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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Birmingham England
22nd October 2007

*Opening Video and Pyro*

We then go to ringside where JR and King welcome us to the show, and they go to run down tonight’s show when “No Chance In Hell” hits, and the Corporation consisting of Vince McMahon, Jonathon Coachman, Ken Kennedy and WWE Champion Randy Orton make their way down to the ring to some huge heat. Vince McMahon starts off the show by introducing the newest addition and bodyguard to the Corporation…UMAGA! This leads to Umaga coming down to the ring with his manager Armando Estrada, who shakes hands with the Corporation members while Umaga stares a hole through Kennedy and Orton. Vince then announces that because General Manager Steve Austin put his hands on a WWE wrestler last week, this week he is suspended and that Vince McMahon will be the General Manager for the night. Vince McMahon then uses his power by making two huge matches. The first sees John Cena facing Umaga in where John Cena’s right arm is tied behind his back. Vince McMahon then says that he wants to punish his bastard son Chris Jericho tonight, to which Ken Kennedy says that he wants a piece of Jericho tonight. Vince then makes the match as Chris Jericho takes on Ken Kennedy, John Morrison and Kevin Thorn in a 3 v 1 handicap match. This pleases Kennedy who gives a friendly tap to the back of Umaga, who doesn’t take it so well and goes to attack Umaga only for Estrada to block him off. Randy Orton then takes the mic and he goes to speak when “Here Comes the Money” cuts him off and Shane McMahon steps on the stage with a mic. Shane says he has been watching from the back and he is sick and tired of Vince abusing his power. Shane says that however since Vince is making matches, he wants one. Vince looks on surprised before asking who to which Shane responds YOU! Shane challenges his father to a No Holds Barred Match. Before Vince can answer Randy Orton cuts in and shouts at Shane for cutting him off. Orton says that if Shane wants a No Holds Barred Match, he is going to have to face Randy Orton. Shane accepts and says that even though their match is later, he wants a piece of Randy Orton now. Shane then explodes to the ring, but is predictably out numbered by the Corporation members. This is until John Cena and Chris Jericho run down to make the save to which the Corporation flee the ring.

Commercial Break

Match 1
Tag Team Match
Redneck Wrecking Crew v The Hooligans

Birmingham England is treated to one of the best Tag Team matches in recent times, with a very fast paced back and forth contest with numerous near falls making for a very good match. Halfway into the match Paul London took a very big bump after missing a Suicide dive to the outside, when Murdoch saved his team-mate Lance Cade by pushing him out of the way and London crashed head first onto the floor on the outside. This effectively made it a Handicap match for a few minutes, but despite the predicament Brian Kendrick took it to both Cade and Murdoch. Brian Kendrick would of even took the victory after hitting the Sliced Bread onto Trevor Murdoch, only for Lance Cade to make the save. But the same could have been said when Cade hit the Sitout Spinebuster onto Kendrick, but London got back into the ring and made the save. Mayhem then let loose in the last few moments with Brian Kendrick being tossed to the outside while attempting the Sliced Bread onto Cade, and then Cade makes the save for Murdoch shoving London off the top rope while attempting to go for a Shooting Star Press. Murdoch then finished London off with his sloppy version off the Canadian Destroyer for the victory.

Winners: The Redneck Wrecking Crew in 9:21

Post match saw Cade and Murdoch take the tag team titles, which were in London and Kendrick’s possession (Even though they belong to the World’s Greatest Tag Team). Then the Worlds Greatest Tag Team come down to the ring and thank them for beating Londrick by hugging them. They then ask for Cade and Murdoch to hand over the belts back to them. Cade and Murdoch look at the belts and think about it before putting the belts out in front of them. But when Benjamin and Haas go to take them, Cade and Murdoch strike them over the skulls with the belts. Cade and Murdoch then leave with the Worlds Greatest Tag Team’s Tag Team Championships, much like Cryme Time and The Hooligans have in recent weeks. Benjamin and Haas are livid as they reach their feet as they have gone another week without their Championships as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see RVD doing the splits warming up for his match later tonight when Ken Kennedy walks into the scene. Kennedy looks at RVD and laughs asking him what the hell he is doing, RVD goes to answer when Ken Kennedy cuts him off and saying he didn’t want to know that bad. Ken Kennedy then says that RVD might look impressive beating a non wrestler like Jonathon Coachman to an inch of his life last week, but in reality RVD is a nobody anymore. Ken Kennedy says that beating Jonathon Coachman will be as high as he can get today, bar being on the road with Sabu. Ken Kennedy laughs at his own joke with some members of the crowd, as RVD looks down at the floor and smirks, before getting onto his feet and gets into Ken Kennedy’s face. A pissed off RVD asks Kennedy to repeat what he just said, to which Kennedy mocks RVD by imitating RVD’s surfer style attitude. This infuriates RVD some more and he asks Kennedy to repeat his phrase again, and Ken Kennedy goes to respond only for RVD to knock Ken Kennedy to the floor with a big hard right hand. RVD then tells Kennedy that RVD 4:20 just smoked his ass before heading off as Kennedy holds onto his cheek shocked at what just went down.

