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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

As promised Kane01 here is your Smackdown review.

Opening Segment: Nothing to moan about here as it was a very solid opening segment to kick of Smackdown. I like to see something like this kick off the show as it gets it out the way also if you know what I mean and letís us concentrate on the matches. MVP seemed very good, you had him in character throughout. Edge being his character is no surprise to me really and I understand why you chose him. MVP done well getting Edge over TBH saying things like the Undertaker should be the one who is scared of Edge and not the other way about. Matt Hardy coming back was great and would have got the fans hyped big time. Overall good way to kick off the show

Opening Match: The UK connection is a group I like who you have established and one you seem to be giving a good push and they are probably one of the strongest tag teams in your thread today so no surprise that they were able to kick of the show with a win. Not really much to say on the match sadly.

Batista/Cole segment: I really enjoyed this I have TBH. I like these interviews that are taking from the superstars house. You donít see them a lot and I think thatís what makes it better as itís more original and you always never know what can happen. I like this heel Batista you have got and him telling the fans to kiss his ass is just bolstering it. The end of the segment was good, like Nige I am not sure if the punch was really necessary and I think maybe Batista just chucking him out would have been better. Anyway, apart from that which wasnít really a bad thing this was a good segment.

Playas club segment: Didnít like this really. itís a shame because it had the makings of a good segment but I didnít like them going out and beating up two guys just for basically no reason. Itís like they can do anything and I think you are getting them more bad ass than some of the guys that should be. To bad ass for mid-carders.

Chavo Guerrero v Chuck Palumbo: This match was something I wouldnít be too interested in but you used it to get Chavo over a little more and thatís good. Not really much to say once again.

Ric Flair segment: Interested segment here. I enjoyed the read and I think you had Ric Flair in great character despite it being very short. itís the sort of thing you see Flair do. Sometimes heís serious and sometimes not so serious. Him going to see Batista, I dread to think what may happen.

Edge/MVP: This was another great segment. There seems to be a lot tonight Kane01 but it isnít something I am going to complain about. This was just a great segment altogether. Great Undertaker work making Edge get scared and then him hitting MVP was just priceless. Best segment of the night so far without a doubt IMO. I donít know why I think this as I liked your other ones especially Batista/Cole. I think its just because I could see it happening as reading.

Tag Team Match: Once again not a stand out match. I am not too sure about the tag team of Dykstra and Masters but hopefully you can work it. You have chosen Sabu and Dreamer to win which I was surprised about. If we had seen a reaction from the losers it may have been better and also like Nige said. Try and add some promos into this.

MVP/Edge: I didnít really get this If I am honest and wouldnít say either man was exactly in character. The whole meaning of the segment also I just didnít really understand. I expected to see Edge have a smile on his face once MVP left after what he whispered into MVP whatever that may be but he was still concerned. I suppose it keeps me interested to see what this is all about.

Elijah Burke v Ric Flair: Match of the night so far but it wasnít exactly hard with the matches that have so far been showing. Elijah has great talent and has obviously received a bit of a push in this thread which is great too see. The match was a good one throughout and the ending was great. Finlay getting involved. He isnít joining this group is he? Wouldnít be the worst addition but just with the name of them I donít think so . Kane coming out was good and them running also helped. I wonder if this had anything to do with what Edge said.

Teddy/Edge: Teddy Long showing who is the boss there. This segment was also a very good one and I find it funny how you said Edge again . Edge trying to get himself out of like Teddy said the mess he created is very character like and you got Teddyís character also brilliant. Edge facing both these men in a handicap match would be awesome but I am not sure its going to turn out that way.

Jamie Noble v Kid Kash: All these matches in this series have potential to be great ones but sadly this one wasnít brilliant due to the obviousness of knowing who was picking up the win. Well it was unless you were wanting to practically kill Jamie Noble off in this thread. I am hoping he can come back from 2-0 down and end up winning it as I prefer him much more to Kid.

The main-event: So Edge is taking the two of them on himself. I thought he would but what I was meaning someone would come down and help. One question, how did Edge win even though men interfered for him? The match itself was a good one and I like the interference you brought to it. Edge not winning clean is good and It helps his heel ways and still keeps Kane looking strong. You really like Cor Von in my opinion because not a lot of people do that too The Undertaker. I like this powerful side of Marcus though and I think he would be capable. You also really like this group as you got them all very much over.

Overall: Kane01 I have read two of your shows now and both have been spot on with just minor things I didnít like. So overall I would say this is just another solid weekly show heading into Survivor Series . Well done!


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