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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

WWE Smackdown!
Long Island New York
2nd November 2007

*Opening Video and Pyro*

We then go to ringside where Michael Cole and JBL introduce us to the show. They run down tonight’s card which includes a huge tag team main event as the Brothers of Destruction reform for one night as they take on Edge and MVP. Also Elijah Burke takes on Ric Flair and finally an interview with Batista and Michael Cole from his home in Washington DC will be shown. We can clearly see that Michael Cole has a big bruise on his right eye, to which JBL asks him what happened and Cole says he doesn’t want to talk about it right now.

We then go to the ringside where the V.I.P lounge is set up and “I’m Comin” hits and the Playas Club consisting of US Champion MVP and Tag Team Champions Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von make their way down to the ring. On the way down to the ring Cor Von for no reason at all throws a camera man into a steel barricade along the ramp to which the Playas Club laugh about. MVP grabs a mic and introduces us to the V.I.P lounge which he starts off by insulting the Long Island crowd. He then talks about tonight the Playas Club are going to teach of the biggest WWE stars today a lesson when Elijah Burke takes Ric Flair to school, and when MVP takes out Kane and The Undertaker. MVP then introduces us to his partner for that match and his guest the World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Edge comes out and MVP says that he and his crew are going sit down and drink some highly priced Champagne to celebrate their victories in their matches tonight allowing Edge to say whatever he wants. As the Playas Club sit down and take a drink Edge talks about what happened last when he attacked the Undertaker during his match with MVP. He shows the footage before saying that many people thing the Undertaker is the intimidator and that Edge is afraid of The Undertaker, but what happened last week proves that The Undertaker is the one who should be scared of Edge. Edge says that The Undertaker has had a long and successful career in the WWE, but good things are always meant to come to an end and at Survivor Series The Undertaker will come to an end. Edge says if anybody thinks The Undertaker is about to become a 6 time World Champion well they will be badly mistaken, because this is the Rated R Era and nobody will ever take the World Title from him. He finishes off by saying that this match will be Rated R, for retirement when he puts an end to the Undertaker’s career in 16 days time. Edge then leaves the ring, and a few moments later the Playas Club go to leave the ring. But as MVP goes to leave the ring, MVP IS HIT WITH A CHAIR BY MATT HARDY! Hardy hits the Twist of Fate onto MVP before fleeing the ring and exiting through the crowd as Cor Von and Burke go to make the save.

Commercial Break

When we return from commercial we immediately go backstage where Kristal Marshall is running to catch up with Matt Hardy backstage. She goes to ask him a question when Matt Hardy cuts him off telling Kristal that was only the start of what he is going to do to MVP. He says MVP and his cronies tried to end his career, so for that he is going to take MVP out. He says the first thing he is going to do is take what makes MVP tick and that’s the United States Title, and he says according to General Manager Teddy Long that will take place when he returns to the ring at Survivor Series.

Match 1
Tag Team Match
Billy Kidman and Jimmy Wang Yang v UKConnection with William Regal

We kick off the wrestling side of the show with a bang as we get a highflying contest here between four great athletes. Jimmy Wang Yang and Billy Kidman kicked off the match in a very fast pace, and Jimmy Wang Yang hit a top rope moonsault to the outside onto both McIntyre and Burchill. Burchill and McIntyre gained the advantage in the match however when William Regal got himself involved tripping up Kidman which lead to Burchill hitting a Northern Lights suplex. Burchill and McIntyre then wrestled a very effective tag team keeping Kidman in their corner not allowing him to tag in Wang Yang. However Kidman fought back after hitting McIntyre with a Jawbreaker after being locked in the Sleeper Hold. Kidman then tagged in Wang Yang who came in with a bang hitting McIntyre with a Springboard Crossbody. Wang Yang started to clean house and it looked like he would take the victory when he hit McIntyre with an Enzuigiri but Burchill broke the count. Kidman came in and attacked Burchill only to be pushed back to his corner as Wang Yang climbed to the top rope. With the referee still distracted, Burchill leapt up to the top rope with Wang Yang and HIT A TOP ROPE C-4 ONTO WANG YANG! Burchill then knocked Kidman off the apron as McIntyre made the cover and took yet another victory for the UKConnection.

