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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Well after a break for revising for my GCSE's i am back to continue this thread full time, and you can expect shows to be posted more quickly as i have got a three month break come Thursday. All shows will till Survivor Series will be posted in recap form, so i can make up for two months of no shows. From Survivor Series forwards shows will be posted back in full. Anyway finally here is Raw

Omaha Nebraska
15th October 2007

Before the show starts we get a video package showing the highlights from last night’s No Mercy PPV. We see Carlito retaining his Intercontinental title in a triple threat, Umaga attacking Triple H with a sledgehammer to win the match, Umaga throwing Triple H head first through an ambulance window backstage after the match and Chris Jericho getting the submission victory on Randy Orton in the tag team match to become the number one contender.
We then cut straight to the ring where we see Santino Marella sitting down with Maria, as the show opens with the Santino’s Casa. Santino complains about the fact that he didn’t even have a match at No Mercy, saying that he is sick of being held down from the main event scene. Santino continues his tirade blaming Omaha Nebraska, Joanne Cena, King Kong (Batista), Undertaker and finally Stone Cold Steve Austin. Santino is cut off by “Break the walls down”, and Chris Jericho heads towards the ring. Santino tells Jericho that he didn’t give him the cue to come out yet, only to be cut off by Jericho who tells him to shut the hell up. Jericho then insults Santino and his Mohawk before starting to talk about his victory at No Mercy, when “Burn inside my light” hits and Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring. Randy Orton and Chris Jericho have a face-to-face confrontation in the ring to hype their WWE Championship match at Survivor Series. Randy Orton tells Jericho that the only reason that Jericho beat Orton at No Mercy is because he let Jericho win. And that is because he wants to do the privilege of doing the Corporation and Vince McMahon a favour by ending the career of Chris Jericho. After some heated words between the two men, they go head to head face to face. It looks as though the two men are going to go at it when Santino Marella low blows Chris Jericho from behind angry at Jericho’s comments earlier on the Casa, and then Randy Orton drops Chris Jericho with the RKO. General Manager Stone Cold then comes out with a mic and he makes the main event for the evening in what could very well be a rematch from No Mercy, as Chris Jericho and Randy Orton will have to pick tag team partners to face each other later tonight. Stone Cold then reminds Santino about the survey last week and says that 15, 000 people voted for Stone Cold to kick Santino Marella’s ass. He says Santino can hand his ass over now or he can make a run for it and get his ass kicked just as bad. Stone Cold then gives Santino five seconds, and Santino chooses to make an escape as he runs off with Maria through the crowd with Austin making a chase.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see Armando Alejandro Estrada in the ring with Umaga. Estrada starts bragging on how Umaga gave Triple H the worst beating of his life at No Mercy, and that Triple H won’t be around for a long time because of the injuries he suffered at No Mercy. Estrada issues an open challenge for anyone to come out and face Umaga. Then Jeff Hardy’s music hits, as Jeff Hardy comes down to the ring accepting Umaga’s challenge.

Match 1
Singles Match
Jeff Hardy v Umaga

The first wrestling action on Raw sees another match in the Jeff Hardy v Umaga series, and just like on previous matches the majority of the match sees Umaga dominate Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy has to show a lot of resiliency and heart, as Umaga hits a series of hard hitting power manoeuvres on Jeff Hardy continuing off his work from his victory against Triple H at No Mercy. Jeff Hardy however started fighting back into the match, after Umaga missed the Samoan Wrecking Ball. Jeff Hardy hit the Whisper in the Wind followed by the Twist of Fate. Hardy went up top signalling for the Swanton Bomb, but Estrada distracted the referee. Jeff Hardy got off the turnbuckle and shoved Estrada off the apron before going up top again. Hardy looks for the Swanton Bomb but Umaga rolls out of the way! Umaga then sets Jeff Hardy up for the Samoan Spike when “Time to Play the Game” hits! Umaga looks down the ramp awaiting Triple H, as Estrada looks on in disbelief. This distracts Umaga for long enough for Hardy to dropkick Umaga off the ropes, and Umaga rebounds back into Jeff Hardy who rolls the big Samoan up and gets the three count!

