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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

WWE Smackdown!
Dayton Ohio
19th October 2007

Before the show starts we get a video package showing the highlights from the Smackdown side of things from No Mercy this past Sunday. We see Kid Kash beating Jamie Noble in the first match of seven series, Kane defeating Finlay, The New Breed beating MVP and Matt Hardy to become the Tag Team Champions, Edge retaining the World Title against Rey Mysterio and finally Undertaker beating Batista inside a Hell in a Cell to become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Title.
We then go to ringside where Michael Cole and JBL introduce us to the show. They run down tonight’s card, which includes rivals Chavo Guerrero and Ric Flair squaring off, with two losers from No Mercy Rey Mysterio and Finlay also going one on one.

We then get ready for Edge to come out and host the Cutting Edge, but instead Batista comes out to the ring with no music and doesn’t look his usual self. Batista says for the past month he has promised everybody he would beat The Undertaker at No Mercy and regain the World Heavyweight Championship, but he let everybody down. Batista then says that if he can’t beat The Undertaker, if he can’t be World Heavyweight Champion, if he can’t be the man there is no point of him being here. Batista then says “I QUIT”. As the crowd boo Batista’s announcement, Batista says that he will never be inside a WWE ring ever again.

Batista then walks to the back to a rather mixed reaction as Cole and JBL talk about what they just head.Then “Metalingus” hits and Edge comes out to some huge heat. Edge welcomes everyone to the Cutting Edge, and says while Batista has finally thrown his toys out of the pram because no one likes him, Edge went out and beat Rey Mysterio for the third time to retain his World Title. Edge says he told the world that he would prove Rey Mysterio for what he is a farce and that he does not deserve to be in the main event scene. Edge then hypes his match at Survivor Series with The Undertaker, saying that he won the World Title off The Undertaker in three seconds, and that since The Undertaker has just walked through hell at No Mercy with Batista there will be no way he will be in shape to fight Edge at Survivor Series. Edge then introduces The Undertaker as his guest for the Cutting Edge, and a MIDGET VERSION OF THE UNDERTAKER COMES OUT! The midget Undertaker walks to the ring very slowly, with Edge mocking Taker looking at a fake watch on his wrist. When Mini-Taker gets into the ring, Edge starts asking him some questions with Mini-Taker answering each one with “Rest in Peace” followed by rolling his eyes out and touching his nose with his tongue. Edge then mocks The Undertaker saying there is no way he is going to lose to some inept freak. Edge says he is not scared of The Undertaker and at Survivor Series this is what is going to happen. Edge then picks up the Mini-Taker and hits him with Tombstone Piledriver. Edge then attempts to roll his eyes and sticks his tongue out as KANE SPRINTS TO THE RING! Kane gets into the ring and pounds away at Edge with some hard right hands, before taking him over the top to the outside with a Big Boot. Edge then scurries down the ramp with his title belt, as Kane stares a hole through Edge and points to Edge signalling he wants a match tonight.

Commercial Break

Match 1
Tag Team Match
Chris Masters and Kenny Dykstra v Sabu and Tommy Dreamer

Tag Team action to kick off the wrestling side of the show, in which we see a very enjoyable opening contest. The ECW alumni start off as you expect with Sabu using a chair to hit a double springboard Seated Senton onto Chris Masters on the outside as Tommy Dreamer drops Dykstra on the outside with a DDT. But a good old typical Sabu botch turns the tide when he slipped off the top rope when he went for a springboard Moonsault onto a standing Kenny Dykstra, to which Dykstra took advantage hitting Sabu with a back Suplex. We then saw some good old heelish Tag Team wrestling with Dykstra and Masters working over the neck of Sabu not letting him tag in Dreamer. But Sabu fought out of a Submission hold where Dykstra drove his knee into the back of Sabu and pulled back on his neck, and Sabu tagged in Dreamer. Tommy Dreamer came in and cleaned house on both Dykstra and Masters, using his freshness to his advantage. Dreamer looked to have the match won when he set Masters up for the DVD, but Dykstra made the save. Sabu then made the save for Dreamer taking Dykstra to the outside. With the referee’s attention on Sabu and Dykstra on the outside, Tommy Dreamer grabbed hold of his Singapore Cane and smashed it over the skull of Chris Masters and made the cover to take the victory!