Winners: UKConnection in 7:01

Survivor Series Commercial

When we return from the commercial we go Michael Cole and JBL who talk about Batista and his decision to quit Smackdown and the WWE two weeks ago. Michael Cole says that in the past week he flew over to Washington DC and conducted an interview with Batista in his very home.

We then cut to the Titantron where we see Michael Cole sitting down on a chair opposite Batista in Batista’s home in Washington. Cole thanks Batista for allowing him to conduct this interview and asks him to explain why he quit the WWE. Batista explains his decision by saying that he lives to become the World Heavyweight Champion and be the very best. And at No Mercy he had the opportunity of a lifetime to make the wrongs of the past right and beat The Undertaker so he can gain a title shot and become the champion but he screwed up. He says that if he can’t be the best he can and be the World Heavyweight Champion there is no point, because he doesn’t just want to be another wrestler on the roster who is floating about doing nothing but making the numbers. He wants to be the World Heavyweight Champion, and he is not been given fair shots to do that. Cole asks Batista what about his fans to which Batista says that they turned their backs on him. Batista says that the fans boo somebody who wrestles night in and night out and gives everything for the fans, and they cheer somebody who couldn’t give a damn about them. He says that the Undertaker comes in doesn’t say a word and then walks out with his cheque. Batista says as far he is concerned the fans can go kiss his ass. Cole then finally asks Batista why he has left his mentor Ric Flair out in the cold, saying that Flair made Batista the star he is today and that Batista is supposed to be a part of Ric Flair’s team at Survivor Series. This angers Batista who sighs heavily before asking Cole to leave. Cole stupidly asks Batista if he can have an answer first, to which Batista shouts at Cole to get out. Cole tries to apologise Batista for apologising to him, but does too much talking and Batista thumps Cole in the eye. Batista then lifts a dazed Michael Cole to his feet and tells him to get out of his house before he gets his ass kicked. We see Michael Cole leaving Batista’s house with the camera men, with Cole holding onto his eye as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

We return from commercial to see all three of the Playas Club members talking about what happened with Matt Hardy making his return attacking MVP. MVP says what Teddy Long did was wrong, and there is no way that Matt Hardy deserves a title shot at Survivor Series. All three of them realise Shannon Moore and Funaki backstage talking and having a laugh. The Playas Club members then share glances before nodding their heads, before rushing at Moore and Funaki and they start to ambush them. Elijah Burke hits Funaki with the Playas Club’s trademark weapon the Steel Chain, as Marcus Cor Von gets Moore onto his shoulders and throws him like a dart into the wall. The Playas Club’s moan about Matt Hardy then turns into a laugh as Moore and Funaki lye on the floor in pain.

We then cut back to ringside where JBL is laughing at Cole for getting punched in the face by Batista. JBL says that Cole is actually better looking now, because he can’t see his god ugly face because there is just a black hole to which Cole ignores him and we move on with the show.

Match 2
Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero v Chuck Palumbo

After a very quick opener, we get a very slow paced match here with a lot of grounding and pounding. Palumbo used his strength to his advantage in the early going, until Chavo tossed Palumbo shoulder first into the ring post and then dropped him with a DDT. Chavo then started to work over the shoulder of Palumbo trying to keep the big man down, but Palumbo fought back hitting a Samoan Drop onto Chavo nearly taking the victory. Palumbo looked in full control and set up Chavo for the full throttle, but Chavo slid off his shoulders and dropped him with a neckbreaker. Chavo then also went for his finisher but could not lift Palumbo up for the Gory Bomb, and Palumbo countered it into a back body drop and followed that off with a Superkick for a near fall. However Chavo turned the tide of the match when he caught Palumbo with a flapjack onto an exposed turnbuckle, which Chavo took the padding off earlier in the match. This knocked out Palumbo, which allowed Chavo to finish him off with the Frog Splash for an impressive victory.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero in 5:58

