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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Staples Centre
Los Angeles California
5th November 2007

*Opening Video and Pyro*

We then go to ringside where JR and King welcome us to the show saying it is just 13 days till Survivor Series. They announce a mega match for tonight where John Cena, Jeff Hardy and Triple H team up to face Carlito, Kevin Thorn and John Morrison in a preview match for the big ten man Survivor Series tag match at Survivor Series.

“Burn Inside My Light” hits and WWE Champ Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring to some huge heat. Orton starts off by saying that ever since last week he has been asked in public and had letters sent to him questioning how he could fake an injury to which Orton states he did it because he can. Orton states that he is the WWE Champion which gives him the rights to do whatever the hell he wants, and he couldn’t give a damn if a bunch of cripples with torn quads in hospitals are offended. Orton says he will do anything it takes to make sure that he keeps the WWE Title, and after RKO’ing Chris Jericho on the announce table last week he can confidently say that there is no chance in hell that Chris Jericho is going to walk out of Survivor Series, with the WWE Title. Orton attempts to speak when he is interrupted by the sound of Chris Jericho’s entrance and he appears on the ramp with a mic. Jericho demands for Orton to shut the hell up. He says he is sick and tired of having to save the people each and every week by having to come out and interrupt Orton’s monotonous rambling about a load of boring crap. Jericho then talks about what happened last week when Orton hit the RKO to him on the announce table, and tells Orton that the only mistake he made was that he didn’t get the job done. Jericho tells Orton that he should of faked his injury for a little while longer, because he now has a second attempt at trying to cripple Randy Orton. Jericho says that at Survivor Series he will give Orton the beating of his life and will walk out after six long years of waiting the WWE Champion. Jericho says for now though he wants a piece of Randy Orton.

Jericho then sprints down to the ring, and he and Orton get into a brawl exchanging hard right hands with Jericho getting the better of Randy Orton. Road Agents and Referee’s come sprinting down to the ring as “Glass Shatters” hits and Austin appears at the top of the ramp with a mic. Austin says that the last week Randy Orton has given him a lot of headaches, because he had to make a number one contender tournament to replace Randy Orton at Survivor Series only to have to cancel it when he finds out Randy Orton isn’t actually injured. Austin says that since Orton screwed with the boss, Austin is going to screw with him. Austin says if any Corporation member gets involved at Survivor Series during his match with Chris Jericho then they will get their asses fired. Austin then says tonight that Chris Jericho can take the night off, but only after he picks Randy Orton’s poison. Austin then finishes with his traditional closing line as we go to a commercial break

Commercial Break

Match 1
Fatal 4 Way
JTG (w/Shad Gaspard) v Lance Cade (w/Trevor Murdoch) v Paul London (w/Brian Kendrick) v Shelton Benjamin (w/Charlie Haas

We kick off the show with a fast and furious fatal four way featuring one half of each of the four teams competing for the Tag Team Titles at Survivor Series. It was a match where all four of the participants came so close to victory after hitting their finishing manoeuvre only for the pin to be broken. Halfway through the match Cade and Benjamin teamed up to take out both London and JTG, but when Lance Cade hit a Sitout Spinebuster on JTG, Shelton Benjamin broke the count. This led to the end of their short term relationship, and after being tripped by Haas on the outside Benjamin hit a Superkick to Lance Cade and came so close to getting the victory only for Trevor Murdoch to place Cade’s foot on the rope. The ending of the match saw Haas made the save for Benjamin in the claws of defeat, which led to Shad, Murdoch and Kendrick getting into the ring and the four people not involved in the match go at it. Shad, Murdoch and Haas fought it out to the outside, before Kendrick hit a Suicide Plancha onto the three of them on the outside. Meanwhile Paul London knocks Cade and JTG out of the ring, before climbing up top and hitting the Shooting Star Press for the victory.

Winner: Paul London in 8:33

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham standing outside General Manager Stone Cold’s office, and moments later Chris Jericho walks out of the office with a smirk on his face. Todd asks Jericho if he can reveal to who he has picked as Randy Orton’s opponent. Chris Jericho tells Grisham to shut his mouth and says that he is going to have to wait and find out later like everyone else. Jericho says that all he can promise though is that tonight Orton will not be leaving on a stretcher faking an injury, but rather on a stretcher with an injury. Jericho tells Grisham that he is going to go find a good TV get some popcorn, get some soda, and sit down and relax. Because tonight everybody will be able to witness the program called Randy Orton getting his ass kicked all over Los Angeles. Chris Jericho then walks away with a smirk on his face as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 2
Tag Team Match
Mickie James and Michelle McCool v Beth Phoenix and Melina

