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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Well, the starting match was pretty intense and an excellent opener. Near pinfalls and huge moves. I liked that. However, the ending was pretty un-original. The whole ideal of Punk hitting the finisher and Carlito getting the win is so used! But, that makes it a realistic finish to the match and for that, I give you props.

"Todd Grisass?" Come on, man. That's kinda lame. Even for Jericho. However, he saved face with a classic "Chicago is Jericho." Cena seemed in character and you got very creative with the dialog and character of John. At the end, Jericho mocking Cena with the "if you want some, then come freakin' get some," thing was not to convincing. Still, an okay way to sell the later match.

The first four paragraphs of the CW match were very fast-paced, but I noticed it kind of slowed down after that. The ending was unexpected, but a good counter nontheless. So Kash gets the first win, huh? I hope Noble wins the thing altogether.

Triple H hitting Donald with a sledgehammer? What type of bull*** is that? Do you have any idea how dark that was? Even for a Wrestlemania promo.

Very nice interview with the Hardyz suspecting that MVP is up to something. I'm predicting that MVP joins Burke and Cor Von and screws Matt out of the tag team titles, setting up for an excellent feud with the two teams. Good job, man.

A very short, but convincing match with Kane and Finlay. I liked the double chokeslam at the end, but I can honestly sa that I expected a counter and an eventual Finlay win.

Great tag team match, man. It was outstanding, and the ending was very realistic. I loved the whole ending where MVP accidently smacks Matt with the title belt. You out-did yourself with this one. This sets up for what I expect to be a great MVP/Hardy feud.

The Triple H interview was short, yet okay. You showed Hunter's typical cockiness and "ready to fight" attitude. That match was the s***, man. Especially with the sledgehammer and Armando that led to Umaga regaining the momentum. However, the ending wasn't as good. Mainly because Umaga played the whole weapon deal while Umaga distracted the ref. In any case, the Umaga win was unexpected, but a good call. And the post-match was just salt on the injury.

Pretty good Edge promo, man. He made some great points, including the whole thing about Batista and Undertaker. Edge's last line before he walked away seemed... well, I don't think he would've ended an interview like that. In any case, great promo.

This whole thing were Umaga inflicts more pain on HHH was not needed. He proved his point, he didn't have to do anything else. But, I suppose it kills time.

An okay World title match. Edge countering the West Coast pop into the powerbomb didn't seem to realistic. However, the Edgecator was an awesome twist to end it. So, Edge retains. Not really a huge shocker there.

A very in character Kennedy/Orton promo. It spells that the two might betray each other during the match and fight. This should be a good one.

And I was right. This tag team match was absolutely astronomical. You really pulled out all the stops on this one, and it paid off. The ending with Shane McMahon was a great add! I also liked the Walls of Jericho into the RKO! That never gets old. So, Jericho gets the title shot. Lovely. That should be a good match.

The main event was a full-on war, but the start of it was pretty lame. Batista spears Undertaker? Come on! You stole that from 'Mania 23. Be more original man. However, the match in itself was fantastic from there. A lot of violence, innovation and steel steps usage. Plus, the two tombstones worked really well. I can't wait to see where you take it from here. An awesome finish to the show.

Overall: 96/100 = A

Anyway, great show, man. I'll be keeping track in the future.
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