Winners: Sabu and Tommy Dreamer in 7:42

After the match Sabu and Dreamer celebrate their win as we go backstage. We see Batista leaving the arena with his bag over his shoulder when Ric Flair comes up to him. Flair asks Batista what he is thinking and says he needs to think about this, but Batista ignores Flair and walks on. Flair furious at Batista ignoring him, gets in Batista’s face and slaps him right across the face and tells Batista you don’t ignore the Nature Boy when he is speaking to you. Batista looks pissed off at Flair and looks as though he wants to hit him, as Flair says to Batista that they can have a talk and get Batista’s head back into the game. But Batista carries on walking and gets into his car and leaves the arena as Ric Flair rubs his hands through his hair and shouts “Damn It”.

We then go to another area backstage where we see Josh Matthews standing with the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble. Josh Matthews asks Noble how he is feeling about his second match in the best of seven series with Kid Kash, after he lost the first match at No Mercy. Noble goes on to pretend that he didn’t lose the first match at No Mercy, and says that the best of 7 series will start tonight. Matthews attempts to correct Noble, who asks Matthews who the hell he thinks he is. Jamie Noble says tonight he is going to give Kid Kash a beating redneck style and he will beat Kid Kash again (Despite him not winning against Kash in 5 straight matches now).

Commercial Break

When we get back to commercial, the main event for tonight is announced, as Edge will go one on one with Kane.

Match 2
Match 2 in best of 7 series for Cruiserweight Title
Jamie Noble v Kid Kash

The match started before the bell even rang when Jamie Noble attacked Kash from behind when Kash was making his entrance to the ring. Jamie Noble tried to finish off Kash early tossing him into the steps and making the cover only to get a two. Jamie Noble put on his best showing against Kash since the feud started after Summerslam, as Jamie Noble dominated the majority of the match effectively working over the right shoulder of Kid Kash. Every time Kid Kash looked to change the momentum of the match, Jamie Noble found a way to keep the match in his corner using dirty tactics doing everything he can to win this match. Kid Kash showed a lot of resiliency kicking out of the Firemans Carry into double knee Gutbuster, and reaching the ropes when Noble locked on a Dragon Sleeper with Bodyscissors. But in the end the finish came out of nowhere as Noble set Kash up for the Tiger Bomb, but Kash countered it into a sunset flip and put all his body weight on Noble as he made the cover, stealing the victory!

Winner: Kid Kash in 8:09 (Kid Kash 2-0 Jamie Noble in best of 7 series)

After the match Kid Kash quickly leaves the ring and celebrates his victory as Jamie Noble has a fit inside the ring. Kid Kash raises two fingers in the air signalling the current score in the series to the Cruiserweight Champion.

We then go backstage to see Rey Mysterio standing by Kristal Marshall. Kristal asks Rey how he feels 5 days after his loss to Edge, knowing that could be the last time he gets a World Heavyweight Title shot. Mysterio congratulates Edge on his win and says he wrestled a smart game, knowing that Mysterio has an injured knee and Edge took advantage. He says that in the future when his knee is fully healed and he faces Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship, the result of the match will be different. Mysterio then says that he is now at the bottom of the ladder, and he is going to climb the ladder and reach the top where he will receive a title shot and it starts tonight with Finlay.

Commercial Break

Match 3
Singles Match
Finlay v Rey Mysterio

With both men coming off from losses to Kane and Edge at No Mercy, we get a very physical fast paced match here. After some back and forth technical wrestling to start things off, Rey Mysterio came off the blocks quickest and used his speed to his advantage hitting a Spinning Tilt a Whirl Headscissors to Finlay followed by a Bulldog from a Bodyscissors position. But Mysterio hurt his knee when Finlay rolled out of the way as Mysterio attempted a Frog Splash. Finlay after some work on the knee locked on an Indian Death Lock, but after a minute of agony Mysterio fought on and grabbed hold of the bottom rope. Rey Mysterio then started to fight back into the match, coming close to victory with a Tornado DDT off the middle rope. Finlay looked to be in danger when Mysterio set Finlay up for the 619. Mysterio hit the 619 and set Finlay up for the West Coast Pop. But in mid air Finlay caught Mysterio with a Shillelagh to the knee causing the ref to call for the bell.