Winner: Jeff Hardy in 8:07

Jeff Hardy quickly leaves the ring and celebrates his huge victory, finally beating his nemesis Umaga in a one on one match as Umaga and Estrada are left furious in the ring.

We then go backstage where we see that Stone Cold has caught Santino, as Santino is sitting down on a chair with his arms tied behind his back around the chair with tape over his mouth. Stone Cold reminds Santino that 15,000 people voted for Stone Cold to kick his ass tonight on Raw. Stone Cold said that he should give him one Stone Cold Stunner, two Stone Cold Stunners, three Stone Cold Stunners and he continues onto ten Stone Cold Stunners before stopping. Austin then tells Santino that he has changed his mind and will let him off because he is a nice guy. And instead of kicking his ass, he is going to force Santino to watch the Condemned. Santino falls back on his chair and tries to sliver away, but Austin tells Santino he is going nowhere and after the movie is finished Santino will tell him it is the greatest movie of all time or Santino will get his ass kicked and that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so. Stone Cold then walks out of the room and locks the door and walks into his office where he sees the Worlds Greatest Tag Team. Shelton Benjamin complains to Austin about Cryme Time selling their Tag Team Championships two weeks ago on Raw. Shelton tells Austin to do something about it and find their Tag Titles, but Austin replies by telling them that they got themselves into a mess and they can get themselves out of this mess. Austin makes Cryme Time v Benjamin and Haas for tonight as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see Jonathon Coachman in the ring with a mic in hand. Coach complains about Austin’s attacks on Coach over the past few weeks including Austin hitting Coach over the head with a guitar. Coach says that there is no room for a power abusing General Manager like Steve Austin and asks Linda McMahon if he can hear him to fire Stone Cold. Coach says he will forgive Austin if he comes out and apologises or he will take serious action. Moment’s later Stone Cold’s music hits and he comes out to a huge pop. Austin tells Coach he is not going to apologise but he is going to give Coach a chance to get rid of him as general manager. Austin says all Coach needs to do is beat his opponent tonight in a No DQ Match and he will be gone. Coach smiles as he believes he is going to win and get Stone Cold fired when “One of a Kind” hits and RVD comes out to a big pop to the frustration of Jonathon Coachman.

Match 2
No DQ Match
Jonathon Coachman v Rob Van Dam

This was a fantastic 5 star match with Jonathon Coachman showing his superior wrestling ability and…..Oh sorry I was supposed to say it was a total squash which saw RVD tear Coach apart for three minutes. Coach still feeling the effects of Stone Cold smashing a guitar over his head a few weeks ago didn’t get much sympathy as RVD continued his very physical side of him which he has been showing over the last few weeks. After hitting a Brainbuster onto Coach, RVD rolled to the outside and grabbed hold of a Steel Chair and then a Wooden Table and slides them into the ring. RVD smashed the chair over the skull of Coachman, before placing him on the table and hitting a Five Star Frog Splash to Coach through the table to get the easy victory.

Winner: Rob Van Dam in 2:38

We then go backstage again where we see Stone Cold going to the room that has Santino locked in it to check up on him. Austin opens the door only to find out that Santino has escaped. Austin storms off looking very pissed and it looks like he is going to chase after him.

