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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Sorry to those who i didn't review as said over weekend but Dad's wife gave birth on Saturday a couple of days early so went to my dads for a couple of my days. Noticed Nige has a Raw recently posted so that will be my priority for tommorow, and i owe reviews for Nov and craguuscool aswell so they will be up by friday aswell. The last editions of Raw and Smackdown before Survivor Series will be posted in one post at the start of next week.

WWE Smackdown!
Bakersfield California
9th November 2007

*Opening Video and Pyro*

We then go to ringside where Michael Cole and JBL introduce us to the show. They run down tonightís card which includes Elijah Burke taking on Rey Mysterio and Kane facing Finlay and Chavo Guerrero in a Handicap Match. Cole says that Ric Flair was booked to be Kaneís partner but he is in Washington DC to find Batista tonight and try persuade him to return to the WWE.

For the second week in a row we start the show off with the VIP Lounge as the Playas Club make their way down to the ring. MVP cuts right to the chase as he straight away introduces his guest for the show Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy makes his way down to the ring and gets straight in MVPís face and they lock eyes, before MVP backs off and tells Burke and Cor Von to leave the ring and stand outside it. MVP welcomes Hardy back to Smackdown and says he admits he is surprised that Hardy returned from the beating as quick as he did. MVP says he is gonna give Hardy his dues and says he has got a lot of gut to get in MVPís face after the damage MVP did to Hardy three weeks ago. MVP goes to show the footage when Hardy says that they are not going to be watching anything, because he is out here to talk and not to look back at the past. Hardy says that for the past few months MVP has been scared of Matt Hardy and that he has done everything he can to make sure that he isnít around to have a US Title shot. Hardy talks about the two holding the Tag Team Titles and the attack three weeks ago before telling MVP that at Survivor Series his fear is going to become reality. Because at Survivor Series he will be 100% and recovered, and he will take the United States Title.

MVP quickly cuts in saying that he did Matt Hardy a favour because without him, Matt Hardy would never carry a title. MVP says that the only way Hardy can win titles is to be carried in a Tag Team by better wrestlers like Jeff Hardy and himself. MVP says that without MVP, Matt Hardy was a nobody. MVP says that when they lost their Tag Titles he realised that he was sick and tired of carrying around dead weight, so he looked to the future and saw two of the best talents in the WWE in Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von. MVP tells Hardy that he needs to get over the fact that he just simply doesnít have the talent it takes to be in the WWE. MVP says that at Survivor Series Hardy is going to step in the ring toe to toe with the man that is the future of this company. MVP tells Hardy that he needs to step down, because at if he decides to wrestle against MVP at Survivor Series. The attack that MVP did to Hardy would be overshadowed by the one, which ended Matt Hardyís career at Survivor Series. Matt Hardy smile before saying that if MVP does end his career, Hardy is going to take MVP right with him. The two men then get into each otherís faces and they shove and slap one another, before they go at it and Matt Hardy is all over MVP. That is until Cor Von and Burke rush the ring and jump Hardy from behind, and the three Playas Club members start tearing Hardy apart. But then the lights in the arena turn off and when they turn on THE UNDERTAKER is standing in the middle of the ring. Undertaker then goes after the three Playas Club members wanting revenge for the attack they put on him last week along with Edge. Taker takes Cor Von to the outside with a Clothesline, before grabbing Burke and tossing him over the top rope ontop of Marcus Cor Von. MVP then flees the ring and leaves with his cronies, as Undertaker stares down the ramp at them as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

When we return from the commercial, Michael Cole reveals that during the break after the incident we just saw. Teddy Long has made a match between The Undertaker and the man who power bombed him through a table last week Marcus Cor Von.

