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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Thought that I'd drop by and see what you've got going in here. This is my first time to check your thread out since you split off with F-D but I'm interested to see how you are faring as a singles booker.

I'll be honest. There really wasn't too much to the opening promo to really get into it at all. I saw some grammar mistakes and all but not only that it just didn't excite me too much. I'm really looking forward to the main event though as Burke and Cor Von both get a bit of main event time here on Raw which is always cool.

So you've got Kash and Noble feuding. Seems a bunch of people do that or still have them teaming too. Interesting to note there and I'd like to see Noble take the win as he needs it more than Kash.

Ooo. I liked this promo better than the opening one. I'd love to see a Flair/Batista feud as there never really was a proper one on TV after Evolution broke off. It'd be cool if you are hinting at doing that later on.

Um nothing really major here. Seems Palumbo and Masters are tangled in a small feud right now. Don't really know much about it so I won't say too much on it.

Eh didn't really care too much before the promo that went on before the match. Shame Noble had to lose to Undertaker and get squashed. Makes the CW title look weak imo but really in WWE at this time it was weak. Noble really does need to get a win in that first match now for sure.

Okayish promo from Finlay. It wasn't really anything special but I see you are playing off the Kane/Finlay feud that took place at SummerSlam lsat year. Good to see you continue that as it had potential but was blown over pretty quick.

Hmmm, weird tag match here. It was obvious from the get go that Guerrero and Dykstra stood no chance at all and were just going to be fed to Flair and Batista. I liked the ending though. Pretty creative and really makes me think once Batista is done with Undertaker that we'll be seeing Flair vs. Batista down the road.

Cool to see Finlay interfere and get involved and gets Regal a big win. I like the faction you have with Regal, Taylor, and McIntyre. Fundamental announcement there for No Mercy afterwards. I'd like to see Finlay win the match but Kane is most likely going to go over.

Oooo, good main event and I thought this was going to end the night but I was wrong.Pretty much skimming over it, I'd most likely think Edge is going to walk in as the champion and then walk out. Him getting the last laugh was good despite Mysterio's team getting the win. I can't see Mysterio won't win because I think you had him have a title run back in your old thread but anything is possible.

I don't really think a Contract Signign was needed here tonight. I can understand it for the no touch rule but that should have been put in effect earlier. Then they turn around and break the rule right there? Weird and makes me wonder if there really is a purpose for this ruling by the GM?

Overall OK show. Saw some grammar errors throughout the show and some confusing things booked but still you seem to be doing a good job here by yourself.
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