Straight after the match we go backstage where we see Steve Romero standing by Ric Flair. Romero asks Flair about his opinions on what Batista had to said during his interview with Michael Cole. Ric Flair says that there is clearly a big problem with Batista, he says that Batista isn’t the kind of man to attack defenceless people like Michael Cole. Flair says that he knows that Batista truly wants to be back in the ring, and says that the only person that can change his mind is him. Ric Flair says that he is going to go to Washington next week and meet up with Batista, and he is going to give Batista one more chance to do the right thing and return to the WWE. Ric Flair then walks off as we go to a commercial break

Commercial Break

When we return from commercial we go backstage to see Edge backstage speaking to somebody on his mobile phone asking them if they saw what Batista did to Michael Cole saying it was hilarious. Suddenly the lights in Edge’s room flicker and Edge says hello a few times before realising that he has lost the person on the other side of the phone. The lights in Edge’s room then completely turn out, but Edge’s attention is quickly turned to the monitor and we can see his jaw open wide. We then focus on the monitor where there is just an image of a mannequin of Edge lying inside a Casket. We then hear someone trying to open the door very aggressively, with someone banging on the door. A look of concern appears on Edge’s face, and he quickly grabs a Steel Chair and stands by the door and shouts “the door’s open!. The door then opens and Edge swings the chair at what he thinks is The Undertaker, only for it to be his partner tonight MVP! Edge shouts damnit and gets onto his knees and looks down at MVP who is knocked out. The lights in the room then turn on and Edge rubs his hand through his hair looking annoyed at what just happened knowing that the Undertaker had gotten into his head.

Match 3
Tag Team Match
Chris Masters and Kenny Dykstra v Sabu and Tommy Dreamer

With both teams exchanging singles and tag team victories over each other, we see another tag team match between the teams to settle their problems. In the early going we saw some back and forth wrestling between the teams with a lot of counters and near pinfalls. We even got to see our weekly Sabu botch as he went for a Springboard Senton on Dropkick on Dykstra only to fumble on the ropes and land on his face. Kenny Dykstra and Chris Masters kept Sabu in their corner for a short period working over his back, but Sabu fought back and tagged in Dreamer. Dreamer came in like a house on fire cleaning house on both men. Dreamer looked to go for the DVD on Dykstra but Masters pulled Dykstra off Dreamer’s shoulders and took Dreamers down with a big clothesline. Masters then held Dreamer back for Dykstra who went for a dropkick, but Dreamers ducked and Dykstra hit Masters with the move. Dreamer then turned Dykstra upside down and dropped him with a Piledriver before tagging in Sabu who connected with a Springboard Legdrop to get the victory.

Winners: Sabu and Tommy Dreamer in 7:23

We then go backstage to see MVP sitting in the Doctor’s office holding an icepack to the back of his head. Edge then walks into the room and MVP immediately gets to his feet and asks Edge what the hell he was thinking. Edge tries to apologise and says that he thought it was someone else which MVP says is a load of crap. Edge tries to move on and say they can ignore what happened and they can take out their anger on Kane and The Undertaker. MVP says that there is no way he is going team up with Edge, which infuriates Edge. MVP tells him to get out, and Edge is about to leave when he stops. Edge says he doesn’t want to say this but there are rumours going about on something Kane and Undertaker said about MVP, Burke and Cor Von. MVP in interest asks what they said and Edge says that they called them a word. MVP asks what that was, and Edge goes up to MVP and whispers something in his ear. MVP’s mouth opens wide and asks Edge if they really said that. Edge says yes, to which MVP shouts “Hell No” and gets out of his chair and says he needs to speak to Elijah and Marcus. MVP walks out as Edge looks on showing a bit of concern knowing that he might have to face both Kane and The Undertaker on his own.

