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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Smackdown Feedback

Batista quitting, wow man! I didn’t expect that. I guess he is going to Raw as I can’t see you not using him after you built him up so well in recent weeks. That’s definitely one to follow

The Cutting Edge was funny, very funny with the midget responding to every question by saying rest in peace and then copying The Undertaker. I like that Edge is acting all cocky about it so early as he’s going to go downhill. I was shocked that Kane came out to fight his brother’s cause. I assume that Kane will face Edge later on as there is no real other explanation as to why the lights didn’t go out and we didn’t get a response from the dead man himself

A very entertaining match, loving the Sabu botch! I like the incorporation of that in to the thread, and the use of the Singapore cane was a good idea to give Masters and Dykstra some credit at least. I guess you’re building up to a feud with The New Breed and a former all ECW feud

I like that you’re carrying on with the Batista angle, as that indicates something will happen. If Flair can’t get through to him, I don’t know what will bring him back, if he does come back that is. I really liked the line with Flair saying everyone should listen to him after the slap, that really got the tension brewing. I love Noble’s promos and I liked the angle you went down with him pretending that the first match didn’t take place. He does have his back against the wall for sure with the five defeats in a row, you seem to be stacking the odds against him

I’m amazed that Kash would be able to kick out of the double knee gut buster, I assume there was some kind of delay from a tired Noble? I hate seeing big moves being no sold. Kash winning again comes as no surprise and the sunset flip is a good way to piss Noble off so that we can see a reaction. Why can I see a 4-3 Noble from being 3-0 down?

Rey’s interview was nice and very typically honest of Rey, saying he will be climbing back up the ladder. It’s a good portrayal for sure and I like that you’re taking this route with him. A second consecutive match with an interview before it! I’m not a fan of that, PPV’s more so, but here the break cuts it up I guess and it hypes the match just before I guess. I liked the action for sure and you had them both work each other realistically and especially Finlay as he took advantage of the bad knee. I love a feud between these two and they are so different and it brings out something different in Rey

I love the way you’re dragging out the Matt/MVP feud by having MVP clutch on to every last straw before he’s forced to defend the US Championship. You’re making MVP out to be very cowardly, maybe a little too much, but I think it’s working great for the feud in the long haul

Teddy/Flair promo was pretty good too. The last line was said just before the match announcement already, but that’s no biggy as I see that Flair is going to be paramount in bringing Batista back, although I think Batista is way too big for that elimination match

Chavo/Flair was a good match and the build up has been brilliant. Again one of the participants, Flair was involved in a promo right before the break, something I think has happened a lot tonight. I guess the focus on the Batista situation was going to get in the way of his match here. I was amazed that Flair came down and attacked Flair. It worked well for Chavo, but I assume that Finlay was attacking Flair based on the Survivor Series match, I just think that it takes away what happened with Rey earlier on. I do see though that you will interlink all the feuds as they’re all involved in the same match at the Survivor Series, which does make sense

Regal winning was always expected with his push as of late, that’s despite Stevie picking up the wins. It worked well in the sense that Stevie looked stronger than a jobber after the recent wins to make Regal look stronger too for the win

Edge’s interview was pretty good but there were a few grammar mistakes that I didn’t quite understand to be honest. The arrogant approach is great and the quote about him doing anything he likes because he is the World Champion was cool. The ambush backstage was a surprise, and the brick was random since I think stomping the knee would have the same effect. Was MVP behind it?

No real surprise was it really? I like that MVP tried to be so convincing by helping Matt hobble out. We kind of knew straight away what was coming, I just had no idea that it would be so severe with the pounce off the stage after chair shots too. I don’t see how Matt will be able to compete at the Survivor Series after the repeated damage to his knee, but it sure as hell makes Burke & Cor Von stand out for sure

Edge and Kane was a decent match, and I had no idea how it was going to end. The distraction was probably the best way to go and it was a bit over the top perhaps with Edge 2 being attached to a cross. I’m not sure they could get away with that in real life. It’s fine here I guess and it was enough to make Edge realise he’s in trouble as he loses the match. I just think that Edge should have waited until next week as this was a great end to the show and the call out would be a great way to start things next week. I also think the crowd would be pissed to see Edge out cold having not seen The Undertaker attack him, and surely they’d hear it!

Good show man as usual, liking the Batista angle for sure!

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