We then go to another area backstage where we see Ken Kennedy talking to Vince McMahon. Kennedy tells Vince that he had the match won at No Mercy but Randy Orton had to screw up and lose the match, but fails to notice Randy Orton walk into the room. Orton then gets in Kennedy’s face having hearing the comment, and says that their team might of won last night if it wasn’t for him having to carry the match against both Jericho and Cena last night by himself. Kennedy and Orton then start arguing with neither man letting each other get a word in, to which Vince cuts with a big SHADDAAPP! Vince says that since Orton needs a partner tonight, Kennedy will team up with him tonight and they can make the wrongs from No Mercy right. Vince says that this is the Corporation, and he doesn’t want to have two men who continually let Vince down represent the Corporation. Vince then tells Kennedy he knows what he needs to do before telling them both to take Jericho and that he has to go and make a deal as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 3
Tag Team Match
Cryme Time v Worlds Greatest Tag Team

We get your typical every day Tag Team match with JTG playing the face in peril for a long part of only for Shad to make the hot tag late on and clean house. Cryme Time looked very good in the opening stages of the match, but when Haas tossed JTG to the outside. Benjamin hit JTG with a superkick as the legal man Haas distracted the referee. Benjamin and Haas then spent the next few minutes of the match to work over the knee of JTG. But JTG fought back after an enzuigiri onto Haas and he tagged in Big Shad. Shad came in and started cleaning house on Benjamin and Haas. Cryme Time looked good to get the win when they set Haas up for the G9 but Benjamin ran in and saved Haas by taking down both Shad and JTG. Charlie Haas then distracted the referee as Benjamin pulled out some Brass Knucks from his tights and hits big Shad with them. Benjamin then made the cover when he suddenly gets to his feet and looks down the ramp. The camera then focuses down the ramp and we see Paul London and Brian Kendrick with the Worlds Greatest Tag Team’s title belts! Benjamin and Haas ask London and Kendrick what the hell are they doing with their belts, and just like the first match this distracts Benjamin and Haas long enough for them to lose the match, as Cryme Time take Benjamin out of the ring before hitting the G9 on Haas for the victory.

Winners: Cryme Time in 6:47

After the match Cryme Time celebrate their victory, Paul London and Brian Kendrick tell the Worlds Greatest Tag Team to give them a shot at the Tag Team Titles or they will never see their belts again.

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by with Cody Rhodes who gets some heat from the crowd after his heel turn last week on Raw. Todd asks why Cody turned on Hardcore last week on Raw to which he receives a shut up from Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes says he is sick and tired of being overlooked, and always being known as Dusty Rhodes’s son and says that it was about time he did something about it. Cody says that his rise to the top starts tonight with Val Venis, and in thirty years from now nobody will remember his father. And everybody will remember the name Cody Rhodes.

We then cut to the parking lot where we see Santino Marella and Maria running towards a taxi. They quickly get into the taxi and Santino thanks Maria for saving him as he was so angry and frustrated and couldn’t stand another moment of watching the Condemned with it’s terrible acting. Santino then asks the taxi driver to get out of here before Stone Cold comes. We then hear a familiar voice saying “Taxi for Jackass” and then the camera focuses on the taxi driver who is Stone Cold! Stone Cold then jumps to the back seat onto Santino and starts laying into him with some hard right hands. Santino quickly squeals out of the taxi and tries to run away from Stone Cold, who catches Santino with a Clothesline to the back of the head. Austin then tosses Santino onto the hood of the taxi and starts pounding away at him when from behind Security grab hold of Stone Cold and pull him away from Santino. Vince McMahon then walks into the scene and he has a go at Austin saying that a General Manager has no right to attack one of Raw’s top superstars. Vince says that Austin has caused enough damage for one night and that he is barred from the arena. He then tells the security to pull him away, and as they do so a big smile appears on Vince’s face as he now has full control of Raw not that Austin is not here. A hurt Santino Marella then walks into the scene and thanks Vince McMahon for sending Austin out of the arena, and asks Vince if there is anything he can do to repay Vince. Vince tells Santino there is actually and before we find out we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 4
Singles Match
Cody Rhodes v Val Venis

Cody Rhodes first match as a heel turns out to be much harder than expected, as the match is all Val Venis until the late stages of the match. Val Venis came close to three on multiple occasions, with the closest coming with a snap DDT dropping Cody right on his head. Cody Rhodes at one point seemed as though the match had turned in his favour after hitting Val with a dropkick, but he started showing a bit of cockiness and took too much time taunting to the crowd which allowed Val to regain his momentum. Val hit a spin out Powerbomb and then went for the Money Splash, but Cody Rhodes moved out of the way. This is where the match turned for Cody and he got the win after a hanging DDT from the second rope.