We then see a video graphic announcing that Mickie James will return next week after being viciously attacked by Umaga back in August. After that we go backstage to see Womens Champion Beth Phoenix who watched the announcement on the television, and she smirks as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 2
Singles Match
Matt Stryker v Rob Van Dam

Matt Stryker puts on a decent performance against Rob Van Dam, but it was a match that RVD dominated continuing to show his physical side of late. The only offence Matt Stryker really got in came after RVD went to hit Stryker with a Steel Chair, only for the referee to snatch the chair of RVD and Stryker took advantage with an unsighted low blow. After a short period of offence, RVD came back into the match after an Enzuigiri out of nowhere. RVD then gained momentum going through his moveset, finishing Stryker off with a Five Star Frog Splash.

Winner: RVD in 5:07

RVD has no time to celebrate his easy victory however as immediately after the match Ken Kennedy attacks him from behind. Kennedy drops RVD with the Mic Check, before taking him to the top rope and hitting the Green Bay Plunge. Ken Kennedy then leaves the ring to big heat. Ken Kennedy looks on from the ramp with a big smile on his face, as RVD slowly recovers looking down the ramp at Kennedy looking very angry.

We then go backstage to see Chris Jericho warming up for his match later tonight when John Cena walks into the scene. Jericho immediately stops warming up and gets into John Cena’s face and the two men lock eyes. Cena tells Y2J to calm down and says he doesn’t want any trouble. Cena says even though he wasn’t happy at first, he would like to congratulate Chris Jericho on winning the chance to get a title shot at Randy Orton and says that he is sure that Chris Jericho will kick Randy Orton’s ass at Survivor Series and become WWE Champion. Cena then however says that Chris Jericho’s reign will be about as successful as his music career, because John Cena will make sure he gets the first title shot and will make sure that he once again becomes WWE Champion. Cena then goes friendly again and says that he will have Jericho’s back tonight in his three on one handicap match and his match at Survivor Series where the Corporation will most likely get involved and help Randy Orton. Jericho thanks Cena for his offer but says that Cena has a match with Umaga next where his arm is tied behind his back and the most likely outcome is that Umaga will make John Cena suffer as bad as everybody who brought John Cena’s rap album. Chris Jericho says that tonight he is going to prove why he is the Ayatollah of RocknRola, and why he is going to become the next WWE Champion by giving three assclowns a beating that will make them never ever feel the same again.

Commercial Break

Match 3
Singles Match (John Cena’s right arm tied behind his back)
John Cena v Umaga with Armando Alejandro Estrada

Despite the huge odds put against Cena, straight from the get go John Cena takes it to Umaga spearing him between the middle ropes to the outside. John Cena then started pounding away at Umaga and went to whip him into the Steel Steps, only for Umaga to counter and send Cena shoulder first into the steel steps. Umaga then started to go through his moveset on John Cena inside the ring, dominating the former WWE Champion after catching him off the ropes with a spinning side slam. Cena continued to show resiliency however kicking out of a top rope Bodysplash by Umaga, before dodging the Samoan Wrecking Ball in the corner a few moments later. John Cena then started to pick up momentum going through his traditional finishing sequence hitting a clothesline, shoulder block takedown, throwback followed by the five knuckle shuffle. Cena then went for the F-U but he couldn’t get Umaga onto his shoulders, but moments later he locked on a one armed STF-U onto Umaga. Umaga looked to be in real trouble until RANDY ORTON CAME OUT OF NOWHERE HITTING THE PUNT KICK TO JOHN CENA forcing the referee to call for the bell.