We get a reasonably decent Womens Tag Team Match here with three of the most talented divas involved in it. Mickie and Michelle made a fast paced start to the match with Mickie taking Beth to the outside with a Hurricarana, and Michelle taking down Melina with a Dropkick. But Beth and Melina took advantage of the match after Michelle couldn’t cope with the size and power of the Womens Champion, and she fell victim to a Backbreaker by the Glamazon. Beth and Melina then wrestled some effective Tag Team Wrestling, keeping Michelle away from her corner and working over her back. But Michelle got her team back into the match after showing some athleticism hitting an Enzuigiri to Melina. She then tagged in Mickie who came in like an house on fire, cleaning house on both Beth and Melina. Mickie hit the Mick Kick to Melina and went for the cover, only for Beth to break the count. Beth went for a Powerbomb on Mickie, who countered it into a Hurricarana taking Beth over the top rope to the outside. Mickie then re-entered the ring and hit Melina with the Jumping DDT to take the victory.

Winners: Mickie James and Michelle McCool in 5:48

After the match Mickie and Michelle celebrate their big victory as Beth leaves ringside furiously at her team’s loss. Mickie James signals to Beth that she is coming for the title as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see Steve Austin on his phone with his feet up on the desk. He repeatedly says “What”, before shouting that he wants the beer to be delivered to him tonight or he will go find the person on the other side of the phone and kick his ass. Austin then slams the phone down as Cody Rhodes walks in with a big smug on his face. Cody asks Austin if he saw what he did to Hardcore Holly last week saying he embarrassed Holly and beat him in less than twenty seconds. Austin stays silent to which Cody asks what Austin wanted to see him for. Austin then goes into a tirade insulting Cody with the crowd chanting “What” after each line, and Austin announces that next week on Raw Cody will face Hardcore Holly in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Austin says that if Cody tries to pull off a stunt like last week, he will get his ass kicked by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin then tells Cody to get the hell out of his office, and Cody leaves looking very happy that he has to face Hardcore Holly one more time.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we go to ringside where Santino Marella is in the ring ready for the Santino’s Casa. An angry Santino brings back what happened two weeks ago when he was hit with the Stone Cold Stunner by Stone Cold, and declares that he is never going to be embarrassed like that ever again. Santino says that from tonight during his match with Val the Penis they will see a tougher, stronger, faster, better Santino than ever before. Santino says that people will be remembering him for being the best there is, the best there is, and the best there ever is. Santino then introduces his guest Ken Kennedy the Kennedy. Kennedy comes down to the ring to some big heat and takes a mic. Kennedy does his traditional introduction before Santino welcomes Kennedy to the show and tells him to feel free and say his name as many times as he can before the entire crowd fall to sleep. Ken Kennedy looks at Santino with anger on his face, to which Santino raises his hand and quickly sits down. Ken Kennedy then cuts a promo basically hyping him self up and running down people like Jericho, Cena, Triple H and RVD and the Los Angeles crowd which looked like a pretty pointless promo. But moments later “One of a Kind” hits and RVD comes down to the ring. Santino Marella shouts at RVD saying he has no right to be on the show, when RVD grabs Santino and tosses him out of the ring before getting in Ken Kennedy’s face. RVD says he is sick and tired of hearing Ken Kennedy run his mouth every week. RVD says that Ken Kennedy things he is a big name in this business because he runs alongside the likes of Vince McMahon and the WWE Champion Randy Orton. But all Ken Kennedy is, is the bitch of the Corporation. This angers Ken Kennedy who shoves RVD in the chest and the two men go at it. RVD knocks down Ken Kennedy with a Spinning Wheel Kick after being whipped off the ropes and Kennedy rolls to the outside. Then GM Stone Cold comes out with a mic and says that if they want each other so bad, then they can have a match which will be right here right now. Production staff then come down and clear the ring of the Santino’s Casa as we go to a quick commercial.

Commercial Break

Match 3
Singles Match
Ken Kennedy v Rob Van Dam

Ken Kennedy and RVD are given enough time to produce a good match in what is the first ever singles match between the two men. Not much happened in the early going with a lot of going until RVD gained the momentum after hitting a diving Thrust Kick to Kennedy off the middle rope. Kennedy came back into the match when he lifted his knees when RVD attempted a Split Legged Moonsault. Kennedy then started to work over the chest of RVD, leading up him locking on a Bearhug onto RVD. It looked as though RVD would submit but he escaped with some knees to the gut followed by a high kick to the back of Kennedy’s head. After RVD had fought back we got three minutes of back and wrestling with both men hitting their signature moves and coming close to victory. RVD looked to go for the Frog Splash only for Kennedy to pull RVD off the top rope, and to moments later hit the Mic Check only for RVD to just about kick out. RVD looked to have the victory when he knocked Kennedy off the top rope when he went for the Green Bay Plunge and on second attempt hit the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD went for the cover when Kennedy’s fellow Corporation member Armando Estrada comes down and distracts the referee just as he was about to count three. As the referee is distracted Estrada’s client and also Corporation member Umaga gets into the ring and hits RVD with a Samoan Spike. Umaga pulls Kennedy ontop and leaves the ring. Estrada lets go of the referee who then makes the count allowing Kennedy to steal the victory.

