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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Opening Segment: I thought this was a very good way to start of the show and I'm a big fan of Burke, Cor Von and MVP and Cor Von throwing the camera man for no reason just tied in with his character and was a nice touch. I also liked how MVP put over the group saying Burke would beat Flair and take him to school and that he would beat Undertaker and Kane with the World Heavyweight Champion, his guest, Edge. It was all very, very cocky but brilliant the way it was wrote. Edge was being in-character saying that he would beat Undertaker which again is very cocky but ties brilliantly in with his character and I liked the whole "Rated R Era" thing.

Matt Hardy Interview: I was glad you had an interview to follow-up on the whole thing, it just made sense and Matt was very in character and the way you wrote it was very appropriate. I mean who wouldn't be angry if their career was nearly ended and who wouldn't want revenge? And Matt hinting at the match at Survivor Series was a nice little touch. And I like the way you wrote the US Title into play, saying that's what made MVP tick, it was all very good.

Kidman\Yang Vs UKConnection: I am glad you are using Drew McIntyre in your BTB because well, he's Scottish so I fully agree with him being in here lol. I also like that he is paired with Burchill and Regal and Regal is just like their mentor and I'm glad they are getting a push and it was a reasonable win. I expected some sort of squash but Yang/Kidman put up a heck of a fight and the finish to this match was great with the C-4 off of the top rope, it would be spectacular if done in real life.

Batista/Cole segment: As Jamie I believe said earlier it's quite original and isn't seen often, an interview in the superstars home that is. I thought it was very well-conducted and the lead-in to it was great too. It wasn't just thrown onto us you had a lead-in and had everything build up really well to the climax where Batista clocked Cole in the eye and you touched on this segment earlier when Cole didn't want to talk about it which was a brilliant idea. Then Cole back-tracking, I mean I guess Cole could stick his foot in his mouth but asking for an answer first, I don't see it though but it could happen. Great Little Segment.

Playas Club/Funaki/Shannon: I'm mixed on this segment, although it gives the impression that the Playas Club are the rulers as it where on SmackDown! and can do whatever they want, which is good I'm not sure about them just attacking Moore and Funaki for no reason but then again Cor Von did it to the cameraman and I thought it was good. I guess it builds up The Playas Club as real badasses as was said before and I actually quite like that.

Chavo Guerrero/Chuck Palumbo: This match was a good write-up and it really got Chavo over and the cheating was a nice touch again. The turnbuckle being exposed did make it seem like Chavo was going to cheat but the fact you see that he is going to do it first and manages to follow-up with it again just adds to the match as a whole.

Ric Flair Interview: Very good segment here, Flair was in-character and I'm glad you are having him go to Washington next week, good idea there. And I am really intrigued as to what will happen in the nation's capital.

Edge/MVP: I thought this was quite original for Taker's mind-games and then I was surprised that he actually hit MVP, I was expecting him to realise and stop just short but it adds a whole new dimension to the storyline.

Tag Team Match: Dykstra and Masters are a pair I wouldn't put as a team but you seem to be making it work. Sabu and Dreamer would make a great team and it was a decent match, I expected Dykstra and Masters but you surprised me when Dreamer and Sabu won and I'm all for surprises in wrestling matches.

MVP/Edge: I wouldn't expect MVP to just blow off Edge like that but I liked how Edge was cunning and whispered a total lie into MVP's ear which MVP took very seriously. The basis of the segment was very good and well-written.

Elijah Burke v Ric Flair: Great Match, really, simply, great. Burke the up and coming learner against the legendary Ric Flair and getting the win would really help the push you have going with him, I liked how Finlay got involved and it almost turned into absolutely chaos at the end, I liked the craziness that the aftermath of this match provided.

Teddy/Edge: Both were VERY in-character, Edge trying to get out of it is just something he would do and Long shooting it down is very in-character. I liked this and the Main Event is shaping up to be brilliant.

Jamie Noble v Kid Kash: I was surprised with the choices to have in the Best of Series but I'm glad you are putting Noble and Kash in a feud like this and I expected Noble to get the win after going 2-0 down but it was still a very, very good match and the competition gets closer now

Edge/Taker and Kane: I was very surprised by the ending of this match, I expected Kane and The Undertaker to win this match and pretty quickly and I loved how Edge got the roll-up victory and it wasn't just a clean 123 pinfall if that makes sense. The beating of Taker' afterwards was remminicent of when he did it to The Undertaker in WWE in the run-up to Mania' but it was all good.

Other Points: Another great show, the first I've reviewed and I will begin reviewing more consistantly. Well Done
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