Winner: John Cena via DQ in 5:32

After the match Corporation members Randy Orton and Umaga start beating down a defenceless John Cena with Estrada shouting orders at Umaga. Randy Orton held John Cena back allowing Umaga to hit Cena with the Samoan Spike. Randy Orton then sized his adversary for the RKO when “Time to Play the Game” hits and a bandaged Triple H comes down to the ring with a Sledgehammer in hand. Orton and Umaga wait for Triple H to get in the ring and it looks like they will have the advantage until suddenly Randy Orton rolls out of the ring. Umaga turns his back on Triple H and shouts in Samoan at Randy Orton, only to turn around into Triple H who tackles Umaga to the floor and starts pounding away at Umaga wanting revenge for the beat down Umaga delivered to Triple H at No Mercy. Triple H then smashes the Sledgehammer over the skull of Umaga, and drops him with a Pedigree. Randy Orton looks at what happened to his fellow Corporation member as Triple H looks down at a bloodied Umaga and says that is what happens when you play the game.

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham standing with Hardcore Holly. Grisham shows Holly footage of Cody turning on Holly two weeks ago on Raw, and then goes to ask him a question before Holly cuts him off by telling Cody to listen up. Holly warns Cody that no rookie screws around with Hardcore Holly and gets away without getting there ass handed to them. Holly tells Cody that he chose the wrong guy to mess with to make an impact. Holly finished off by saying he couldn’t care less what his last name is and who his dad is because tonight he is going to beat some respect into Cody Rhodes.

Commercial Break

When we return from commercial we see Hardcore Holly waiting in the ring for his opponent when Cody Rhodes appears on the Titantron sitting on a bench in Washington with the Whitehouse clearly in the background. Cody Rhodes apologises to Hardcore Holly because he would of loved to of punked Hardcore Holly out one more time, but there was no way that this match would happen in England. Cody then does the traditional country insult that the WWE is in to gain heat, mocking the English Football Team (Or Soccer for you yanks) for not being able to qualify for Euro 2008. Cody tells Hardcore not to worry however as he has picked a replacement for tonight. Then moments later Snitsky makes his way down to the ring

Match 4
Singles Match
Hardcore Holly v Snitsky

Holly and Snitsky put on a total stinker of a match, but please tell me you weren’t expecting a 5 star classic? Hardcore Holly looked very good in the early going nearly taking the victory after a big dropkick, but the tide of the match turned when Snitsky caught Holly off the ropes with a big boot which nearly took Holly’s head off his shoulders. Snitsky then worked over the ribs of Hardcore Holly, getting Holly into a Bearhug, which seemed to be on forever. But Holly eventually broke the hold and started fighting back at Snitsky. After several close falls, Holly took the victory after Holly showed a lot of strength hitting the Alabama Slammer to Snitsky to take the three count.

Winner: Hardcore Holly in 5:25

After the match Hardcore celebrates his physical victory over Snitsky when from the crowd comes CODY RHODES who takes Hardcore down with a clothesline from behind. Cody then starts stomping away at Hardcore on the mat, before going to the outside and grabbing a Steel Chair. Cody places the chair on the floor and hits a second rope hanging DDT to Hardcore face first on the Steel Chair. Cody then celebrates his attack on Hardcore as we go backstage

We then go backstage to see Vince McMahon talking to Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton, with Vince telling Orton to get the job done on Chris Jericho. Randy Orton cuts in and asks Vince if they want to talk about the plan now, but a bandaged Umaga and Alejandro Estrada quickly interrupt them and Umaga goes to attack Orton who grabs Jonathon Coachman and uses him as a shield. Vince tells Umaga to back off to which Umaga shouts out something in Samoan. Estrada asks Orton why he left Umaga high and dry with Triple H like that, to which Orton says he couldn’t risk himself when he has a No Holds Barred match tonight. Vince tries to calm Umaga down by saying that next week he can get revenge on Triple H, but for now the Corporation need to work as a unit. He says that they have successfully taken out John Cena, but now they need to do the same thing to Chris Jericho and his son Shane. He then tells Orton and Umaga to shake hands and they walk off in different directions. Vince then goes back to talking to Kennedy and says that he and Coach will accompany Kennedy to the ring so they can witness Chris Jericho get taught a lesson as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Match 5
3 v 1 Handicap Match
John Morrison(W/Melina), Ken Kennedy(W/Vince McMahon and Jonathon Coachman) and Kevin Thorn(W/Ariel) v Chris Jericho