Commercial Break

Match 4
Singles Match
Elijah Burke with Marcus Cor Von v Ric Flair with Rey Mysterio

Ric Flair and Elijah Burke put on a very solid technical match with the majority of the match being wrestled on the mat. In the early going we saw some back and forth technical wrestling, with a lot of counters being exchanged between the two men. Ric Flair went to lock on the figure 4 early on in the match but Burke kicked Flair out of the ring and distracted the ref, allowing Marcus Cor Von to take Flair’s head off with a Clothesline before backing up as Rey Mysterio went to attack him. That interference allowed Burke to grasp complete control of the match. Elijah Burke worked over the knee of Ric Flair very effectively, wanting for the attack on the knee to lead to a submission victory. Elijah Burke looked like he had the victory right in his grasps as he locked on a one legged Boston Crab onto Ric Flair. But Ric Flair deep down and somehow, clawed his way to the ropes. Elijah Burke went to finish the match as he went for the Elijah Express, but Flair moved and Burke’s knees crashed into the turnbuckle. Ric Flair then came from behind with a chop block, and he applied the Figure 4 Leg Lock. Cor Von realised the trouble his partner was in and he went to interfere only for Mysterio to take him to the outside with a Hurricarana. Mysterio catapulted himself to the outside onto Cor Von and the two men went at it distracting the referee. This allowed Finlay to come out of nowhere and hit Flair with the Shillelagh getting revenge for his loss to Flair last week. Finlay then hid down by the ring apron as Burke made the cover to steal the victory.

Winner: Elijah Burke in 7:37

Straight after the match Finlay re enters the ring and starts stomping away at Ric Flair as Cor Von tosses Mysterio into the steel steps before rolling him into the ring. Cor Von whips Mysterio into the corner of the ring and Elijah Burke runs up hitting the Elijah Express, and a staggered Rey Mysterio then walks into the POUNCE by Marcus Cor Von. Cor Von and Burke then join Finlay in beating down Ric Flair, until fire shoots out of the turnbuckles and Kane rushes down to the ring to make the save. Burke, Finlay and Cor Von flee the ring just as Kane enters it and they laugh at the damage they have caused as Kane breaths heavily in the ring, with a psychotic look on his face.

We then go backstage where we see Edge (AGAIN) and he walks into Teddy Long’s office. Edge talks about what happened earlier, with the mistake of MVP being taken out and asks Teddy if he can have a replacement in his match so he doesn’t have to fight Kane and The Undertaker alone. Teddy tells Edge that he got himself into this mess so he can sort the mess out, and that means that he will fight Kane and The Undertaker in a Handicap Match! Edge is furious at Teddy’s decision, and Teddy says if Edge does not show up for this match then he will be stripped off the World Heavyweight Title. Edge storms out of Long’s office as we go to another area backstage.

We go to another area backstage where Kid Kash is walking backstage towards the entrance to the arena, when from Jamie Noble takes him down with a chop block. Jamie Noble takes off the leg brace off Kid Kash, and starts stomping away at his leg which was injured by Chavo Guerrero last week on Smackdown. Jamie Noble drops an elbow across the leg of Kash, before walking off telling Kash he will see him out there.

Commercial Break

Match 5
Match 3 of the best of 7 series
Jamie Noble (0) v Kid Kash (2)[/

With Kid Kash still feeling the effects of his injury by the hands of Chavo Guerrero last week and now the attack backstage, this was a match that was dominated by Jamie Noble and Kid Kash could only get in little offence. Jamie Noble went straight for the injured leg taking him down with a chop block, and then smashing his leg around the Steel Ring Post. Kid Kash was able to get in some offence after hitting Noble with a Spinning Wheel Kick from out of nowhere. Kash started to pick up some momentum-cleaning house on Noble hitting a Brain buster, and then climbed up top but took too long. This allowed Noble to get to his feet and he yanked Kash off the top rope by the leg. Jamie Noble then finished off Kash as Kash had no other choice but to submit to the Boston Crab giving Noble his first win in the series and his first win over Kid Kash in about 7 attempts.

