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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Raw Feedback

Santino’s Casa would be brilliant to see on TV, trademark it quick! I could just see Maria getting sidetracked like that and Santino being a man of action with his petition. Austin came it out pretty quickly and just by chance had his own petition. Very funny segment and I wonder when Santino will collect! Nice match made too for Orton and Kennedy

Umaga randomly taking people apart sells his anger from last week and really shows how dangerous he can be ahead of his match at No Mercy

Cena and Jericho starting the show is different, but that’s cool. It was an obvious win, but I liked that Murdoch and Cade didn’t look particularly inferior against them. What happened after with Orton and the chair was cleverly done, brilliantly booked it has to be said to get Cena and Jericho on the wrong page

I liked this promo with Cody & Hardcore, getting both of them spot on. The tension is so clearly there, but it’s good to see Cody showing some respect towards him if you’re going to make a go of it with them as a team. Coach and Vince promo was pretty good too, nothing too big, I just wonder how Coach is going to suffer again this week. Vince was spot on in this too and funny as he is always is when he mistreats Coach

Yeah it was a good match with Punk & Morrison, and I was surprised that it ended in a no contest, I shouldn’t be really, but I expected Punk to get a one on one title shot. It’s the sort of trick Carlito would try, but like Summerslam last year, we see a triple threat announced. This segment though just re-enforces that Hardcore is not getting the title tonight, making it a kind of pointless match

Santino again was hilarious, offering to show Maria naked then calling the guy a pervert. Very good way to get Santino over and next week will be great. Poor Coach is in trouble, we just know it!

RVD & Umaga would certainly be a match I would like to see and this didn’t disappoint until the ending. I just felt that Umaga should be the one to get DQ’d and show his destructive side as he needs to look as strong as possible going into the match with Triple H at No Mercy. Trips coming down and taking advantage of someone else’s work is something I don’t really agree with as he usually does it all by himself. RVD gained the most I feel from this match, maybe that’s you’re laying the foundations for

No real surprise to see Beth Phoenix overcome Melina, it certainly makes her look like a stronger champion now that she’s taken Melina apart. Who’s next though?

Jericho’s promo was good and I would have enjoyed to have seen that. You’re really building the tension between them as we go into No Mercy, but I guess there’s more to come in the show yet with Orton and Kennedy in action later on

Hardcore had no chance in hell of winning this one, so it was no shock when Cody accidentally got in the way and cost him the match. What followed was brilliant and unexpected. I enjoyed Cody’s heel turn in D-K-L’s thread and he makes a believable heel, and boy he has reason to here with hardcore pushing him around. Loved that!

Main event time, and it was a cracker. I figured that with Jeff being in there, he would be the fall guy. Orton and Kennedy had to win this one, but what mattered was what went down next with Cena and Jericho. Shane picking up the brunt of the assault was alright as Orton and Kennedy stood tall, as they should

Smackdown Feedback

I liked Teddy’s announcement, for some reason I enjoy it when two opponents aren’t allowed to touch each other, as it really adds the tension to the feud. This must be killing both of them after last week and the table being crushed due to Taker’s stupid back

The Chavo/Flair feud has been great and you deserve credit for that. Man, Chavo would be pissed if he lost to Stevie, helping him pick up a shock victory. Are Chavo and Flair on the card for No Mercy?

Wow the whole Matt/MVP deal just escalated in a big way. I love reading your shows as you do something totally different with your progression of feuds and different angles. For MVP to be behind the attack on Matt was a shock to me, but it shouldn’t be as we know what he’s like. And then during the match, another video incriminates MVP. The champs are in trouble in a big way and I’d be shocked and a little pissed if they didn’t lose at No Mercy and finally go after each other. Did Regal need to use the knucks though instead of just the power of the punch? Just that MVP had to get up after to argue, which didn’t sell the shot too well with the knucks

I love the way you’re going about Batista’s turn. Accusing Flair of being jealous is great and the arrogance coming off of Batista is just great to read. He was always going to beat Kane, and he needed to. Finlay as ever is a pain if he hates you and it was good that you incorporated his feud with Kane into giving Batista a big victory going into No Mercy

Rey’s interview with Cole was pretty heartfelt and honest, but he sold his desire well and Edge made the promo entertaining when he came out with some funny lines. Rey/Dykstra is a match that would be good to watch, and Edge’s spear wasn’t enough. Rey’s recovery wasn’t that big a deal before he got the win. What followed after was a great exchange making both men look even going into No Mercy, when we know that Edge is leaving as champ

The Kash/Noble exchange was very good, so cocky of Noble to offer the first fall. I love this feud as they are both so intense and the sucker punch at the end. Let the fun begin this Sunday

Dreamer & Sabu getting this victory was a given, but I see this match setting the stone for this team to face the soon to be new heel champions of Burke & Cor Von

Finlay’s match with Taker was very good indeed. I wondered if Batista would play any part in this one, but that happened after. Kane coming to his brothers rescue helps both of them and the feud with Finlay. I loved the dodged spear though to keep the match intact and sell Batista’s drive to beat the dead man

Great way to go into No Mercy, tremendously booked shows as ever and can’t wait for the PPV. My favourite thread on here and you make it obvious why with shows like these. Do you want No Mercy predictions now or do you want us to wait until you post the preview?
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