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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

8th October 2007
Grand Rapids

*Opening video and pyro*

We then go over to JR and King who run down tonight’s show. They run down the matches tonight which include Umaga v RVD, Chris Jericho and John Cena v Cade and Murdoch, CM Punk v John Morrison and the Womens Title is on the line.

We start the show off with Santino Marella and Maria coming down to the ring for the first ever “Santino’s Casa”. Santino stepped into the ring, which had a very stereotypical Italian feel to it, with a replica of the leaning tower of piza, a Da Vinci painting, a table with a pizza on, two stools and a very large Italian Flag. Santino Marella then put a briefcase he brought to the ring with him on the mat, as Maria sees the Pizza and starts licking her lips. We get a typical entertaining Santino Marella promo, which starts off with Santino hyping the Santino’s Casa comparing it to the Highlight Reels, Piper’s Pimp and the Flair for the Old. Santino then starts ranting about the fact that he doesn’t have a match at No Mercy, blaming on Stone Cold Steve Austin. Santino says that he is sick of seeing Stone Cold walk around, thinking he is a bit shot hitting great men like Jonathon Coachman with a Guitar. Santino says he is sick of Steve Austin, and he then goes to ask Maria who ignores Santino as she is too busy eating the Pizza. Santino shouts at Maria to say something, to which she replies I like Pepperoni Pizza better. Santino ignores Maria and then opens up a briefcase, and picks out some paperwork. Santino then announces that he has started a petition to kick Steve Austin out of Raw, to which Stone Cold’s music hits and he comes out to the ring with a briefcase in hand. Austin plays around with Santino for a little, cutting him off after every line with a What before telling him to Shut up or he will get his ass kicked. Austin then says that since Santino has started a petition, he thought that he should start a petition of his own. Austin says he has started a petition to see how many people think that Santino Marella should get his ass kicked by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin then says that if only one person says yes, he gets one Stone Cold Stunner. If two people say yes, he gets two Stone Cold Stunners and so on. Stone Cold then hands the petition to the crowd, as Santino Marella storms backstage upset at Austin dragging Maria with him. Moments later Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy come out with a mic in hand. Ken Kennedy tells Austin to get out of the ring, because they have something to say. Austin says he has already heard them say too much, and says they won’t be saying anything more but they will have a warmup match tonight just like John Cena and Chris Jericho do. He then announces the main event as Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton to take on Jeff Hardy and Triple H. Austin then finishes off with his famous catchphrase and his music hits, as Orton and Kennedy complain as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

We then go backstage to see Umaga randomly taking out a few Jobbers and backstage production staff. We then cut to ringside where JR announces that Armando Alejando Estrada is not here tonight due to injuries, and with no one keeping control of Umaga, he is an unleashed animal. We then go to the crowd where we see Stone Cold’s petition being passed around through the crowd.

Match 1
Tag Team Match
Chris Jericho and John Cena with Shane McMahon v The Redneck Wrecking Crew

The first match of the evening sees John Cena and Chris Jericho warm up for their big tag team match at No Mercy, as they face former Tag Team Champions The Redneck Wrecking Crew. Cena and Jericho despite their differences put on a very impressive display working together very well, showing that they can work together as a team. However despite an impressive start, Chris Jericho played the face in peril with Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch using an effective Ground and Pound Technique, to keep Jericho away from tagging in John Cena. However Chris Jericho hit a Code breaker out of nowhere on a charging Trevor Murdoch, and then tagged in John Cena. John Cena cleaned house on Murdoch, and looked like the match was over when he hit him with the F-U, but Lance Cade broke the count. Chris Jericho then made the save for Cena, and moments later John Cena got Murdoch into the STF-U as Jericho got Cade into the Walls of Jericho. Both Cade and Murdoch tapped at the same time, giving Cena and Jericho an impressive victory.
Winners: Chris Jericho and John Cena in 7:58

After the match Cena and Jericho celebrate their victory as Shane McMahon gets into the ring. As Cena celebrates his victory on the turnbuckle, out of nowhere comes RANDY ORTON WHO HITS JOHN CENA WITH THE CHAIR AND TOSSES IT TO CHRIS JERICHO BEFORE FLEEING THE RING! Randy Orton flees through the crowd, as Jericho starts shouting at Randy Orton with the chair in hand. Meanwhile John Cena recovers by getting to his feet, and he turns around to see Chris Jericho with the chair in hand. John Cena then approaches Jericho and shoves him, believing that Jericho hit him with the chair. This leads to both men getting into an argument, with Shane McMahon having to play the Peacekeeper. We then go backstage to see Vince watching on a monitor, smiling at what he is seeing.