Winner: Cody Rhodes in 5:16

After the match Cody celebrates his hard fought victory. But then after the match Hardcore Holly sprints down to the ring. Cody looks willing to fight Hardcore, but slides out at the last possible second. But Hardcore still wants a piece of Cody, as he quickly rolls out the ring and chases Cody all the way up the ramp to the backstage area.

We then go backstage where we see Chris Jericho standing outside of John Cena’s locker room. Jericho takes a sigh before walking into the locker room to see tons of paramedics and superstars including Shane McMahon checking on John Cena who is bloody and unconscious on the floor. Jericho asks Shane what happened and finds out that the Corporation members attacked John Cena just a few moments ago knowing that Jericho might pick Cena as his tag team partner. Shane asks Jericho if he has a partner, to which Jericho says no but he has an idea as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

When we come back from commercial “This fire burns” hits and CM Punk makes his way to the ring to a big pop. CM Punk takes a mic and he talks about his loss at No Mercy saying he was so close to becoming the Intercontinental Champion, but Carlito took advantage and stole the victory. CM Punk says that Carlito didn’t beat him however and he demands a rematch right here right now. We then go the Titantron where we see Carlito on a beach lying down with a drink. Carlito takes off his shades and apologises to CM Punk for not being there tonight, but instead of going to miserable Omaha Nebraska he decided to celebrate his victory on the sunny beaches of Puerto Rico. Carlito says that he knows that CM Punk will want a rematch for the Intercontinental Title, but the thing is that CM Punk is not cool and that he is straight edge because he is a geek and Carlito likes to spit in the faces of geeks. We then see the legs of a woman walk into the scene and we see a bra drop onto the ground. Carlito’s mouth opens wide and he then looks at the camera and says that’s cool before we cut back to the ring to see an angry CM Punk. John Morrison’s music then hits and he makes his way down to the ring for their scheduled match.

Match 5
Singles Match
CM Punk v John Morrison

CM Punk and John Morrison put on a very good contest, with both men putting on a fast paced back and forth match. In the early going, we saw a lot of reversals between the two men with both men knowing everything their opponent is about to do because of their many matches in the last year. John Morrison took advantage four minutes into the match, when CM Punk went for the running knee to a corner John Morrison, but Morrison caught Punk with a back body drop taking him over the top rope to the outside. John Morrison then started to work over the knee of CM Punk, which had been damaged from that hard land onto the concrete floor on the outside. The tides turned in advantage of CM Punk after Punk rolled out of the way avoiding a Moonsault from the top rope by John Morrison. CM Punk picked up a lot of momentum going through his move set with the fans knowing the end is near. It looked as though Punk had the victory when he set Morrison up for the Go To Sleep, but MELINA pulled Morrison off Punk’s shoulders from the ring apron. CM Punk went to attack Melina only for the referee to get in the way. The referee then confronted Melina telling her to go to the back, but suddenly in the ring CARLITO COMES FROM OUT OF NOWHERE hitting Punk with the Intercontinental Championship. Carlito flees put of the ring as Morrison hits a Breakdance Leg Drop and makes the cover for the victory.

Winner: John Morrison in 8:14

After the match John Morrison reunites with Melina in the ring, as Carlito points and laughs at CM Punk who is just getting to his feet realising what has happened as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

When we come back from commercial we see the Corporation consisting of WWE Champion Randy Orton, Ken Kennedy and Vince McMahon come down to the ring to some big heat. Chris Jericho then makes his way to the ring as JR and King talk about John Cena’s attack earlier in the show and who could be Chris Jericho’s partner. Then “Here Comes The Money” hits and Shane McMahon comes out in wrestling gear to a big pop. The Corporation point and laugh at Shane who is not an active wrestler, believing that this is going to be a walk in the park. But they are surprised when Shane McMahon and Chris Jericho rush into the ring and start attacking them.