Just like earlier tonight with John Cena, despite the huge odds against Chris Jericho he took it to all three of his opponents straight from the get go. Jericho took all three men to the outside, before catapulting himself ontop of them all on the outside. Chris Jericho looked to finish the match off as early as he could when he went for the Liansault on Kennedy, but when he jumped onto the middle rope Kevin Thorn took him inside out with a Clothesline. Thorn, Morrison and Kennedy wrestled an effective game taking turns to put a beating on Chris Jericho using very quick tags. But late on in the match Chris Jericho slid off Kevin Thorn who attempted a Crucifix Powerbomb and got himself back into the match with an enzuigiri. Jericho then started to clean house taking all out three of his opponents with clotheslines, dropkicks and spinning wheel kicks. Chris Jericho then looked to have the match won after hitting the Codebreaker, but Vince pulled the referee to the outside and knocked him out with a hard right hand. This distracted Chris Jericho who was then ambushed by Kennedy, Morrison and Thorn until CM PUNK AND RVD MADE THE SAVE! But the heels regained the advantage moments later when Intercontinental Champion CARLITO and UMAGA came out which gave the Heels a 5 on 3 advantage. Umaga looked to hit Jericho with the Samoan Spike when JOHN CENA and TRIPLE H STARTED SPRINTING DOWN TO THE RING! Mayhem let loose as a ten-man brawl ensued in the ring, which then became 8 as Triple H and Umaga fought through the crowd. Eventually Chris Jericho was left in the ring alone with John Morrison, and Jericho locked on the Walls of Jericho onto Morrison. On the outside Vince McMahon grabbed a chair and brought it into the ring. Vince went to hit Jericho with it from behind when…

“Glass Shatters”

The Birmingham crowd jumped to their feet as Stone Cold made his way to the ring with a referee’s T-Shirt on. Stone Cold got into the ring and looked to go after Vince when Jonathon Coachman hit Austin with a forearm from behind. Vince scurried out of the ring as Coachman received yet another beating getting a Stone Cold Stunner. Stone Cold then saw John Morrison tapping out to the Walls of Jericho and called for the bell giving Jericho the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho in 8:04

After the match Chris Jericho celebrated his victory as Vince McMahon kicked the ring apron in frustration and shouted “DAMN YOU AUSTIN, DAMN YOU JERICHO”. Stone Cold then grabbed a mic and said that nobody can suspend Stone Cold Steve Austin and says that because of Vince making Austin miss his flight Vince is going to get his ass kicked. Austin says that there are bigger issues to deal with however and that is that at Survivor Series there is going to be a ten man elimination tag team match. Austin announces that Umaga will captain a team consisting of Ken Kennedy, Intercontinental Champion Carlito, John Morrison and Kevin Thorn to take on a team captained by Triple H, which also includes John Cena, CM Punk, Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy. Austin also announces a match for next week’s Raw which sees Chris Jericho takes on Ken Kennedy, where if Jericho wins he gets 5 minutes in the ring alone with Vince McMahon. Austin then finally announces that if any Corporation member interferes in tonight’s main event they will be fired. Austin tells Vince that’s what happens when you screw with the General Manager of Raw and that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so. We then go backstage as Vince looks on at Chris Jericho in worry, as Jericho smiles as he knows he could get his hands on his father next week.

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham now standing by Shane McMahon who are both watching the monitor. Todd briefly comments on the carnage we just saw before asking Shane what was his intention on challenging the WWE Champion to a No Holds Barred Match when there is not a very high chance that he will win. Shane tells Josh that he is right and there is not much chance that a non wrestler is going to go out and beat the WWE Champion, but says who said anything about winning. Shane says that he couldn’t care less if he wins or he loses, all that matters to him is that he tears Randy Orton apart. Shane says that somebody needed to stand up to his dad and the Corporation, and he is going to be the man to do just that. He says he is sick of his dad abusing his power making matches to weaken members of the Raw roster who he doesn’t like. Shane says that one day the Corporation is going to be taken out, and that he might not be the man to do it but tonight he is going to take Randy Orton to hell with him. Shane then picks up a Kendo Stick off the floor and walks away as we go to a commercial break with the No Holds Barred Match next.

