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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

First off, congratulations on the new arrival to the family. I hope you don’t lose too much sleep from the crying!

Nige’s Smackdown Feedback

Nice little run down, but I feel sorry for Kane. It’s a pity he has to take part in a handicap match just because Flair’s going to see Dave (man I look forward to that)

That was a brilliant promo with Matt and MVP. The tension between them in the build up to this was written perfectly, but this was the first chance you’ve had to really let them have a good go at each other, and they certainly did that. I particularly liked the bit with Matt saying we’re not looking at some footage and making it all about the future, that was well structured. The intensity between them increased well to add some real spice to the end of the promo, allowing Burke & Cor Von to get involved, but The Undertaker coming to Matt’s rescue after last week makes a lot of booking sense. An ever so sweet start

Taker against Cor Von will be a great main event, and it’s a great way to further Cor Von’s development. I’m not sure about just having this match announced by Cole as I would prefer to have gotten a reaction out of Cor Von by having Teddy Long go to him or have The VIP Club go to him and complain about Taker assaulting them, then have Teddy come back at them with this

Burke & Mysterio was a great match, but straight after the break with Burke having been taken down by Taker, meaning he’d have to leave the arena and come back again. If he was having his match straight after, I’d have Teddy do come out and tell Burke his match with Rey is happening right now and put a break in to explain it. Anyway, solid match and like someone said in my review, does Burke ever hit the Elijah Express in BTB? It’s too good a move for a counter, but it was a great counter for Burke later to pick up the win by holding the tights, so that was sweet and the perfect booking decision

Live to DC? The illusion of Smackdown being live here is great. I thought when Batista’s bitch told Flair Dave’s not been right for a month, he’d stay for a while instead of the I know and walk off. It made him seem ignorant to be honest. Dragging it out until later is cool and I just wonder whether you’re going to set up something different in this bar

Yeah I love it when you put guys down in a nice way like here with Regal carrying Palumbo to a watchable match. I was a bit annoyed that Palumbo dominated after the big boot since Regal had everything to lose, but the distraction from Mr. Burchill was the best way to change that and continue to show how great a team they are. The tap out too of a big man like Palumbo further reinforces how strong they are

I haven’t got a clue where you are going with this Batista storyline. I assumed that he was just pissed off to see Flair, and when he said he’s play pool, it seemed more like a depression problem. The mystery continues, but I like that you’re breaking up you teasing little git

Edge coming out to brag is always something to enjoy. I think playing the mocking card and having him sit back and watch Taker was exactly what he would do as opposed to sending him a message, but he knew he wasn’t going to get someone who would worry him, so it worked. Sabu was a decent choice as he would get the fans involved and would obviously threaten at Edge for some parts of the match, which he did in the early going. The mid air spear thought was great and added something that we don’t always see, so that was nice in itself. I loved him battering Dreamer and trying to mock The Undertaker was just funny and again, original!

I loved this instalment of the Flair/Batista segments. You totally went down the right road with Flair using the don’t look like a coward and walk away line. That was always going to be the line that would bring Dave back if anything. I wasn’t expecting Dave after his “thing”, not think (there’s been a few little typos) to maybe come round a little, but not to snap like he did. From there Flair was great, mentioning he made Batista and he can go kiss his ass. I wonder if that’s the end of Dave, but I don’t expect it to be

I guess it would be a struggle for Chavo & Finlay to overcome Kane no matter what, but a dirty win would have done them better as it doesn’t inspire much confidence in the heel team winning at Survivor Series in a handicap match when they can’t win one here. Rey coming down to the rescue was the right thing to do, but it was weird after watching Raw last night

Jamie’s interviews are always funny here, but the fact he keeps bringing up the lie that he’s never lost to Kash is wearing a little thin now. Kash taking time off makes sense and I’m a little surprised to see you having their next match on a PPV having already written a PPV match for them. The next match is obviously the biggest one to date as it will either really put the cat amongst the pigeons with a Noble win, but a Kash win would all but seal it

This was a funny little segment to build up to the main event. Edge being the typical coward that he is was amusing to read, but not as much as Cor Von was. I loved the bit at the end with Edge mouthing “Pounce period”, great!

I’m all for cruiserweight matches, but this one was just here for no real reason but to give Noble a win. It was a good match for sure, it’s just a strange match to have before the main event when there’s no meaning to it. Noble winning a singles match would have been fine earlier on, plus he had the promo too which made this a little pointless. But I’m a sucker for a cruiserweight match in the end and can appreciate the action

I can see why Rey would be pissed as 9 days would sure as hell be long enough, but if Flair promised Teddy he’d get Batista back, then it becomes a bit less questionable. I still see Batista coming to play though

If any match was calling out for a DQ finish or a bullshit ending, it was this one. Neither man could afford to lose, well clean anyway, and it was a big surprise to me that you had Cor Von do a clean job after the push he has been on lately. Taker going in to a world title match does dictate he needs to win, but a DQ win for him wouldn’t have been so bad here. Where the hell were MVP & Burke anyway? They should be supporting each other in the early stages of them becoming a faction. Edge coming to play had to be expected, but the casket spot was great and spices things up for sure going in to the penultimate Smackdown before the Survivor Series
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