Commercial Break.

When we return from commercial we see Hardcore Holly storming into a locker room, where we see Cody Rhodes. Hardcore asks Cody what the hell he was thinking last week when he cost him his Intercontinental Championship Match with Carlito. Hardcore shouts at Cody that he screwed up and he has any guts he will face him one on one tonight. Cody tells Hardcore to calm down and apologises for last week and admits he made a mistake. Cody says that there is no need for the two of them to face, as he has got Hardcore a rematch with Carlito for the Intercontinental Championship with Matt Stryker and Santino Marella banned from ringside. Hardcore then tells Cody to not interfere in his match tonight, or there will be serious consequences.

We then go back to Vince McMahon’s office where he is with Jonathon Coachman who has a neck brace on after being hit with a guitar from Stone Cold last week. Coach asks Vince what is it he wanted. Vince then tells Coach that since Estrada is not here tonight, someone needs to take control of Umaga before he tears everyone apart. Vince then tells Coach that for Umaga’s match with RVD, for one night only Jonathon Coachman will be his manager. Coach tries to persuade Vince to change his mind, saying he is still suffering from injuries from Stone Cold last week, but Vince tells him if he doesn’t do it he will be fired. Coach then walks out of the office not looking too happy, as we go to ringside.

Match 2
Intercontinental Number 1 Contender Match
CM Punk v John Morrison

We get a very impressive match here between Punk and Morrison, resembling a lot of their past encounters over the past months. It was a back and forth contest for the majority of the way through, and kept the fans interested with some fast paced action and some high flying moves. Things looked bad for Punk halfway through the match, when he took a very stiff landing on the steel railing at ringside, as John Morrison flapjacked him head first onto the Steel Railing. CM Punk seemed hurt, and Morrison went to take advantage of that working over the head of CM Punk coming close to victory with a second rope DDT. However CM Punk fought the pain and kept on going, nearly taking the victory at around the 6 minute mark when he hit Morrison with the Shining Wizard. The ending saw both men counter each others finishers, with Morrison quickly escaping the Uranage, before CM Punk blocked the Corkscrew Neckbreaker, before hitting the GTS. CM Punk went to make the cover, when CARLITO got into the ring and started attacking both men, causing the referee to call for the bell!
No Contest in 8:31

After the match Carlito continues to attack CM Punk, hitting him with the Backcracker. Carlito then raises his Intercontinental Title in the air as the glass shatters, and Stone Cold Steve Austin appears at the top of the ramp with a mic in hand. Austin says he is not going to let Carlito squirm out of defending his Championship at No Mercy, and he announces at No Mercy it will be a Triple Threat Match. With Carlito defending against both John Morrison and CM Punk. Austin then leaves to his music as Carlito has a strop in the ring.

We then cut to the crowd, where we see Santino Marella snatching Stone Cold’s petition and checking how many people have voted for Austin to kick his ass so far. Santino Marella’s jaw opens wide, as he sees that not one person has voted to save Santino from Austin. Santino can’t believe it. He then approaches the fan and pleads with them to vote to save Santino. Santino even offers the man to see Maria naked if he votes for Santino. The fan says yes, to which Santino calls him a pervert before storming away not looking too happy as it looks like he will be getting a very big ass kicking next week.

We then go to another area backstage where we see Jonathon Coachman trying to calm down Umaga, who is tossing equipment all over the Locker Room. JR tells us that next up Umaga will take on RVD