Match 1
Singles Match
Elijah Burke v Rey Mysterio

We kick off the wrestling side of the show with a very fast paced back and forth match between two of the finest wrestlers on Smackdown. In the early going we saw a lot of counters exchanged between the two men with neither man seeming to gaining an upper step in the match. That all changed when Mysterio went for a Bodyscissors Bulldog, only for Burke to counter it in mid air into a Sitout Faceplant. Elijah Burke then started to work over the arm of Rey Mysterio doing the smart thing by keeping the speedy Rey Mysterio down on the mat so he canít do what he does best. Elijah Burke had Mysterio locked in a Scissored Armbar, in which the match looked over for Mysterio. But Burke held onto the ropes for extra leverage and when the ref spotted this he told Burke to let go of the hold. A furious Burke then wasted his time arguing with the ref, which allowed Mysterio to recover, and Mysterio hit Burke with an enzuigiri taking him to the outside. Mysterio from then got back into the match using his speed and high flying prowess to come close to victory on several occasions. But Burke seemed to have the win when he set Mysterio up for the Elijah Express, but Mysterio moved and Burkeís knees crashed into the turnbuckle. Mysterio then set Burke up for the 619 which he executed before going for the West Coast Pop, but Elijah Burke moved out of the way just in time and then rolled Mysterio up from behind with a handful of tights and steals the victory.

Winner: Elijah Burke in 7:22

After the match Elijah Burke flees out of the ring and holds onto his head celebrating, as Rey Mysterio is in the ring with his head in his hands angry that Burke picked up a victory from out of nowhere. Mysterio complains to the referee over a pull of the trunks by Burke as we cut live to Washington DC.

We cut live to Washington DC where a limo arrives outside Batistaís home. The limo driver opens the door where we see Ric Flair step out of it. Flair approaches the front door, before taking a huge sigh and knocking the door. A few moments later the door opens and we see a woman opens the door and Flair greets the woman who we find out is his girlfriend. Flair asks her if Batista is in, and she replies saying that he is currently at a pub just a few blocks away down the road. Flair thanks her and says he knows what pub she is talking about and goes to walk off when she tells him to stop, before saying that something has been up with Dave over the last month and he hasnít been the same. Flair tells her he knows and then walks off as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Match 2
Singles Match
Chuck Palumbo v William Regal with UKConnection

We get a pretty decent enough match here with William Regal carrying Palumbo to a watchable match. In the early going the powerhouse Palumbo was all over Regal using his power and size to his advantage, but the veteran Regal took advantage after distraction from Paul Burchill allowed Regal to attack Palumbo from behind with a Chop Block. William Regal then started to work over the knee of Palumbo, with Regal knowing that this is the smartest way of being able to put Palumbo away. William Regal looked to finish the match when he went for a Single Legged Boston Crab on Palumbo, but he couldnít get the move on as Palumbo used his free leg to kick Regal away. This infuriated Regal who looked into his tights and pulled out some Brass Knucks. Regal went to hit Palumbo with the deadly weapon, but got caught off guard by Palumbo who hit him with a Big Boot. It was then all Palumbo till the ending of the match when he set Regal up for the Full Throttle, only to drop him when he saw Paul Burchill push Palumboís motorcycle to the ground on the outside. This distracted Palumbo for long enough so Regal could come from behind with a Half Nelson Suplex, before making Palumbo tap out to the Regal Stretch.

Winner: William Regal in 6:14

After the match we return to Washington DC where we see Ric Flair entering a pub. Flair looks around the pub, before spotting Batista playing pool by himself. Flair approaches Batista and greets the Animal, who totally ignores Flair and walks to a table where he takes a swig of beer. Flair asks Batista if they can have a chat, but is once again ignored. Flair rubs his hands through his hair in annoyance, before asking Batista if he wants a game of pool. Batista this time looks to Ric Flair and tells him that he will start as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we return from commercial we see the World Heavyweight Champion Edge making his way down to the ring to some huge heat from the crowd. Edge grabs a mic and tells the crowd to shut up. Edge says he is the greatest World Heavyweight Champion in history and he will prove that when he beats The Undertaker at Survivor Series. Edge says he has a good feeling about tonight, because tonight he will sit down with some popcorn and watch Marcus Cor Von beat the living hell out of the The Undertaker. Leaving just enough of him so that Edge can embarrass The Undertaker at Survivor Series. Edge says that he doesnít want to wait till Survivor Series though he wants to give Undertaker a first hand look at what is going to happen to him at Survivor Series. Edge then declares he has issued an open challenge to anyone in the back. He calls the person who has accepted his challenge out before looking in the camera and tells the Undertaker to watch his future. Edge then tosses the mic to the outside as Sabuís music hits and he makes his way down towards the ring. Edge frowns not thinking he would of got a tough a opponent as Sabu.

