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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Raw Feedback

Nice promo to start the show with Vince throwing his weight around well after suspending Austin. It shows how well thought your shows are having Vince take full advantage with Austin’s actions last week allowing him to do so. The tension between Umaga and Kennedy was funny for sure, this could work out to be very interesting indeed as you don’t see him as a team player at all. Shane coming down was a surprise but I am digging what a big match that should be because Kennedy teaming with Morrison & Thorn doesn’t have much appeal

This whole tag team title situation is brilliant and so creative, something which is a trademark in this thread. The Rednecks winning was a little surprise for me, and I loved the way they cleaned house to do so, although it means Londrick have to lose. The champs coming for their titles was always going to happen, but it was funny that you continued the trend with The Rednecks knocking them out with the gold and then doing a runner with them, brilliant stuff!

Kennedy’s promo with RVD I think would come off very well for sure. His arrogance was in such force until it came to bite him in the ass. It also gives RVD a chance to shine too as he was always at his best when he wouldn’t take any shit, so it’s great to see him back in that manner. A feud with Kennedy would be awesome, and I don’t recall seeing it yet in BTB

Mickie returning at last is great. Nice little play with Beth watching on, I wonder what that means!!!

RVD using a chair in a basic squash match on Raw? I’m not sure he needed to do that, even though Striker countered it. An RVD win was always obvious and necessary with his opponent being Striker. The attack from Kennedy was also vitally important to show that Kennedy wasn’t going to take that attack either and even the score. I see RVD coming to Jericho’s aid and joining the fight against The Corporation

Cena/Jericho promo was great as ever, and this was possibly their best one. This was Cena at his typical best, being very genuine and also being very serious about what he wants, with Jericho responding very well indeed. The tension is good, and it makes you think that a swerve may be coming, but I doubt it

With Cena having one arm tied behind his back, I expected him to go down fighting in all honesty as it gave you an excuse to have him lose the match. Having him dominate Umaga in the later stages really made Umaga’s monster gimmick look very insignificant on a night where he had to impress now that he joined The Corporation. I don’t see why you went down that route as Triple H’s return could have just as easily have come with an attack after Umaga won. Great that The Game is back, this is all getting to be manic now which is cool

Holly’s interview is exactly what you would expect from him after what happened with Cody. He gave the right response and I have no idea how their match will go with Cody still being a rookie. Oh Cody’s not here is he not? Didn’t you do a similar angle with Punk & Carlito recently, or was that someone else? It was so obvious based on that to guess that Cody would appear at some point and attack Holly. The Euro 2008 insult would have been at a great time with I believe it being in October that we got raped by Croatia at Wembley, good timing! How long you been waiting to say that? It was a great attack from Cody, getting him some real heat after Holly picked up an impressive victory, giving the feud a bit more to it now that we’ve seen Holly being more than a jobber as he was able to beat a monster like Shitsky!

The Corporation kick off that I was expecting after Orton left Umaga earlier on. I see that you’re trying to create tension from within with Umaga being there, but he still could have beaten Cena with Orton’s help, still resulting in Orton high tailing it and leaving Umaga high and dry. I do sense that all won’t go well with RVD coming for Kennedy in the handicap match

Oh it’s here already! Wow, chaos isn’t the word for this one. Just like the match with Cena and Umaga earlier, Jericho looked way too strong with the stipulation working against him. Vince coming to the rescue to save the pin was fine, but I didn’t see why Punk & Carlito came out until Austin made the shock appearance. I think having Punk & Carlito come out was too forced and only done for the sake of the announcement of the elimination match at the Survivor Series, and not having much storyline purpose as it just seemed like because their names were mentioned, they had to be there. The stipulation for next week with Jericho and possibly getting his hands on Vince is also very creative so well done my man! I just wonder how The Corporation will get out of it because it just won’t happen

The main event was just as chaotic as everything else all night, but I got to the point that I was a bit fed up with all the interference tonight. It was great to give Shane the chance to do the insane spot and have Jericho cost Orton the match, I just feel that the whole angle has taken away a lot from other angles tonight as most of the show has been all about this with a few exceptions. Orton being carried away will lead to a few options next week, but it’s getting a bit too over the top. It may just be this show, but the constant interference and taking up most of the show was a little frustrating here. I see it being a one off though as some times you need a week like this when you have such an angle
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