Commercial Break

Match 3
Singles Match
Rob Van Dam v Umaga

We get a very physical contest here, with RVD showing a lot of attitude recently very angry with the situation in the WWE recently, and despite Coachman being at ringside, Coach fails to keep Umaga under control. Early on Rob Van Dam went to hit Umaga with a Steel Chair, but the referee snatched the chair off RVD allowing Umaga time to recover and hit a devastating Samoan Drop on RVD. The fight was taken to the outside where RVD seemed to have control, when Jonathon Coachman distracted him allowing Umaga to take control. Umaga set RVD up by the Steel Steps, and he connected with a Samoan Wrecking Ball sandwiching RVD’s head between Buttcheek and Steps. Umaga dominated the match for the next few minutes, coming close to victory with a Diving Body Splash off the top rope. However when Umaga collided with the referee, RVD was able to Low Blow Umaga and then connect with a DDT. RVD hit a Split Legged Moonsault on Umaga went for the cover, but Coach on the outside distracted the referee. A furious RVD then rolled to the outside and took an injured Coachman out with a DDT, dropping him right onto his injured neck. The ending of the match saw RVD climb the top rope and set Umaga up for the Frog Splash, but Umaga got to his feet and pushed RVD off the top rope down to the outside. Umaga then went after RVD, but out of nowhere RVD smashed a Steel Chair over the skull of Umaga! The referee then calls for the bell giving Umaga the win via DQ.
Winner: Umaga via DQ in 8:02

After the match RVD tosses Umaga into the ring and sets him up in the corner, then placing a Steel Chair in front of his head. RVD then walks to the turnbuckle to the side of the one Umaga is in and he climbs to the top rope. AND RVD HITS THE COAST TO COAST ON UMAGA! A very pissed off looking RVD then leaves the ring as TRIPLE H makes his way to the ring! Triple H smiles at RVD as he comes down, before entering the ring. He says to himself what the hell, before setting the chair up and he connects with the Pedigree onto Umaga onto the Steel Chair, taking advantage of the damage RVD caused. Triple H then leaves the ring as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 4
Womens Title
Beth Phoenix © v Melina

After winning the right to get a title shot last week on Raw, Melina puts up a valiant effort against the Womens Champion with the title on the line. Despite being a Heel, Melina was viewed as a face by the crowd for this match, with the Grand Rapids crowd wanting to see a New Champion. And Melina came so close to doing so hitting Beth with the Kyrapractor, but Beth kicked out just before 3. Then a late surge by Beth Phoenix at the end of the match, saw Beth retain her title after connecting with the Down in Flames.
Winner: Still Womens Champion Beth Phoenix in 5:20

As Beth celebrates her title defence we go backstage, to see Todd Grisham standing by Chris Jericho. Todd reminds Jericho of what John Cena said in an interview last week, before asking him how are he and John Cena going to be able to coexist at No Mercy. Jericho cuts an entertaining but serious promo on his match this Sunday and how he will be able to coexist with John Cena. Jericho tells Grisham to Shut the Hell up, before saying that he and John Cena are going to coexist at No Mercy, and if John Cena messes that up he is going to get an asskicking that he has never ever felt in his life. He says that he has one goal in mind and that is to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship, and there is no way that he is going to let some assclown like John Cena stop him from doing so. Jericho finishes off by saying that he will be the next WWE Champion.

Commercial Break

Just before the next match, Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring to do some colour commentary for the upcoming match.

Match 5
Intercontinental Title
Carlito © v Hardcore Holly

After coming so close last week, Hardcore Holly once again puts up a dominating display against the Intercontinental Champion with Cody Rhodes watching on at the Raw Announce Table. Carlito was the one to make the brighter start to the match going through his normal routine of moves. But when Carlito climbed to the top rope, his cockiness shone through as he started wasting time, and as he dived off Hardcore caught him in mid air with an impressive Dropkick. Carlito showed his resiliency throughout, kicking out of both the Hollycaust and then the Alabama Slammer. The ending of the match saw Carlito slap Cody Rhodes at ringside as he and Hardcore fought on the outside. Moments later Cody Rhodes stepped onto the ring apron, as Carlito reversed Hardcore Holly’s whip, sending Hardcore into Cody who flies face first off the announce table on the outside. Hardcore however staggered back right into the path of Carlito, who finished him off with the Back Cracker to retain his title.
Winner: Still Intercontinental Champion Carlito in 6:55

After the match Carlito celebrates his victory in the ring holding up his Championship belt. But Cody Rhodes enters the ring with a Chair, chasing Carlito off who flees out of the ring. Cody then stares at Carlito down the ramp, as Hardcore Holly gets to his feet. As expected a confrontation occurs between Hardcore and Carlito, with Hardcore furious at Cody for costing him from becoming Intercontinental Champion for the second week in a row. Cody tries to apologise, but Hardcore shoves him in the chest. Cody Rhodes then goes to leave the ring, but he quickly swings around and SMASHES THE CHAIR OFF HARDCORE’S SKULL! The crowd then starts to boo Cody, as he spits down on a knocked out Hardcore Holly. Cody then leaves the ring to heat from the crowd as we go to our final commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 6
Tag Team Match
Jeff Hardy and Triple H v Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton with Vince McMahon

