their feet and give a huge reaction as BATISTA APPEARS ON THE STAGE! Batista casually takes off his shades and looks around the arena, before looking at the ring and shouts “I’M BACK”. Batista then charges down to the ring, as Chavo, Finlay, Burke and Cor Von wait for him before they stomp away at Batista as he gets into the ring. Batista fights his way to his feet though and he begins to fight off all four men, hitting everybody who gets in his way with hard right hands. Elijah Burke rushes up at Batista, who catches him with a big Spinebuster. Cor Von attempts the Pounce, but Batista sidesteps out of the way and bounces off the ropes coming back with a Spear. Batista then catches a charging Chavo Guerrero with a Thunderous Spinebuster. Batista lifts Chavo up above his head and tosses him to the outside onto Marcus Cor Von on the outside, as Finlay stalks him from behind with his Shillelagh. Batista turns around and ducks an attempted Shillelagh shot and hits another Spinebuster. Batista then finishes off Finlay with the Batista Bomb. Batista then turns around to see Ric Flair reaching his feet. Flair looks at Batista in shock and looks at the damage he has caused. The two men lock eyes before embracing in the centre of the ring. Rey Mysterio gives Batista the same welcome back, but Kane however does not look pleased. Kane immediately gets in Batista’s face and grabs him by the throat! Kane looks to Chokeslam Batista when Batista’s friends Ric Flair and Rey Mysterio come to his aid telling Kane not to do so. Kane reluctantly does so and immediately flips backwards out of the ring and heads down the ramp obviously still angry with Batista. Batista, Flair and Rey watch on as it seems obvious that we are back to a fair four v four tag team match at Survivor Series.

Commercial Break

We then come back to ringside where we see that the ring is nearly ready for Edge’s funeral segment, but not quite ready as the production staff are slow and useless. So instead Michael Cole and JBL run down the Survivor Series card to waste time. Make sure to buy the PPV people OR ELSE!

“Metalingus” hits and we see the World Heavyweight Champion Edge come out dressed as though he is going to a real funeral. Edge walks by a hearse, which has been placed at ringside, before entering the ring and grabbing a mic. Edge says that tonight is a night of celebration, a night to celebrate the end of The Undertaker’s career. Edge reminds people of The Undertaker’s accomplishments during his career, before saying that this Sunday is going to be the greatest accomplishment of his career when he steps into the ring with the Rated R Superstar. But also this Sunday is going to be the worst night in his life, when he steps into the ring with the Rated R Superstar. Edge says that The Undertaker has beat them all, but he has never been in the ring with Edge. Edge says he is going to prove why The Undertaker’s 18 year career is coming to an end. Edge says The Undertaker has had his moments, but that he is currently in the Rated R Era. Edge says he is going to show the world that The Undertaker doesn’t have what it takes anymore. Edge runs down The Undertaker a little more before telling everyone in the arena to keep quiet, and tells the Timekeeper to ring the bell in mourning of The Undertaker’s career. The bell rings nine times, as the crowd gives Edge some huge heat as Edge mockingly does Undertaker’s signature pose.

Before the bell can ring for the tenth time however the arena lights go off and we hear a gong. Moments later we see a lightning bolt strike the casket which is in the ring and it sets on fire. We can clearly see Edge standing behind the Casket looking on in horror, as from behind him out of the darkness comes The Undertaker. The crowd gives a huge pop as the lights in the arena turn on, and Edge turns around right into a hard right hand from The Undertaker. The Undertaker then pounds away at Edge into the corner before grabbing him by the throat. Taker looks for a Tombstone, but Edge spins out of it and in desperate fashion low blows his challenger at No Mercy. Edge then flees the ring and exits down the ramp taking no risk, not wanting to get hurt just two days before his big match. The show comes to a close as The Undertaker delivers the cut throat signal to Edge who looks back on in the ring at horror at The Undertaker.


Raw Results
Ken Kennedy beats Jeff Hardy via DQ in 13:55
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team beat The Highlanders in 4:44
John Morrison and Melina beat CM Punk and Mickie James in 7:01
Cody Rhodes beats Hardcore Holly in 5:59 in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
John Cena and Triple H beat Umaga in 9:27

Smackdown Results
Rey Mysterio beats Elijah Burke in 9:11
Chavo Guerrero beats Tommy Dreamer in 5:59
MVP beats Kane in 8:30 to retain his United States Championship
Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill beat Kid Kash and Jamie Noble in 7:26
Matt Hardy beats William Regal in 8:02
Ric Flair beats Finlay via DQ in 5:47

Ok here is the final Survivor Series card, so predict all you like. Not going to give a date for when it’s up because it’s most likely going to be wrong. But will give you updates when I post the preview for the shows and backstage news before the show.

Final WWE Survivor Series Card

Edge © v The Undertaker

Chris Jericho v Randy Orton ©

Matt Hardy v MVP ©

4 Way Tag Team Elimination Match
Cryme Time v The Hooligans v The Redneck Wrecking Crew v The Worlds Greatest Tag Team ©

Match 4 of the best of 7 series for the Cruiserweight Title
Jamie Noble © (1) v Kid Kash (2)

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
Carlito, John Morrison, Ken Kennedy, Kevin Thorn and Umaga v CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Rob Van Dam and Triple H

8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
Batista, Kane, Rey Mysterio and Ric Flair v Chavo Guerrero, Elijah Burke, Finlay and Marcus Cor Von

Bonus Questions

1. How many titles will change hand?

2. What match will main event Survivor Series?

3. Who will be the survivors in the Raw 10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match?

4. Who will be the survivors in the Smackdown 8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match?
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