Winner: Rey Mysterio via DQ in 7:24

After the match Finlay clocks the referee over the head with the Shillelagh, and then targets Mysterio’s knee with the Shillelagh repeatedly hitting Rey with the deadly weapon. Referee’s and Road Agents come down to stop Finlay’s attack, and Rey Mysterio is helped to the back by as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see MVP talking to some attractive ladies backstage, before Matt Hardy walks into the scene. Matt Hardy excuses the ladies for a chat with MVP. Hardy says that last night didn’t go so well, but it doesn’t matter, as there is one thing that came good from it. And that is that now they don’t have to worry about the Tag Team Championships, and now MVP can defend his US Title against Matt Hardy. MVP surprises Hardy however by saying that they have a rematch with the New Breed for the Tag Team Titles tonight from his request, and he tells Hardy to not to let the team down like he did at No Mercy. MVP then walks away, leaving a frustrated Matt Hardy.

We then go to the GM’s office where Teddy Long is speaking on his phone. Long hangs up the phone when Ric Flair walks into the room. Flair tells Teddy that he needs to do something about Batista and he can’t just let Batista walk out like he did. Teddy says that he called Batista but there was no answer. He then says it is a shame that Batista has walked out as he made a match at Survivor Series with Batista teaming with Mysterio, Kane and Flair to take on Chavo, Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von and Finlay in a Survivor Series elimination match. Teddy tells Flair that the only person Batista would listen to is his mentor Ric Flair. He says that Flair needs to do something, or at Survivor Series it will be a 4 v 3 handicap match. Long says the only person Batista will listen to is his mentor and tells Flair that is him.

Commercial Break

Match 4
Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero v Ric Flair

A very intense rivalry has been building up between these two men over the past weeks, and it leads to a very physical match. In the early going a lot of punches and chops were thrown between the two men, until Ric Flair took control of the match after taking Chavo to the outside with a back body drop. Ric Flair then started to work over the knee of Chavo to lead to the Figure 4, but when Flair attempted to lock the move on Chavo pushed the referee away and hit Flair with a low blow. Chavo then took control of the match nearly taking the victory on several occasions, only for Ric Flair to kick out. But the tide of the match turned again when Chavo Guerrero missed the Frog Splash as Ric Flair rolled out of the way. Ric Flair moments later locked Chavo into the Figure 4 Leg Lock. Ric Flair used the ropes for leverage as the referee concentrated on Chavo asking him whether he wanted to give up. With the referee concentrating on Chavo, out of nowhere came FINLAY who hit Ric Flair with the Shillelagh over the head before leaving through the crowd. Chavo then took advantage and made the cover, as a confused referee made the three count to give Chavo the victory.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero in 6:12

Post match sees Chavo Guerrero celebrate a victory over his rival Ric Flair, who eventually recovers and tells the referee what happened as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 5
Singles Match
Stevie Richards v William Regal with Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill

Stevie Richards who has produced a number of upset victories in recent weeks over the likes of Chris Masters and Chavo Guerrero, looked very good in to adding another name onto that list as he put on a very strong effort against the leader of the UKConnection. Richards came close to victory on several occasions, coming closest to victory with a Double Underhook Implant DDT only for William Regal to kick out of two. The ending came when Richards set Regal up for the Superkick when Paul Burchill distracted Richards from the outside for a few seconds. And those few seconds proved enough as Regal got to his feet and tripped Richards to the mat and locked on the Regal Stretch to which there was no way Richards was going to survive.

Winner: William Regal in 5:08

We then go backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by the World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Josh asks Edge if mocking The Undertaker like he did earlier tonight was the smartest thing to do. This infuriates Edge who says he can do whatever the hell he wants to because he is the World Heavyweight Champion. He says that Undertaker’s fellow minions and freaks in the crowd might thing it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but the Undertaker is about smart and has more personality as a block of Cucumber. He says he did what he did tonight to prove that he is not afraid of The Undertaker. And that at Survivor Series he is going to end the legacy of The Undertaker.