Winner: Ken Kennedy in 10:20

After the match Umaga pulls a dazed Ken Kennedy out of the ring as the crowd give big heat for the way the match ended. Ken Kennedy in celebration goes over to Umaga and hugs him, only to quickly let go when Umaga shouts in Samoan obviously wanting Kennedy to let go. Rob Van Dam slowly gets to his feet holding to his throat looking very pissed off, as Ken Kennedy points and laughs at RVD as we go to a commercial break.

After the match we go backstage to see John Cena standing by Todd Grisham who conducts an interview with Cena over the upcoming 6 man tag. John Cena speaks very candidly in this interview saying that he knows that he is better than this, and says that he watches on seeing Chris Jericho and Randy Orton being the two main men currently on this show knowing that he should be that man. Cena tells Todd that this is just another match to climb his way back to the top of the WWE mountain, and says that he couldn’t care less who gets in his way even it is that Chia Pet Putz Carlito, a Rick Rude rip off John Morrison, or Kevin Thorn who he was sure he saw in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Cena says that he doesn’t get who gets in his way, because he is on his way back to becoming WWE Champion. We then hear somebody say “What about if I’m in your way” and we see Triple H walk into the scene. Triple H says that Cena needs to stop being crazy and thinking about the WWE Championship; because they have a 6 man tag match tonight and they need to focus on the Survivor Series Match at Survivor Series. Triple H then says that Cena had his chance at Survivor Series and he blew it so if anybody deserves a title shot it is Triple H. The two men then lock eyes for a few moments, before Jeff Hardy walks into the scene and asks the two of them if they are ready for the match. Cena says damn right I am before walking off the scene with Jeff Hardy, as Triple H smirks before follows the two away.

Commercial Break

Match 4
6 Man Tag Team Match
Carlito, John Morrison and Kevin Thorne v Jeff Hardy, John Cena and Triple H

We get a fun 6 man tag team match with all 6 man having some good time in the ring. In the early going the faces started off in dominating fashion with the heels not coping with the high flying Jeff Hardy and the two of the toughest wrestlers on the roster in John Cena and Triple H. However, step in the power of Kevin Thorne who turned the momentum of the match after hitting Jeff Hardy with a Sitout Spinebuster. Thorne, Carlito and Morrison then took control of the match keeping Jeff Hardy in the corner doing the smart thing to keep the quick man down on the mat. It even looked as though they would take the win when Carlito hit Hardy with the BackCracker on Jeff Hardy, only for John Cena to desperately come in and make the save. However it was one attempted finishing move too many as Hardy blocked a Moonlight Drive, and followed that off with a Twist of Fate. Hardy then tagged in Triple H who exploded into the ring and hit everything that got into his path. Triple H hit a Double A Spinebuster and went for the cover only for Carlito and Thorn to get involved. John Cena sorted that mess out before Triple H hit the Pedigree onto John Morrison. Triple H then tagged in Jeff Hardy who hit the Swanton Bomb, who then tagged in John Cena who made Morrison tap out to the STF-U.

Winners: Jeff Hardy, John Cena and Triple H in 12:49

After the match we go backstage where we see the, with Vince watching the monitor furious at what he saw. Vince says that he hates John Cena and Triple H, and he can’t wait to see what is coming to them at Survivor Series. Vince then looks at Randy Orton who appears to be very pissed off and Vince asks what’s wrong to which Orton pushes some paperwork off the table and says that he is sick and tired of Steve Austin abusing his authority. Orton says that Austin is doing everything he can to make sure Chris Jericho takes the WWE Title by allowing Jericho to pick an opponent for him, and Orton is not allowed to pick an opponent for Chris Jericho who has the night off. Vince tries to calm Orton down saying it doesn’t matter, because there is no one that can beat Randy Orton. Vince tells Orton that Jericho is in the arena, and he says that just because he doesn’t have match means that he won’t get what is coming to him. Orton then smiles before looking at Ken Kennedy and then Umaga as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Match 5
Singles Match
Santino Marella v Val Venis

We saw a much better in ring performance from Santino than we have so far in his short career, with a more determined and physical Santino being shown. Santino came close to taking the victory just a minute into the match with a Belly to Belly Suplex only for Venis to just kick out. Val got very little offence in, but enough to come so close to victory. After hitting a Fishermans Suplex he climbed up top and went for the Money Shot, only for Santino to roll out the way. From there it was all Santino, hitting Venis with a Full Nelson Facebuster followed by a Diving Headbutt off the top rope. Santino then finished the match by going back to his OVW days as Boris Alexiev and making Venis submit to a Triangle Choke.

