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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Raw Feedback

I’m glad your thread is back man, as it was without a doubt, one of the best on the forums by a million miles. It shocked me when you said you were doing your GCSE’s! It’s amazing to see someone your age write so well and produce quality so consistently like you do

Anyways, opening section to the show was good as usual. Jericho & Orton going at it after No Mercy (feels like a long time ago now) was expected with Jericho getting the title shot. I like that you’re addressing that straight away, and Orton’s excuse for letting him win was great and so typically Orton. Santino too was funny, the poor deluded fool. Austin’s appearance was needed, not just for the hilarious follow up to last week with the survey taking a resounding negative turn for Santino, but to set up a huge main event. I guess we will see different partners to last night?

You know how much I loved Umaga going over Triple H at No Mercy as I respected you having the guts to have The Game job to him where others don’t. The Estrada promo and open challenge sounded like a very logical idea, and Jeff making the answer was fine by me as I love their matches. I didn’t think you would have Triple H return so early, and of course you didn’t because you’re not stupid. The match was brilliant with some great sequences like the Wrecking Ball miss into the Whisper in the Wind, real fast hard action. The ending was okay, I just don’t like seeing Umaga get pinned. The distraction I see caused it, but I just think he needed to convince the fans just a little bit more by squashing someone until The Game returned. I can see the idea was good, it was just because it was Umaga and his monster gimmick that bothered me slightly

Stonecold/Santino promo was just great, so amazing for comedy value. It was just genius and I would have just loved to seen that on TV. It of course led well into the appearance of The WGTT and their problem. Again, as always, logical booking solution

Coach has been great with Austin, and this was just brilliant too. Although Austin has made his third appearance already, he is just gold to the show and putting Coach in his place, but here just a little bit of a chance, and LOL at Coach thinking he was going to win. RVD being his opponent was always going to be, shall we say difficult. I would have laughed my ass off had Santino been able to untie himself, run down and cost RVD the match, but RVD picking up the easy win was the all so easy decision

Austin again! It does feel like a one man show so far to be honest, but Santino has managed to escape, brilliant!

Kennedy/Orton/Vince segment was also very good. The start with Kennedy blaming Orton, only for him to walk in and lead to a confrontation was a great moment, leading into the legendary Vince silencer. I like that he is all business about it, that makes sense for Orton to team with Kennedy again tonight. I sense trouble!

Cryme Time/WGTT was a good match for sure, but I’m loving the incorporation of London & Kendrick into this, it’s just another example of how well thought out your booking is. Are we going to see a triple threat tag match at the Survivor Series? Shelton & Haas have some making up to do for sure

Cody’s interview was great and why I am loving the idea of turning him heel. The comments about his father were very strong for sure and will have definitely made people sit up and take notice of him. It looks like Val’s putting on his jobbing attire again tonight!

Austin/Santino carries on after a long enough break. It again was great comedy, but you just knew that although Austin was way behind Santino in the chase earlier on, Austin would be the taxi driver. Vince breaking up the fight was great as like you said, he has control over Raw, and I just wonder what role Santino will play in tonight

Cody was always going to win, but it was great that you are giving him a sense of arrogance, which will always lead to momentary lapses of concentration. Having him turn it back round makes him look stronger for that too, rather than just breezing to a win. It was no surprise that Hardcore would come for some retribution, but cool that Cody ducked it at the last second. But as usual, Holly won’t give it up! Another chase on tonight! There’ll be some tired legs at the hotel after

Cena laid out, oh yeah! I wonder who did that?!! It’s brilliant to see The Corporation throwing their weight around like every big powerful stable should do. Jericho has an idea ey? Personally, this one has me stumped

Man, that was cool from Carlito. Usually when you get a video promo like that with someone saying they’re aren’t there, it means that they are. Carlito calling Punk a geek was pretty funny to say the least. The match was good, what we can usually expect from Punk & Morrison. I was wondering if we would see a DQ, but I think Punk losing works better in the long run for him to try and get even. Morrison now joins Jeff & Cryme Time in picking up victories tonight with the aid of a distraction going in their favour

The main event was well, chaotic! Shane, I should have realised. In the match heading though, you put Shane McMahon with Vince McMahon. Anyways, the Codebreaker out of nowhere was sweet and lead to all the chaos ensuing as it should, but Umaga coming out was just brilliant as I would love to see him join The Corporation. I think we’re gonna see a real big war now aren’t we with Cena, Shane, Trips & Jericho up against the Corporation. That would be brilliant, and you’ve certainly laid the foundations for that if you’re going down that route. Austin returning was not a surprise since he’s been all over the show, in the first half anyway. Cena too coming out along with Santino gave the opportunities for Santino to get his ass kicked by Austin and for Cena to strike back, which is all good

Overall, it was a thoroughly brilliant show as normal. The only things that I can barely pick on was that Austin was used a hell of a lot in the first hour of the show, and that there were three distractions that led to three losses. That’s nothing at all, but brilliant work mate!

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