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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Some Feedback For Smackdown!

The opening promo was okay. I like how Marcus Cor Von beat up the cameraman for no reason on the way down to the ring. It shows a different side of him, a meaner, tougher side, and I really like it. You got the characters of MVP and Edge as right as possible considering the way you wrote their speech. They both sent a clear message to The Deadman, and it all hyped the Main Event up nicely. Should be a great one, no doubt in my mind. The return of Matt Hardy was good, but it didn't really seem substantial enough if you know what I mean. Still, you wrote the ending very well, infact you wrote the whole promo well, with nothing for me to really hate on. Good start for sure.

The Matt Hardy Promo backstage following the V.I.P lounge was great. Short but sweet. Everything Hardy said was perfect, and got the point across well. Doesn't sound good for MVP, and the match at Summerslam should be a good one.

The opening tag team encounter was a great way to kick off the show. Fast paced and exciting and all that blah blah you know. Some nice spots, and I always expected the UKonnection to pick up the win, but in the fashion they did so was great. Burchill with the C-4 off the top rope was sweet. Shame that Billy Kidman had to be a part fo the losing team, as i'm a big fan of his, but still just a really good match, well written and everything. Nice one.

In absolutely loved the Interview with Michael Cole and Batista. It all seemed very realistic except for the punch from The Animal at the end, which I found a little too much. The characters of both men were spot on and Cole asked some good questions, good choices from you. I just really like the whole storyline you have going on here, with Batista saying that if he can't be World Heavyweight Champion then there really isn't any point. And Batista claiming that the fans have turned their back on him. I really wonder what will happen at Survicor Series, as positive as I am that Batista will make an appearance, I just can't see how or what Ric Flair can do. Overall a brilliant promo, expertly written. Great work buddy.

The little Playas Club incident backstage was good. I can tell you are serious about this group, as they have seemed to basically hogged up nearly half of the whole of the past two Smackdowns. But I have no problem with it, and I like the attack on Moore and Funaki. Really puts them over nicely indeed. They certainly are a force to be reckoned with, as I remember them doing the same to a worker last week.

Haha, JBL teasing Cole about his black eye.

The Chavo Guerrero versus Chuck Palumbo match was pretty good. I'm a fan of Chavo so i'm glad that he got the win, it was basically clean too. The match itself was very well written and detailed, and all the moves used fitted fine. It was easily to follow and all that stuff. Anyway good second match for what has been a top notch show so far.

Ric Flair promo was good, and again he said the right things. Wonder what will happen when Flair does go to Washington to see Batista next week.

Another great promo here with the Edge one. It was fantastic, and really a good and different way for The Undertaker to get inside his head. I liked how the lights went out and how a manican of Edge in a casket appeared on the monitor. Edge hitting MVP when he walked in was great too, I guess we won't be seeing MVP in the Main Event tonight then. As you can tell as a whole I just loved this segment. Keep it up!

Here's half of the review mate. I can't finish it all now as I am going out for tea. Sorry, expect the rest tomorow.

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