Match 3
Singles Match
Edge v Sabu

Edge gets more than he bargained for in this match, as the veteran ECW extremist Sabu takes Edge to the limits in what proved to be a very tough match for the Rated R Superstar. In the early going Sabu was all over Edge hitting him with a lot of moves, which came from springboarding off the top rope. Sabu looked to have the match won with a Springboard Tornado DDT early on, which the World Heavyweight Champion barely kicked out of. Edge finally gained some control in the match after he shoved Sabu off the top rope, down onto the concrete floor on the outside. A furious Edge then started to show his physical side whipping Sabu shoulder first into the Steel Steps, before dropping him with a snap suplex on the steel ramp way. Edge then started to come close to victory on several occasions, his closest being after hitting the Edge-O-Matic onto Sabu who just barely kicked out. The match ended with some back and forth wrestling between the two which saw Sabu come extremely close to a shock victory when he countered the Edgecution into a Bridging Gutwrench Suplex. But Sabu made one Springboard move attempt too many, as Edge caught him in mid with a Spear to take an impressive victory in a hard fought encounter.

Winner: Edge in 8:49

After the match Edge continues his attack on Sabu hitting him with a Second Spear before going to the outside and grabbing a Steel Chair. Edge brings it into the ring and goes to use Sabuís head as a Tennis Ball when Sabuís fellow extremist Tommy Dreamer sprints down to the ring. Dreamer pounds away at Edge, until he receives a low blow followed by a chair shot to the skull. Edge then does the same thing to Sabu, before hitting Sabu with Undertakerís finisher the Tombstone Piledriver onto the Steel Chair. The crowd then boos Edge who mocks The Undertaker by trying to turn his eyes inside out and he sticks his tongue out just like Taker would do. Edge then raises his World Heavyweight Championship in the air as we go back to Washington DC.

We then return from Washington DC where we see Ric Flair talking to Batista as they continue their game of pool with Flair telling Batista that everybody wants him back in the WWE. Flair tells Batista that he doesnít want to leave like this. Flair tells Batista that everybody has their ups and downs and they have their wins and their losses, but they recover from their losses and thatís what Batista needs to do. Flair tells Batista if he comes back he guarantees that he will once again become a World Heavyweight Champion. Batista looks at Flair once again keeping quiet, to which Flair puts down his cue and walks over to Batista. Flair tells Batista that he doesnít want to be remembered as the man who lost to The Undertaker and walked out like a coward. Flair says that he knows Batista wants to be remembered as the best there ever was and to do that he needs to come back and prove he is the best. Flair then puts his hand out and asks Batista for his decision. Batista then puts his cue down and he has a thing to himself. It looks as though he may shake his hand, but Batista instead shoves Flair out of the way and tips over the Snooker Table before throwing a chair against the wall. Batista then shouts at Flair that the only person he listens to is himself and that he does not need Ric Flair. Batista tells Flair that he has quit and there is nothing anybody can do to change his mind. Batista then offers Flair some advice and tells him to go retire old man, and do something worthwhile with his life. This angers Ric Flair who then slaps Batista across the face and shouts at him telling him not to talk to him like that. Flair tells Batista that he was the one that made him the star he is today, and he talks to him like that. Flair then tells Batista to be a coward and quit, because as far as he is concerned Batista can go kiss his ass. Batista stares a hole through Flair and looks at the ground nodding his head, before storming out of the pub. Ric Flair wipes his eyes in frustration and shakes his head as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 4
Handicap Match
Chavo Guerrero and Finlay v Kane

