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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Raw Feedback

I missed this show and Smackdown being posted, where was my PM?! I’ll read Raw and leave the feedback now before reading Smackdown and leaving some feedback for that and editing in

The intro was huge, two huge matches, but that’s nothing compared to the Orton bombshell. I can’t believe you didn’t hype that more with a news like quote because it comes off as an oh by the way sort of thing as it followed up the two match announcements, seeming that we were all aware of it beforehand when you should have done the news article or had a serious introduction about just Orton. I checked back and didn’t see any kind of news report to announce it, that’s a bit of a surprise

An electric start to the show for sure with the huge announcement about Orton. It’s a good thing you addressed that, but it all seems to have been undervalued with no appearance from Orton and the announcement of the tournament straight away like it’s no real big deal that the WWE Champion has had to forfeit the title. The tournament was the best way to go, but I don’t like that Jericho gets to face the winner. It’s a tricky one since he is the number one contender, so I can see why he’s got the bye, but it just seems unfair really when everyone’s got to bust their ass to face someone who won just one match to get in this very privileged position. It was no surprise that we would hear from Jericho, although him going down to the ring was a bit of a shock. After last week, Cena and HHH needed to keep the continuation going by coming to the rescue. I like the chair shot screw up from Cena as it will make things uncomfortable and add some tension to what happens in the tournament. I definitely sense a Cena/Jericho match at Survivor Series. The follow up after the break was very well written to have Shane come across as no nonsense so that we have a sense of normality after the chaos we saw last week and more importantly, keep the two factions focused on each other

What a match to kick start the show. It was one that would undoubtedly get the fans involved for sure and it hypes up the 10 man elimination match at the Survivor Series straight away. Although a lot of it was just a brief description, the ending worked out well with the heel team screwing up to get the crowd on a high early on and set up some kind of retribution for next week

I liked Austin here playing the part to a high entertainment level. His laughing followed up by the deadpan look was great and can be imagined very easily. Cody getting some promo time was vital and it was good that you gave him some kind of personality after Austin played the serious GM too. The tag title situation has been unique and very interesting to say the least, so it’s cool that we’re seeing some kind of resolution towards that, but I don’t have a clue who will win tonight in what should be a great match

Melina back in the arena just after being ringside with Morrison was a little strange. Mickie’s return video last week followed by Beth’s reaction was booked very well, and it was clear that when Beth came down, the result was never in doubt. Mickie had to win to set up the feud, and it was better that you signalled her intent instead of Beth just attacking her like most people would. As solid as ever man

Coach and Vince’s promos are back, sweet! I liked these two together and you played their chemistry well, especially since Coach didn’t just have the victim tag here as he is one of the few people that Vince can trust and show the other side of his character to. It’s also a good idea to have Vince try and work his way out of the Jericho stipulation, but it’s not going to happen

This Orton promo seemed to just come out of nowhere as I didn’t expect we’d hear from him after the opening promo. I think this should have been at the top of the show to make the situation stand out even more, as it just seemed like another promo, not a filler, but just a typical promo when it should have been so much more than that

The No DQ ruling you made gave Cody the chance to make a statement, and he did just that. It was a very sensible booking decision to allow this to make Cody stand out as a heel now and not just the plain old Cody that we were all used to

A nice little filler promo there to hype up the Lumberjack Match. The Kennedy blaming Carlito part was pretty funny to turn it in to an entertaining promo. The face teams was obviously going to be very different, and I thought that you were teasing a Cena turn more by having him show up late, but not the case it seems. Having him and Trips talk to the mid carders like they did was a great idea, as it came off as more like a real learning experience for them, like they are following the top dogs to build themselves up

The tournament grid looks good, clearly sets up Kennedy/Cena and Trips/Umaga for the semi finals. From there it could go any way, but it’s clear that there will be one from each unit going up against each other in the final, with Cena’s tension with Jericho tending to be the only real hint at to have a meaningful match at the Survivor Series, but having Jericho face one of The Corporation for the title makes more sense. The winner of the Cena/Kennedy semi for me will win it and take on Jericho

I just realised by reading the Lumberjack Match that the winner of the number one contender’s tournament will be in double duty at Survivor Series, giving Jericho way too much of an advantage. Anyway, the 10 man brawl was always on the cards and having the heel team start with the break of the count gave it the best way to start, making the most sense for sure. Cena standing tall, giving us a clue there are we?