Raw comes to and end with a thrilling Tag Team encounter, with Orton and Kennedy having a much tougher warm up match than Cena and Jericho did earlier in the evening, as they fight to a twelve minute contest with Jeff Hardy and Triple H. Triple H and Jeff Hardy made a bright start to the match with Hardy hitting the Whisper in the Wind to Kennedy, as Triple H hits the Double A Spinebuster onto the WWE Champion Randy Orton. However some great teamwork from Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton allowed them to dominate the match, as Jeff Hardy went to hit a Somersault Plancha onto Kennedy on the outside, Randy Orton shoved Kennedy out of the way causing Hardy to crash and burn. Jeff Hardy then played the face in peril, as Orton and Kennedy started to work over the leg of Jeff Hardy, double teaming Hardy whenever they could doing anything to make sure Triple H doesn’t get the tag in. However Hardy hit a Twist of Fate onto Randy Orton out of nowhere and he finally made the tag. Triple H got into the ring and guessed what, he cleaned house. He took care of both Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton, tossing Kennedy aside before hitting Randy Orton with the Pedigree. He went to make the cover, but Vince McMahon on the outside put Randy Orton’s foot on the rope. Triple H realised this and he started chasing Vince, who led Triple H down the ramp RIGHT INTO UMAGA! Umaga comes from the back with a clothesline onto Triple H, and the two men fight to the backstage area as Jeff Hardy watches on. Meanwhile out of nowhere Ken Kennedy drops Jeff Hardy throat first over the top rope, and Hardy staggers around into an RKO by Randy Orton. Orton makes the cover and gets the three count.
Winners: Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton in 12:46

As Triple H and Umaga brawl backstage, Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy look down at Jeff Hardy and realise they are not finished. Orton and Kennedy start stomping away at Jeff Hardy, as Chris Jericho and John Cena rush to the ring. The four men who meet in six days time all go at it in a big brawl, with Jericho and Cena getting the better of Orton and Kennedy. That is until Ken Kennedy low blows John Cena, and Vince McMahon comes down to the ring with a chair in hand. This distracts Jericho who is then double teamed by both Kennedy and Randy Orton. Randy Orton then holds Jericho back for Vince to hit him with the Steel Chair, but Shane McMahon rushes to the ring. Shane goes straight after his father and takes him down, and Shane starts beating the crap out of his own father! This allows Jericho and John Cena to fight back at against Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy. This is until Jericho goes to lock the Walls of Jericho on Randy Orton, who hits him with the Steel Chair. Randy Orton then drives the chair into the gut of John Cena when he was about to hit Kennedy with the F-U. Randy Orton then looks at Shane who is oblivious to all of this. Randy Orton then bounces off the ropes and PUNTS SHANE MCMAHON IN THE HEAD! The kick of doom has knocked Shane McMahon out, but Randy Orton has not finished just yet. Randy Orton hits a Second Rope DDT to Shane McMahon on the Steel Chair, before connecting with a Sick RKO to Shane who is Knocked Out! The show then comes to a close with Orton, Kennedy and a hurt Vince McMahon standing over Jericho, Cena and Shane McMahon.


WWE Smackdown
12th October 2007
Detroit Michigan

We open the show to see General Manager Teddy Long in his office in a wheelchair, after Batista Powerbombed him through the announce table last week. He says that despite what he said, and what Batista and The Undertaker did during the Contract Signing last week. He has chosen to let them off and neither man will be fined or suspended. He says that if they do lay a single finger on each other tonight, they won’t be so lucky. He says that both men will be in one on one encounters, as Batista will go one on one with Undertaker’s brother Kane, and Undertaker will go one on one with Finlay.