Edge’s interview is then cut off as Edge goes to speak about his match tonight, as backstage Marcus Cor Von and Elijah Burke are ambushing Matt Hardy just moments ahead of the upcoming Tag Team Title match. Cor Von and Burke go after the knee of Matt Hardy, with Cor Von smashing a brick over the knee of Matt Hardy. Burke and Cor Von then laugh at the damage they have caused and walk away as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

When we come back from commercial, the new Tag Team Champions Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von head down to the ring in a good mood after what they did before the commercial. Matt Hardy’s music then hits but no one comes out. Moments later MVP’s music hits and he comes out with Matt Hardy, with MVP helping a hobbling Matt Hardy to the ring. They stop near the top of the ramp and MVP points to Burke and Cor Von, BEFORE TAKING HARDY DOWN WITH A CHOP BLOCK! Huge heat is given as MVP gives the signal to the New Breed to come down the ramp, as he lifts up Matt Hardy and drops him with the Playmaker on the Steel Ramp. Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von then join MVP in attacking Matt Hardy, as the three men stomp away at Matt Hardy. Marcus Cor Von then brings a Steel Chair into the scene and places it on the injured knee of Matt Hardy, before MVP drops a stomp sandwiching Hardy’s knee in the Steel Chair. MVP then locks a Figure 4 Leg Lock onto Matt Hardy at the top of the ramp, as Burke and Cor Von take out referees and road agents trying to intervene. The brutal attack then ends with MVP and Burke holding Matt Hardy back for Marcus Cor Von, WHO POUNCES MATT HARDY OFF THE RAMP THROUGH SEVERAL TABLES! MVP, Burke and Cor Von then grab each other’s arm and hold them aloft in the air with MVP seemingly joined forces with Burke and Cor Von. We then rush off to another commercial as paramedics rush towards Matt Hardy.

Commercial Break

When we come back from commercial we see what happened during with paramedics putting on a neck brace onto Matt Hardy and putting him onto a stretcher, taking him out of the arena.

Match 6
Singles Match
Edge v Kane

Main Event time as Edge takes on the brother of the man that he has to face at Survivor Series for the World Heavyweight Title. In the early stages Kane gives Edge a taster of what could happen at Survivor Series, as Kane dominates Edge going through his arsenal of moves on Edge. Kane looked like he had the match won early on as he set Edge up for the Chokeslam, but in mid air Edge raked the eyes of Kane and then dropped him with the Edgecution. Edge then wrestled a smart game working over the leg of Kane, looking to keep the big man grounded on the floor. Edge looked to finish off the match, the same way he beat Rey Mysterio at No Mercy by locking on the Edgecator. But Kane has much more power than Mysterio, and was able to use the strength in his legs to reach the ropes. Kane was then able to fight back into the match after Edge missed a Spear, and Kane started taking down Edge with Clotheslines and Big Boots. Kane hit the diving Clothesline and went for the Chokeslam, but Edge once again avoided it with a kick to the gut and connected with the Spear. Edge went to make the cover, but suddenly the lights turned off and a Gong played over the speakers.

Edge then looked up to the Titantron where he could see a mannequin version of himself attached onto a cross. Then suddenly a lightning bolt hit the cross and the mannequin Edge set on fire. This was able to distract and disturb Edge long enough for Kane to recover to his feet, and Kane hit Edge with a big Chokeslam. Kane then made the cover and took the victory.

Winner: Kane in 10:02

After the match Kane celebrated his second big victory of the week, as Edge recovered to his feet looking upset and shocked about what just happened. A frustrated Edge then took a mic and told The Undertaker to stop playing his stupid little games, and come out and fight him man to man. There was no sign of Taker, so Edge called Taker a coward and says he is too scared of threatening him to his face. But as the quote goes, ask and you shall receive as the lights turn off, and when they come back on about twenty seconds later, The Undertaker is standing over Edge who is out cold. The show then comes to a close with Undertaker staring at Edge’s World Heavyweight Title.


Smackdown Results
Sabu and Tommy Dreamer beat Kenny Dykstra and Chris Masters in 7:42
Kid Kash beat Jamie Noble in 8:09 to go 2-0 up on Noble in the best of 7 series
Rey Mysterio beats Finlay via DQ in 7:24
Chavo Guerrero beats Ric Flair in 6:12
William Regal beats Stevie Richards in 5:08
Kane beats Edge in 10:02

Current WWE Survivor Series Card

Edge © v The Undertaker

Chris Jericho v Randy Orton ©

8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
Batista (?), Kane, Rey Mysterio and Ric Flair v Chavo Guerrero, Elijah Burke, Finlay and Marcus Cor Von
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