Commercial Break

Survivor Series Commercial

Match 6
No Holds Barred Match-Non Title
WWE Champion Randy Orton v Shane McMahon

After being treated to the HBK v John Cena classic earlier on in the year, they are treated to another great match as Randy Orton and Shane McMahon put on one of the best Raw Main Events of the year. Straight from the get go things got early when Shane attacked Orton during his entrance with the Kendo Stick. After whipping Orton into the steel steps, both men fought into the crowd which saw Randy Orton bust Shane McMahon open after hitting him with a Steel Chair. This was where Shane’s momentum came to a crashing halt as Orton picked up near fall after near fall with Orton working over the head of Shane McMahon. The closest Orton came to victory in the early going was when he hit a hanging DDT from the barricade on the outside dropping Shane head first onto the concrete, with Shane kicking out just before 3. Shane looked to be out of the match and Orton decided to go and finish off Shane by going for the Punt to the head, but somehow Shane countered it by tripping Orton face first onto the steel steps. Shane then showed off a lot of aggression throwing constant hard right hands to Orton on the ground for nearly half a minute before taking Orton’s head off with a Baseball Bat shot to the skull. Shane came ever so close to victory about 12 minutes into the match after dropping Orton head first on the Steel Ramp with a Piledriver only for Orton to kick out at 2 somehow. Shane moments later went to end the match as he set Orton up for the Van Terminator, but at the last gasp second Randy Orton rolled out of the way and Shane crashed into the trash can. Orton then looked for the RKO, but CHRIS JERICHO sped down to the ring. Jericho and Orton went at it tooth and nail exchanging hard right hands before Orton kicked Jericho in the mid section and went for the RKO, but Jericho countered it by tossing a mid air Orton over the top rope. Jericho then stripped the Announce Table off it’s monitors and placed Orton on the table. Jericho then climbed AND LOCKED ON THE WALLS OF JERICHO TO ORTON ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! After nearly a minute of the move locked on, referee’s came down to pull Jericho off Orton and take him to the back. Meanwhile Shane McMahon climbed up to the top rope, AND DROVE ORTON THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE WITH A DIVING ELBOW DROP! A lifeless Shane McMahon placed his arm over the chest of Orton and picked up the mother of shocks getting a victory over the WWE Champion!

Winner: Shane McMahon in 16:43

After the match Shane is helped to his feet by the referee, and even though he is the winner it doesn’t look like he even realises it. Corporation members Vince McMahon, Jonathon Coachman and Ken Kennedy then flood down to the ring to help out the WWE Champion who is holding onto his leg and screaming in agony. The Corporation members try to help Orton to his feet, but he cannot stand on his own weight. We then hear a concerned Randy Orton say he can’t move it as Vince yells out for paramedics. Paramedics come down with a stretcher and place a badly hurt Randy Orton onto the stretcher as even JR has a voice of concern for Orton realising Orton has suffered a bad injury. Raw then comes to a close as Orton is stretchered away backstage.


Raw Results
The Redneck Wrecking Crew beat London and Kendrick in 9:21
RVD beats Matt Stryker in 5:07
John Cena beats Umaga via DQ in 5:32 where one of Cena’s arms was tied behind his back
Hardcore Holly beats Gene Snitsky in 5:25
Chris Jericho beats John Morrison, Ken Kennedy and Kevin Thorn in 8:04
Shane McMahon beats Randy Orton in a No Holds Barred Match in 16:43

Current WWE Survivor Series Card

Edge © v The Undertaker

Chris Jericho v Randy Orton ©

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
Carlito, John Morrison, Ken Kennedy, Kevin Thorn and Umaga v CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Rob Van Dam and Triple H

8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
Batista (?), Kane, Rey Mysterio and Ric Flair v Chavo Guerrero, Elijah Burke, Finlay and Marcus Cor Von
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