*Opening video and pyro*

Match 1
Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero v Stevie Richards

Smackdown starts off with a decent contest between Chavo Guerrero and Stevie Richards, with Richards once again putting on a good contest against a tougher opponent. The match started off at a very fast pace, with some exiting back and forth wrestling. But however when Stevie Richards went for the Superkick, Chavo ducked and back body dropped him over the top and Richards took an awkward landing on his leg on the outside. Chavo then started to work over the leg of Richards, keeping the match on the ground. Chavo locked Richards in a Boston Crab, only for Richards to reach the ropes. The ending of the match saw Chavo look to go for the Gory Bomb, only for Ric Flair to come down to the ring and distract Chavo. Chavo let go of Richards and started arguing with Flair, only for Richards to come from behind with a roll up and picks up another upset victory!
Winner: Stevie Richards in 6:37

After the match Stevie celebrates another victory, as Chavo looks on at Flair in the ring absolutely livid. We then go backstage to see Matt Hardy watching the monitor backstage, when MVP walks in and Matt Hardy immediately gets in MVP’s face and shoves him in the chest. MVP asks Hardy what the hell is he doing, and Hardy then shows MVP a video tape taking place three weeks ago backstage on Smackdown. We see MVP shaking hands with two men who appear to be Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von. Hardy then stops the tape and asks MVP what the hell was he doing. Before MVP can answer Hardy accuses MVP of setting them two to attack him just one week later before their US Title Match. MVP says that he had nothing to do with it, and Burke and Cor Von were just congratulating him on retaining the Tag Team Championships at Unforgiven, while knowing secretly that they were coming after our belts and says it all makes sense. Hardy tells MVP to cut with the Bullcrap, to which MVP tells Hardy to trust him on this one. MVP says he does not need Burke and Cor Von to do his dirty work, because he is the greatest wrestler on Smackdown and is better than Matt Hardy. MVP then tells Hardy that because of his false accusations this team is falling apart, and they need to concentrate because they have a match next. MVP tells Hardy to get his head in the game before walking off.

Commercial Break

Match 2
Tag Team Match
Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill with William Regal v Matt Hardy and MVP

Despite the confrontation just before the break, Matt Hardy and MVP put their problems aside as they put on a very impressive display against the unbeaten UKConnection, performing very well together as a team. Both Hardy and MVP came close to getting the victory in the early going, with Burchill kicking out at two after a middle rope Side Effect, and McIntyre kicking out at two after a belly to belly suplex by MVP. However the tides turned when MVP missed his Playas Boot when Regal pushed Burchill out of the way, and Burchill then took MVP out with an Enzuigiri. Burchill and McIntyre then used some very effective double teaming methods, taking cheap shots and hitting some double team moves whenever they could do so. However MVP got his team back into the match after connecting with a Face breaker Knee Smash, before tagging in Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy cleaned house on both Burchill and McIntyre going through his move set. Hardy looked like he was going to get the victory after connecting with the Top Rope Leg Drop on McIntyre, but Burchill broke the count. MVP however tosses Burchill to the outside and went after him, as Hardy connected with the Twist of Fate on Drew McIntyre. Matt Hardy then went to make the cover, when on the Titantron appeared Elijah Burke. Elijah Burke pulls out a wallop of cash from his front pocket, and he thanks MVP for the pay job and says that he will be happy to take Matt Hardy out this Sunday. Hardy looks on at MVP on the outside in a very pissed off tone, but with the ref still looking at the Titantron, MARCUS COR VON POUNCES MATT HARDY OUT OF NOWHERE! Cor Von then pulls McIntyre ontop of Matt Hardy, as MVP goes to enter the ring to stop the count only for William Regal to knock him out with some Brass Knuckles. The referee then makes the count and we get our second upset of the night!
Winners: Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill in 8:51

After the match the UKConnection celebrate their biggest victory on Smackdown to date, getting a victory over the Tag Team Champions surely puts you in contention for the belts. Meanwhile Matt Hardy and MVP who are now both recovered, start arguing over their loss as they make their way backstage as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see MVP and Matt Hardy arguing backstage, we’re not able to hear anything they are saying as the camera is too far away, but we can definitely see that there is a lot of tension between the Tag Team Champions.

We then go to another area backstage where we see Batista about to make his entrance for the next match, when Ric Flair walks into the frame. Flair wishes him good luck on his upcoming match, and also warns him not do anything stupid tonight during Undertaker’s match tonight with Finlay. Batista tells Flair that quite frankly he does what he wants, whenever he wants. And if The Undertaker even gets in his way tonight, well then Teddy Long will have some issues to sort out. Ric Flair then asks Batista what is wrong with him because he has been different lately, Batista responds by saying that nothing is wrong with him, but there is something wrong with Ric. Batista then says that he thinks Flair is starting to get jealous of him, and says that he thinks Flair wants to turn his back on him. Batista then says he has a match before storming off, as Flair watches on in disbelief.