Match 6
Tag Team Match
Chris Jericho and Shane McMahon with Vince McMahon v Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton

We end the show with a very controversial Tag Team Match. Early in the match Chris Jericho and Shane McMahon were all over Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton with Shane nearly getting the win with the diving elbow drop on Ken Kennedy early on in the match only for Randy Orton to break the count. Moments later Chris Jericho got Kennedy in the Walls of Jericho and Ken Kennedy tapped out and the referee called for the bell! But Vince McMahon grabbed the mic and said that he is now in control of the show and he says that you cannot win this match via submission so the match will continue. With Chris Jericho too busy complaining to the referee, Randy Orton came from out of nowhere with an RKO and made the cover only for Shane McMahon to make the save. Orton and Kennedy then took control of the match keeping Chris Jericho in their corner not allowing him to tag in Shane McMahon. Randy Orton went to finish off Jericho with the punt to the head, but Jericho caught Orton from out of nowhere with the Codebreaker! Jericho then went for the cover but from behind Ken Kennedy hit a low blow causing the referee to call for the bell. But once again Vince McMahon grabbed the mic and said that this match would continue and would now be a No DQ Match.

But this did not work for the Corporation as Shane McMahon grabbed a Steel Chair and started swinging it left right and centre at Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton. Shane McMahon then chased his dad with the Chair but from out of nowhere UMAGA HITS SHANE WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE! Chris Jericho went to make the save but from behind SANTINO MARELLA hits Chris Jericho with a Steel Chair! Umaga then tosses Shane McMahon into the ring and he traps Chris Jericho in the ropes by the arms. Vince McMahon then enters the ring as a recovered Randy Orton gets to his feet. With Chris Jericho tied in the ropes, Vince McMahon starts shouting in Chris Jericho’s face as Randy Orton locks on the Walls of Jericho onto Shane McMahon as a hurt Chris Jericho watches on. Ken Kennedy then hits Chris Jericho with a big boot to the face as the referee calls for the bell as mayhem has let loose.

Match ends in no contest in 9:52

The mayhem continues after the match as Umaga grabs Chris Jericho by the throat and hits him with multiple Samoan Spikes. Meanwhile Ken Kennedy, Randy Orton and Santino Marella hit their finishing manoeuvres on Shane McMahon. Vince McMahon then grabs hold of the Steel Chair and he goes to hit Chris Jericho who is still tied up in the ropes with it when “My time is now” hits and a bandaged and bruised John Cena rushes to the ring. John Cena cleans house tossing Umaga, Kennedy and Orton out of the ring as Vince McMahon flees the ring. This leaves Santino Marella in the ring, and he hits Cena with a forearm to the back but it does no damage. John Cena turns around and stares a hole through Santino and then grabs hold of him by the back of the neck. John Cena then tells Santino to look down the ramp as “Glass Shatters” hits and Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to the ring. Santino begs Stone Cold to not hurt him, but Austin gives him the middle finger and drops him with a Stone Cold Stunner. The show then comes to a close as Cena and a recovering Chris Jericho and Shane McMahon reach their feet and stare down the Corporation down the ramp.


Raw Results
Jeff Hardy beats Umaga in 8:07
RVD beats The Coach in a No DQ Match in 2:38
Cryme Time beat The Worlds Greatest Tag Team in 6:47
Cody Rhodes beats Val Venis in 5:17
John Morrison beats CM Punk in 8:14
Chris Jericho and Shane McMahon v Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton goes to a no contest in 9:52

Current WWE Survivor Series Card

Edge © v The Undertaker

Chris Jericho v Randy Orton ©
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