It was cool that you added a little extra to the Vince/Austin promo than just Vince begging by adding the gun and the security to it. It was a little corny at first, but it all came together to set up the match for later on. I don’t see Jericho getting five minutes alone with Vince at all

I was trying so hard to figure out who would get the shot at the titles, and I had a bit of an inkling that it would be Cryme Time since they’ve given the situation some real entertainment, along with the fact that The Rednecks weren’t going to face another heel team. The ending worked well as we finally saw the WGTT get their gold back and stop them look like a laughing stock, and it obviously led to a well set up distraction for the finish. The promo after from Austin was cool and was a little unexpected, but after he refused to make it a number one contender match, I shouldn’t be surprised

Wow, another promo! That’s 9 if you take out the post match one before. I was planning my shows in the build up to the Rumble and panicked with one show being full of promos, ironic! This show does seem a little long, but not overly I don’t think. The interview from Jericho did a great job of showing both his comedic and intense side to hype himself and the match really well

The main event was real good and you teased the Jericho win very well, but The Coach’s distraction was great, and I sensed that Orton might not be injured with the lack of attention to it beforehand, but I got suckered in I must admit as the show went on. It was a great twist for sure having Orton interfere, and it kind of makes sense with the 10 man match at the Survivor Series. The chaos after keeps the whole intensity of the feud going well in to the Survivor Series

Okay, on to Smackdown

Edge’s frustration from last week was a great place to start and he got his beat back from losing clean to Kane. I think the tea sippers comment wouldn’t bother any of us English, and we all accept that we are America’s bitch as far as the Iraq/Afghanistan situation goes. Regal coming out is a great way to get some real fan interest in to the show. The idea of going for a World Title match too involving one of our own was sheer brilliance and it would have been one hell of a hot crowd throughout. I can see why you wanted Edge to escape narrowly, but having him lose clean last week and tap out here (to Regal), he doesn’t look like the strongest champion right now, something he needs as he heads in to his match with The Undertaker

I don’t like Kane in talking situations and I didn’t really like him to be honest, threatening to kick Flair’s ass as well as Batista’s. It’s again an original storyline that you’re developing and it should draw to an exciting conclusion, probably with Batista returning to save Flair’s ass from a beat down

Noble came across very well early on with his statement about giving Kash the head start, showing some real arrogance. I’m not sure though that you should have had him act all geeky like a kid with the Pamela Anderson stuff since he’s be as serious as hell about getting back in the series

I know you’re pushing Chavo and you’re doing a real great job if it, but I can’t for the life of me understand why you had Kid Kash job clean to him tonight. While he’s involved in the Cruiserweight Championship Series, he shouldn’t be doing jobs to anyone really unless Noble sets him up for a match with Taker or someone like that. The injury angle might have had something to do with it, but you could have had a DQ or even Kash get a roll up win with Chavo then attacking him to hurt him for next week. Strange decision to make Kash job there man in the grand scale of things. The shot to Noble was a good idea though

The VIP Lounge was a good way to follow on from the attack on Matt last week and to unveil the new faction. I’m not too keen on the name to be honest, but I think over time it will grow on me. I maybe would have liked to have heard from the tag champs since they can both work the stick. Teddy coming out and putting them in their place was sweet and it gives them a serious test straight away. They really need to come out on top tonight

The tag match was pretty good, but I was again left a little perplexed as to why Cor Von hit the pounce where he did with no explanation as to what happened immediately after, because that should have been it. MVP’s interference was needed to really give them some credibility as a group, and the chain could become a frequent participant in their matches, which is one great tool to have when they’ll need it. Playing on Batista’s return with the brawl was no surprise, but I still maintain he’ll come to the rescue very soon

Masters beating Dreamer was okay and it seems that you’ll be playing this tag team angle out, and pushing it this high up the card gives it some much needed attention

This is what we need to see baby! The Playa’s Club are looking dangerous now and that’s what they had to come across as tonight, and by attacking two random people so viciously certainly shows them to be ruthless. If MVP really wants to it by himself tonight, I’ll eat my hat. But first, I’ll need to buy one! Either The New Breed will help, or they’ll listen and it will be Edge who saves him

Finlay and Flair played out well, keeping in tone with what went down earlier with the brawl after the tag team match. I wasn’t expecting to see Burke and Cor Von, but at least the face team gets some momentum back going in to the Survivor Series. Flair escaping as the one man on his own works well as it’s Flair and no one wants to see him get beat down

Oh right, this is where you announced Orton’s injury. A bit strange that you placed it here and didn’t follow it up with a news article

Edge was always going to get himself involved here, and he had to in all honesty after the last two weeks. MVP too didn’t look all that weak by getting some offence in before the inevitable happened and Taker took control. Keeping MVP from doing a job was massively important, not as much as Kash though to be honest, but the severity of Edge’s assault really added some serious fire to his feud with Taker

Overall, the main difference from Raw was that there was a lot less promos. I thought that the booking of Kid Kash tonight was very strange to say the least, as well as a few minor problems with a couple of promos. Edge tapping out after losing clean the week back also didn’t help him a great deal, but still a good show as always
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