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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

The Chris Masters and Kenny Dykstra versus Sabu and Tommy Dreamer match sounded pretty good. Your average tag team match I guess, with the isolation before the hot tag. It sounded like a fast paced match that would of been good to watch in real life. ANd the ending was nice, sudden, but good. I'm really just wondering if this is the end of this mini fued, or if it is ultimately going to grow in to something much much bigger. A promo for it wouldn't hurt instead of four matches in a row.

I liked the whole Edge and MVP Promo in the Trainers room. Edge's character was good, and MVP's was perfect. I wonder what Edge told MVP, and I also wonder if MVP will show up in the Main Event. We will see I guess, but I am guessing yes for the later.

The Burke versus Flair match was quality from start to finish. It was detailed, easy to understand and follow, all the moves used were good and it flowed nicely. I am over the moon that Burke won as it really builds him up as a serious competitor, even if it was due to interference by Finlay. The Finlay attack was a good move by the way, really adds another little piece to the Traditional Survivor Series Match. Good job.
Kane making the save for the post match assault was good. And I like the side of him you are currently running with.

I didn't really see the point in the Edge/Teddy Long Promo. But I guess it did let us all know that it would indeed be a handicap match. Atleast both men were in character with there sentence each.

Noble attacking Kash as he makes his way out to the ring is good. Hurts Kash even more while also building up the match to make it even more personal. However imo it would of been better for Noble to just take Kash out to the ring himself. The match itself was short but sweet. Kash never really stood a chance, and you wrote it well with his little spurt of offence before it all came tumbling down. I loved how Noble celebrated like he had won a Gold Medal too. Nice touch mate.

The Main Event was excellent. No one really looked weak considering the Playas Club interfered. It was all written well, with all boxes ticked. The ending was the best bit, as it was all realistic and creative. The post match assault was excellent too. Very well described and I liked the Powerbomb through the table from Cor Von. Really sent a message to The Undertaker. Although it may have been a little too much as it was The Deadman himself and I Cor Von doesn't use the Powerbomb. But it's obvious you are a fan of his so it's all good I guess.

Overall another class show from you kane. Maybe not as good as last weeks Smackdown, but still great. I think we saw a bit too much of Edge and the Playas Club, infact way to much. You did the same thing last week too. I think you could of worded some things a bit better, but nothing really major. Just want to congratulate you on another good job. Keep it up, your rolling in to Survivor Series!
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