What was supposed to be a tag team match also featuring Ric Flair with Kane, we get a handicap match with Ric Flair out in Washington failing to bring Batista back to Smackdown. However Kane puts up a very good fight of it taking on both Chavo Guerrero and Finlay, showing a lot of anger as we saw backstage. In fact Kane didnít let either Finlay or Chavo get in any offence at the beginning as he cleaned house, going through his move set on both men. But the numbers games came too much as when Kane went to Chokeslam Chavo, that little bastard Hornswoggle got involved and distracted Kane. The referee tried to resolve the situation by ordering Hornswoggle to get off the apron, as from behind Kane came Finlay with a low blow using the Shillelagh. Finlay and Chavo then took control of the match, keeping the Big Red Machine Grounded and keeping the freshest man in the ring continually by making quick tags. Kane looked to make a fight back when he avoided a Celtic Cross, but when Chavo distracted Kane on the apron as he bounced off the ropes, Finlay came back with a Clothesline to Kane. But Kane finally made a comeback into the match after he counted a Gory Bomb attempt by Chavo into a back body drop. Kane then once again started to clean house on both Finlay and Chavo, tossing Finlay out of the ring. Kane then grabbed Chavo by the throat and hit him with a devastating Chokeslam. Kane made the cover but at the count of 2, Finlay hit Kane over the back of the head with the Shillelagh which the referee saw this time forcing the referee to call for the bell.

Winner: Kane via DQ in 7:35

After the match Finlay repeatedly drives the Shillelagh into the chest of Kane, as Chavo climbs up top and hits a Frog Splash. The only ally on Kaneís team at Survivor Series in the arena Rey Mysterio sprints down to the ring to make the save. Finlay and Chavo see this and quickly leave the ring. Rey Mysterio is left in the ring shaking his head as Kane slowly gets to his feet, as at Survivor Series Mysterio, Kane and Flair will currently have to fight Burke, Cor Von, Guerrero and Finlay in a Handicap Match because of Batista.

We then go backstage to see Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble standing by Josh Matthews. Josh Matthews announces that at Survivor Series the forth match in the best of 7 series featuring Jamie Noble and Kid Kash will take place. Josh asks Jamie how he feels to of finally got the weight off his back and finally get one over Kid Kash. Jamie Noble once again acts oblivious to the fact that Kid Kash has beaten him on at least five occasions telling him to shut up because he has never lost to Kid Kash. Noble tells Josh that last week he destroyed Kid Kash, saying that he is currently resting at home because of a hurt leg because of what Jamie Noble did to him last week. Noble says that what he did last week proved that he is the man to beat in the Cruiserweight Division. Noble says that he now has the momentum in the best of 7 series and he guarantees that he will walk out of the series as the Cruiserweight Champion.

Commercial Break

We go backstage when we return from commercial where Marcus Cor Von is lifting some weights backstage when Edge walks in to the scene. Edge tries to be friendly with Cor Von saying ďWhatís up PlayaĒ to which Cor Von gets to his feet and asks Edge to repeat what he just said. An intimidated Edge says it doesnít matter before trying to pump Cor Von up, saying he will give him the next title shot if he takes out The Undertaker tonight. Cor Von tells Edge not to worry saying that here in the Serengeti only the strongest survive. He says itís hunt or be hunted, or kill or be killed. And that pretty soon Undertaker will fall victim to the POUNCE! Cor Von then walks off as Edge looks on in confusion at Cor Vonís speech, when Cor Von walks back and gets in Edgeís face and shouts ďPeriodĒ before heading off for good as Edge mouths ďPounce PeriodĒ before smiling notcing that Cor Von is very pumped up for his match.

Match 5
Tag Team Match
Billy Kidman and Jimmy Wang Yang v Frankie Kazarian and Jamie Noble

We get a short but solid tag team match here, which is mainly to make Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble looking strong during the middle of his best of 7 series with Kid Kash. In the early going we got some back and forth wrestling between Noble and Wang Yang, until they tagged in their partners and Billy Kidman started to get the better off Frankie Kazarian after hitting him with the BK Bomb. Billy Kidman and Jimmy Wang then started to show off their high flying prowess with Billy Kidman taking Kazarian to the outside with a Hurricarana and Jimmy Wang Yang diving to the outside with a Springboard Moonsault onto a standing Frankie Kazarian. But mid match Billy Kidman took a huge bump when he was pushed off the top rope headfirst onto the barricade on the outside. This allowed Jamie Noble to tag in and gain an advantage as he went through his move set on Kidman. When Noble hit the Tiger Bomb onto Kidman, Jimmy Wang Yang went to make the save when Kazarian pulled him to the outside and tossed him into the steel steps. Jamie Noble then sent a clear message to his adversary Kid Kash as he finished Kidman off with Kid Kashís own finisher the Dead Level.

