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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

By SC2004.

(first time reviewing your BTB, so if I may a stupid comment or if there are blatant oversights, feel free to point that out as it will help me get up to speed and understand your BTB J)

- Opening was great fun. I think Marella and Maria are a great comedy duo of sorts. The idea to give Santino his own show is a great idea, given his talent on the stick. Austin was his usual self, doing what Austin does best. I liked how you set up the Kennedy, Orton versus Triple H, Jeff hardy match.

- Nice way to open the show, a solid match with the faces coming out on top. The aftermath was better than the match, classic old school set up, with Orton hitting Cena with the chair and Jericho picking it up. This always works for me.

- Two solid backstage segments. I liked the intensity of the Holly, Carlito segment. The Vince, coach segment was humorous as Vince actually think an injured Coach could somehow manage to keep Umaga under control.

- Second match was fine. The run in was logical. Not too keen on seeing Austin and Marella in spots so soon after their opening promo, but what they did served a purpose and was entertaining. The Coach, Umaga thing is going to be funny. No way coach can keep him under control.

- No to happy with two DQ finishes in a row to be honest, but with it being so close to No Mercy, I can see where youíre coming from. Triple H coming out and hitting a pedigree on an all ready injured Umaga didnít serve much of a purpose and it didnít make the game look any stronger.

- You went for two heelís in the womenís title match, Beth and Melina. With so many faces, I donít know why you decided to do that, but you did justify it, when you said the crowd were cheering for Melina because they wanted a new champion. The Jericho interview was fine, I thought he would have been more agitated or angry at Cena.

- I love it, Cody is the heel and not Holly, which is the way 99% of bookers on here would of booked this new feud. I liked that a lot.

- Dramatic main event. Liked how Vince set up Hunter, leading him into Umaga, lever stuff. Also the finish, although it happened all of a sudden, worked really well. The finish worked because even though Jeff got pinned, it was in effect, 2 on 1, so he still looks strong. The finish to the show was awesome with a 6 man brawl in the ring.

This show built up the NO Mercy PPV very well. The show was very entertaining. I personally thought the opening promo with Austin and Marella was the best segment of the night. The best match, without a doubt was the main event. I liked this Raw a lot, grounded in realism, but not to the point that it becomes boring, like the current WWE product. Iíll continue reading.

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