Winner: Jamie Noble in 4:51 (Kash leads Noble by 2 falls to 1 in the best of 7 series)

After the match Jamie Noble celebrates like he won a Gold Medal, as he jumps into the crowd and celebrates with them before going over to the Smackdown Announce Table and shouts “I Beat Him”. Jamie Noble continues to celebrate his victory as see a split screen of Edge on one side, and Kane and The Undertaker on the other making their way down to the arena as the main event is next.

Commercial Break

Match 6
Handicap Match
Edge v Kane and The Undertaker

Edge realised how tough a predicament he was in and he did all he could to survive in this match. Before the bell rung Edge low blowed Kane and then went on the attack as the referee couldn’t do anything. Edge looked for the early Spear but Kane took his head off with a big boot. Kane and Undertaker then started to dominate the match, with both men overpowering Edge quick tagging one another to always keep the freshest man in. As soon as Taker first got into the ring, Taker was all over Edge showing his frustration for being attacked by Edge last week. Edge showed a lot of resiliency to his credit however, as he slid off Taker’s shoulders when he attempted the Last Ride, and he dropped Taker with the Edgecution. Edge then got in some offence getting a couple of near falls on The Undertaker. Edge even hit Taker with the Spear, but he took too long celebrating what he done and taunting the crowd which allowed Taker to sit up. Taker then got to his feet and started pounding away at Edge relentlessly and went through his move set on Edge. The ending of the match saw the now legal man Kane set Edge up for the Chokeslam. But on the outside Marcus Cor Von pulled Undertaker by the legs off the apron and took him out with a big Clothesline. Then the other Playas Club members started distracting Kane, with MVP climbing onto the apron and taunting Kane who went to attack him only for MVP to drop off the apron. This distracted Kane long enough for Edge to come from behind and roll the Monster up for the upset!

Winner: Edge in 10:14

Straight after the match Kane goes for Edge looking to Chokeslam him, when Elijah Burke hits Kane over the back of the head with the Steel Chain. Burke and MVP then team up on Kane inside the ring as Edge rushes to the outside and he and Cor Von team up on Undertaker. Edge shouts orders at Cor Von who goes over to the announce table and empties it, tossing the monitors and headphones off it. Meanwhile back in the ring MVP punches away at Kane with the Steel Chain as Elijah Burke holds him back busting Kane open. On the outside Edge stalks Taker to his feet, before charging up and spearing The Undertaker straight out of his boots! Edge has a manical look on his face, before looking over at Cor Von and telling the powerhouse to put Undertaker through the table. Cor Von pulls over some steel steps, and he steps onto them placing Taker’s head between his legs. Cor Von then lifts Taker to his shoulders and POWERBOMBS TAKER THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Cor Von then joins MVP and Burke in the ring and they raise their arms aloft as the crowd boos knowing they have made a big impact. Meanwhile on the outside, Edge mockingly puts one foot over a lifeless Undertaker as he raises his World Title in the air as the show comes to a close.


Smackdown Results
The UKConnection beat Billy Kidman and Jimmy Wang Yang in 7:01
Chavo Guerrero beats Chuck Palumbo in 5:58
Sabu and Tommy Dreamer beat Chris Masters and Kenny Dykstra in 7:23
Elijah Burke beats Ric Flair in 7:37
Jamie Noble beats Kid Kash in 4:51 in Match 3 of the best of 7 series (Kid Kash 2-1 up on Jamie Noble)
Edge beats Kane and The Undertaker in 10:14

Current WWE Survivor Series Card

Edge © v The Undertaker

Chris Jericho v Randy Orton ©

Matt Hardy v MVP ©

4 Way Tag Team Elimination Match
Cryme Time v The Hooligans v The Redneck Wrecking Crew v The Worlds Greatest Tag Team ©

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
Carlito, John Morrison, Ken Kennedy, Kevin Thorn and Umaga v CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Rob Van Dam and Triple H

8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
Batista(?), Kane, Rey Mysterio and Ric Flair v Chavo Guerrero, Elijah Burke, Finlay and Marcus Cor Von
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