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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Smackdown Feedback

The VIP Lounge was pretty good, and I like the touch of Cor Von showing the bully side of his character as you get that dangerous feel to him. It’s a nice little simple message that comes over well. You did a good job of hyping them up through MVP’s words, and the message being sent tonight would have been stronger had it been Cor Von to partner MVP, but I totally understand why you’re having Edge be his partner. He also did a good job of bigging himself up and sent a very loud and clear statement to The Undertaker. Matt’s return was a little surprise, it shouldn’t have been but it was. His promo after was good too, reminds of me something that I’ve already put in place for my Raw tonight, but it’s a great idea to have a follow up straight away like that. It’s cool to see Matt when he’s on a mission as it adds a different side to his character. Isn’t he taking on MVP in the elimination match instead of a match for the title?

Yeah, a top rope C4, mark out! I’ve seen Crazy do that, but never Burchill from the top. The UK Connection were never in danger here and you out them up against two guys who would make it an entertaining match, which it was to get the show off to a good start

That was a very good segment with Michael Cole and Batista, although I’m not sure the punch was necessary. That would especially be the case if Batista does return like we expect him to in an attempt to save Flair. You played on that well as you made it look like it hit a nerve with Batista, showing that he does in fact have some regret about leaving Flair in the cold. I guess when he does return to make the save, the fans will love him straight away, which would be a problem as Batista clearly showed he doesn’t care about them now. There are many possibilities here and I liked his comments for sure about not being just another guy on the roster, I’m just curious as to what happens with him in regards to his character when he returns gathering he’s been set up as a heel

The Playa’s Club, can I call them The VIP Club instead because it sounds so much better? Showing them beating people up for the sake of it will get old soon, so leave it from now on. The addition of the trademark chain is another nice little simple idea that could mean a lot

LOL @ JBL mocking Cole for the black eye

Another decent win for Chavo, this time over a bigger opponent which helps his credibility even more. Taking the pads off signalled some kind of dodgy ending that would help Chavo, which obviously is the be all and end all. A cleanish kind of win is great for Chavo, but he still needs that little something extra. He seems a little lost at the minute

Flair going to see Batista next week is the best thing you can do really as that’s the one thing that will draw a response from Batista, although a turn on Flair looks the likeliest outcome here

Wow, after a lack of promos last week, this is the 6th of the night already. It was probably the best too, edging the Batista/Cole segment. Having Taker use his magical powers of sorts and playing mind games has to happen at some point in the feud, and as overdone as the mannequin skit is now, it’s effective. The chair shot to MVP was set up brilliantly mate, can’t give you enough credit for that. What does that mean for the match? And also, very importantly, Edge’s head is going to be all over the place too!

I think this tag team feud you have going on needs some promo time really to get us more in to it as I can’t really remember what has gone down previously with them to be honest. I think you placed them before the main event with Masters picking up the win. If you want this to develop, I would try and give them some time to talk. The ECW guys winning is fine, but I’d like to see a reaction from Masters and Dykstra if you have plans for these guys

I likes this follow up to the chair shot. Having MVP back out of the match is a great idea to really leave question marks in our head about what happens later, and it really does make Edge feel more uneasy. Edge trying to change MVP’s mind was spot on, but I wonder where this will go

I was surprised that you didn’t have a tag team match here to push Burke & Cor Von, but that would have made it four in one night which would be way too many. A win over Flair is huge for Burke, albeit being from Finlay’s interference, which is a good decision with the match in place at the Survivor Series. Having the heels attack was sensible, as was having Kane come out for the save, albeit too late to make it matter

Edge’s unease keeps getting stronger, great! It gets more interesting as it goes, and I loved the realistic approach from Teddy about it being Edge’s own fault and he can find his own way out of it, great call!

Another promo, you go man! After Kash’s injury last week, it was obvious he would lose tonight, but I don’t see why Noble could have just attacked him anyway to injure him this week without Kash having to job last week to Chavo. Okay, the match is up next! The working of the leg was clearly expected and it gave Noble the chance to get back in the hunt, although I was hoping for a roll up for a real shock, but not to be

The main event wasn’t what I was expecting since MVP got nailed by Edge earlier on. With the VIP Club helping Edge to the win, it helps them both without Taker losing any credibility, Kane too. The attack after really does put them all over even more, as does the powerbomb through the table which I’m not too sure about yet since Taker is a big boy and I’ve never really seen Cor Von use that move. I can see past that, I just wonder who will put a stop to Edge & The VIP Club

Good show man as usual, nothing really irks me and there was a lot of real good stuff here for sure. One of the best TV’s you’ve done, and that’s saying something with your strong consistency

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