Winner: Santino Marella in 5:21

Commercial Break

When we return from commercial we see WWE Champion Randy Orton making his way down to ringside for this pick your poison match. Orton waits for his opponent to come out when “Glass Shatters” hits and Stone Cold comes out with a mic to the crowd’s disappointment as they briefly thought Austin would be Orton’s opponent. Austin tells Orton to not worry as he his not Orton’s opponent, but Jericho has indeed picked a tough son of a bitch to face Randy Orton. Austin then warns Orton that if he tries to get out of this match in any way or form, then he will have no choice but to strip Orton off the WWE Title. Austin then walks to the back as “Samoan Bulldozer” hits and Randy Orton looks on in shock, as Chris Jericho has chosen Orton’s fellow Corporation member Umaga as his opponent.

Match 6
Singles Match
Randy Orton v Umaga with Armando Estrada

To the frustration of the Corporation Umaga took this match very seriously as straight from the get go he started pummelling away at Orton possibly remembering that Orton walked out on him last week which allowed Triple H to attack him with a Sledgehammer. Just a minute into the match Chris Jericho made his way down to ringside to commentate on the match. Jericho was followed a minute later by Corporation members Vince McMahon and Jonathon Coachman who tried to persuade Umaga to stop the match only for Umaga to ignore him. Orton finally got some offence into the match after moving out of the way when Umaga attempted a Samoan Wrecking Ball. Orton hit an Inverted Headlock Backbreaker and then went for the RKO, only for Umaga to toss him out to the outside. Umaga continued to attack Orton on the outside until Orton countered a whip sending Umaga into the Steel Steps. Orton then proceeded to work over the shoulder of Umaga in the ring, locking on an Abdominal Stretch. But the power of Umaga allowed him to fight out of the hold, and hit Orton with a Scoop Lift Samoan Drop. It looked as though Umaga had the match won when he set Orton up for the Samoan Spike, only for Orton to duck and low blow Umaga after pushing him into the referee. Orton then scrambled to the outside and picked up a Steel Chair. It looked as though he was going to bring it into the ring, only for him to swing it at the skull of Chris Jericho. As Orton continued to attack Umaga in the ring, a minute after the Chairshot Chris Jericho came in the ring and attacked Orton in the ring and started pounding away at him in the corner. However Umaga despite the beatdown he has put on Orton, made the save after grabbing Jericho and hitting him with a Samoan Spike. Ken Kennedy then sprinted to the ring and joined Umaga and Orton lay in a beatdown on Jericho, which forced the referee to call the bell.

Randy Orton v Umaga goes to a no contest in 8:56

After the match Orton and Umaga continue the beatdown, with Orton going to the outside and grabbing the Steel Chair. Umaga pummels Jericho into the corner, and Randy Orton holds a chair in front of his head. Umaga then charges up hitting a Samoan Wrecking Ball to Jericho in the corner with the Steel Chair smashing off his skull. Randy Orton then tells Estrada to tell Umaga something, which he does. Umaga pulls Jericho to the centre of the ring and holds onto his head. Orton sizes up Jericho and it looks like he is going to try and end Chris Jericho’s career just like Shawn Michaels with the punt to the head, when Triple H runs down to the ring with a Sledgehammer! Triple H enters the ring just as Umaga and Orton flee out of it. Triple H then tosses the Sledgehammer from the ring down the ramp, which just missed Armando Estrada. Raw then comes to a close with HHH helping Jericho to his feet , and the two of them stare down the ramp at the Corporation members.


Paul London beats JTG, Lance Cade and Shelton Benjamin in 8:33
Mickie James and Michelle McCool beat Beth Phoenix and Melina in 5:48
Ken Kennedy beats RVD in 10:20
Jeff Hardy, John Cena and Triple H beat Carlito, John Morrison and Kevin Thorne in 12:49
Santino Marella beats Val Venis in 5:21
Randy Orton v Umaga goes to a no contest in 8:56

Current WWE Survivor Series Card

Edge © v The Undertaker

Chris Jericho v Randy Orton ©

Matt Hardy v MVP ©

4 Way Tag Team Elimination Match
Cryme Time v The Hooligans v The Redneck Wrecking Crew v The Worlds Greatest Tag Team ©

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
Carlito, John Morrison, Ken Kennedy, Kevin Thorn and Umaga v CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Rob Van Dam and Triple H

8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
Batista (?), Kane, Rey Mysterio and Ric Flair v Chavo Guerrero, Elijah Burke, Finlay and Marcus Cor Von

Will try get reviews for Nige and Jamie1 shows up over the weekend.
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