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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Raw Feedback

Orton’s explanation was the only way to get the show rolling after the huge swerve last week. I can only imagine how much heat he would have got here, may be even getting “Vickie Heat”. I like the approach of he can do what the hell he wants because he’s the champ as it just shows how arrogant he is. I wasn’t sure whether Jericho would come out, but if he did I thought he would just run down and attack Orton as it would seem more appropriate with Jericho surely being absolutely furious. We got a feeling that he was angry, but I think he should have just charged down and started the brawl straight away, leading in to Austin’s announcement. They both make sense, but we know for sure that there is no way in hell Jericho is leaving, and Orton’s opponent to me could well be one of the Corporation members since the “Mega” six man tag match has the three minor “Mega” heels and not Kennedy & Umaga. There was tension between Orton and Umaga a few weeks back, so I have a feeling it will be Umaga

That’s an eventful match to kick off Raw, fast and furious to get it going is the best way, and this match certainly did that. Having all the guys on the outside get involved was cool and led to the chaos and added to the overall value of the feud. London taking Cade & JTG out (how?) before getting the win sure gives Londrick some momentum. Nicely done!

Jericho’s promo was very good. It kind of makes me upset since I miss this side of him IRL now that he’s going serious as you wrote it so well with his laid back state mixed in with the humour. Very nice

Mickie & McCool, this would be cool to see IRL just so McCool realises that she isn’t as talented as she likes to think. Mickie sure showed her how to work the WWE style (you probably get the hint I don’t like McCool). Mickie J sure as hell put on one hell of a show after the hot tag and she looked at her best, something she’ll need to be if she wants her title back. This win will go a long way to opening the door to that possibility

It’s good to see some real strong authority on Raw, I still love that method as it’s more entertaining for the most part. Cody getting a little cocky is good as he really needs to work for it like it seems Austin is going to make him. I’m sure Cody will have a trick up his sleeve for next week though, if not an attack this week

Santino’s Casa was pretty solid, although I would have liked to have heard Kennedy’s comments instead of just saying he ran them down, it’s just too vague. Santino was quite funny, but I think that most people who write him try to hard, trying to make everything he says funny. In some situations it’s fine, like here as it’s a comedy segment. RVD coming down was unexpected, but it worked well to set up what I thought would be a PPV match, but clearly not. I wasn’t sure about both men pulling each other down before they went for the finishers from the top as they only go for those moves when their opponent is motionless on the mat. RVD no selling The Mic Check was a bad decision too as it completely takes away the credibility of the move unless there is some time delay, but there wasn’t a mention of it here. A distraction from The Corporation was no surprise whatsoever, and I like that Kennedy picked up the win as he always seems on the border line of the upper mid card and the mediocrity IRL. At least he here’s establishing himself well

Cena turning heel it appears. I like how you seem to have set it up as it is kind of a gradual thing that could develop, but we have never seen this sort of frustration or arrogance about not being in the WWE title picture. There was another grammar error, some haven’t mattered, but here “Cena says that he doesn’t get who gets in his way” , there’s a word missing. There have been a few like that in the show so far and I don’t usually see that happen in your thread

The six man tag match went the way I think everyone expected. The face team were just too strong to make this anywhere near a competitive match, which doesn’t help sell it as one to watch at the Survivor Series. The likes of Cena & Triple H mixing it up with Kevin Thorn, Carlito & John Morrison at one of the big four doesn’t work for them or for the show. Anyway, the faces all tagging each other in was a little too markish for the kids, and it’s not the same for Cena to lock in the STFU when his opponent is already out of it as he’s not making them struggle

The promo with The McMahon’s was a good little filler for Orton to let his feelings out about Jericho getting the night out and further push The Corporation. Orton with Vince at his side is a good combination and can only work wonders for him. Please don’t give Jericho the title at Survivor Series!

It seems weird seeing Santino & Val this high up on the card, especially after Santino was already out earlier on and got made to look like a fool. A loser and a jobber supporting the main event is a strange one for sure. It looks as though you’re trying to make Santino look a little more dangerous and serious after what happened earlier on. It can work, but no more geeky promos or that will just undo the work you’ve started and look to be continuing

I KNEW IT! I wondered why you were setting up some tension between Orton & Umaga a couple of weeks ago and then last week. When it was announced that Kennedy had a match and Umaga didn’t, it was clear as day what was coming. I just wondered how the hell this was going to go, as I expected some kind of promo from Vince to tell Umaga to back away. Umaga being Umaga meant he was going to go at it, but I would have liked Vince try to reason with him as this is going to lead to a lot of trouble within The Corporation. The match was pretty good and I like how you saw to finish it off with Orton taking Jericho by surprise with the chair shot, resulting in the brawl and the No Contest. Triple H coming out too late was the right call for me after he made the save last week. The main talking point I’m sure next week will be where the hell John Cena was. I’m also curious as to how Vince deals with Umaga!
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