Winners: Frankie Kazarian and Jamie Noble in 5:58

We then go backstage where we see Rey Mysterio entering Teddy Longís office. Mysterio greets Long before talking to him about the 8 man tag at Survivor Series and Mysterio asks Long if they can pick a replacement for Batista in that match. Teddy Long tells Rey that Flair said to him a few weeks ago that either he would bring Batista back into the WWE and be able to compete, or they would fight one man down. Teddy Long apologises to Rey but says it is too late to choose another partner. Mysterio questions Longís decision saying they have got 9 days to choose another partner, but Long reiterates that it is too late and that he canít do anything about it playa.

We then go to ringside where Cole and JBL talk about what they just heard and they run down the Survivor Series card. They then send it to our final commercial.

Commercial Break

*Video Recap of Cor Von sending Undertaker through an announce table with a Powerbomb last week*

Match 6
Singles Match
Marcus Cor Von v The Undertaker

We get an entertaining all out brawl to close the show with Cor Von taking the fight straight to the Undertaker. Taker was surprised in the early going by the aggressiveness of Cor Von who looked to prove himself against The Undertaker. Cor Von looked to have the match won early on in the match when he hit the Russian Legsweep floated over into a Fujiwara Armbar, but fortunately for Taker he was close enough to crawl to the ropes. Undertaker finally got into the match properly after escaping a Sleeper Hold, and from there he proceeded to go through his move set hitting the Snake Eyes followed by the Big Boot then followed by Old School. Taker got his first real chance of taking the win after a running DDT, which Cor Von barely kicked out of. The last stages of the match we saw some back and forth wrestling with both men having numerous chances to win the match. Undertaker kicked out after Cor Von hit the Alpha Slam, while Cor Von kicked out after Taker hit a superplex off the top rope to Cor Von. The end of the match saw Cor Von look to go for the Pounce on Taker, only for Taker to move out of the way and for Cor Von to crash into an exposed turnbuckle which he took the padding off earlier in the match. Undertaker then turns a groggy Cor Von upside down, and drops him with the Tombstone Piledriver for the hard fought victory.

Winner: Undertaker in 10:00

The Undertaker has no time to celebrate his victory however as his music plays, some druids roll a casket down to the ring. Undertaker looks on in confusion and he leaves the ring as the druids return backstage after leaving the Casket by the ring. The Undertaker goes to open the Casket as from under the ring appears EDGE! Edge charges up at a unaware Taker and goes for a Spear, but Undertaker sees him coming and catches him with a back body drop with Edge landing ontop of the casket. Edge holds onto his back in agony, as Undertaker stomps away at Edge before opening the lid to the casket. Undertaker then lifts Edge to his feet and grabs him by the throat, and Chokeslams him into an empty casket which was supposed to be a trap from the Rated R Superstar. The Undertaker then shuts the lid to the casket and the show comes to an end with The Undertaker doing his Deadman pose with just nine days to go to Survivor Series.


Smackdown Results
Elijah Burke beats Rey Mysterio in 7:22
William Regal beats Chuck Palumbo in 6:14
Edge beats Sabu in 8:49
Kane beats Chavo Guerrero and Ric Flair via DQ in 7:35
Frankie Kazarian and Jamie Noble beat Billy Kidman and Jimmy Wang Yang in 5:58
The Undertaker beats Marcus Cor Von in 10:00

Current WWE Survivor Series Card

Edge © v The Undertaker

Chris Jericho v Randy Orton ©

Matt Hardy v MVP ©

Match 4 of the best of 7 series for the Cruiserweight Title
Jamie Noble © (1) v Kid Kash (2)

4 Way Tag Team Elimination Match
Cryme Time v The Hooligans v The Redneck Wrecking Crew v The Worlds Greatest Tag Team ©

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
Carlito, John Morrison, Ken Kennedy, Kevin Thorn and Umaga v CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Rob Van Dam and Triple H

4 on 3 Handicap Survivor Series Elimination Match
Kane, Rey Mysterio and Ric Flair v Chavo Guerrero, Elijah Burke, Finlay and Marcus Cor Von
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