Match 3
Singles Match
Batista v Kane

We get your typical big man v big man match here, with Batista looking to send The Undertaker a message by beating his own brother Kane. Things didn’t go to plan for Batista in the early going however, as for the opening stage of the match Kane was all over Batista. Kane came close to victory a minute in, after connecting with the Clothesline off the top rope, but Batista kicked out at two. However Batista did all he could to get in the match, and very un Batista like he got back into the match with a Low Blow to Kane which garnered huge heat from the crowd. Batista showed a lot of Physicality, lifting Kane onto his shoulders and ramming him head first into the Steel Ring Post, before sandwiching Kane’s shoulder between his boot and the Steel Steps. Batista then started to work over the injured leg of Kane, which has had Finlay damage it week after week since Unforgiven. Batista smashed it many times across the Ring Post, before taking a page out of his Mentors Book locking on the Figure 4 Leg Lock. Kane struggled but eventually reached the ropes. Late on Batista hit the Spear followed by a Spinebuster, and then shook the ropes signalling for the Batista Bomb. But Kane sat up and grabbed Batista by the throat, Kane hit the Chokeslam on Batista who put his foot on the bottom rope at two. The ending of the match saw Batista set Kane up for the Batista Bomb, only for Kane to counter with a Back Body Drop. Kane then set Batista up for the Tombstone Piledriver, but Finlay from outside the ring cracks his shillelagh over the back of Kane’s leg from a position the referee couldn’t see him! Batista took advantage hitting the Batista Bomb, as Finlay hid on the outside. Batista then hooked the leg and picked up the victory.
Winner: Batista in 11:13

After the match the referee goes to raise Batista’s arm up, only for Batista to take him inside out with a Clothesline. Batista then celebrates his victory on his own as we see Kane making his way after Finlay backstage.

Commercial Break

We go backstage to see that Kane and Finlay are continuing their brawl backstage. We see Kane tossing Finlay into the Garage Door backstage. Kane then pounds away at Finlay on the mat, as referee’s try to split the two men up with Finlay not looking to good just under an hour before he faces The Undertaker.

We then cut to the ring where we see Michael Cole with a mic in hand. Michael Cole then introduces Rey Mysterio to the ring, and Mysterio comes out to a huge pop. Michael Cole basically interviews Rey about his match this Sunday at No Mercy against Edge. Mysterio says that ever since he lost the World Title last year, he has had one goal in mind and that is to regain that belt. He says that since then he has been hit with sideback after sideback. He says he has been out of action for nearly a year with injury, and every time he has got a World Title Shot, he has been cheated out of winning that belt. Rey says that this Sunday will be his last hope of regaining that belt, and says that he will do anything it takes to beat Edge and once again become the World Heavyweight Champion. Then Edge’s music hits and the World Champion comes down to the ring with a mic in hand. Edge apologises Rey for coming out and interrupting his life story about being hit with side back after sideback, and he says the real truth why Rey will never become World Champion again is because he will always come that little bit short (Pun Intended). Edge says Rey can say whatever the hell he wants, because it just makes him look like an idiot. He asks Rey who in the hell actually thinks that Rey Mysterio will beat him at No Mercy. Edge says that Rey can have his wacky loony tune dream about becoming World Heavyweight Champion, but at No Mercy he will kick Rey Mysterio back into the Real World and prove that he is nothing but a Nacho Munching, Border Crossing, Spiderman wannabe who has no right to compete in the same ring as a great World Heavyweight Champion like Edge. Rey Mysterio grows sick of what he is hearing, and says why wait for No Mercy when they can put the title on the line right now. Edge however tells Rey he would like to, but Rey already has a match tonight. Then on cue, out comes Kenny Dykstra who makes his way down to the ring with Edge following just behind him. We then go to a commercial break as Kenny gets into the ring.

Commercial Break

Match 4
Singles Match
Kenny Dykstra v Rey Mysterio

These two men put on a very good fast paced contest, despite being kept short because of time constraints. Throughout the match Edge was a constant distraction for Rey Mysterio on the outside, as most of the times Mysterio got some offence in, Edge got involved in someway allowing Kenny Dykstra to regain the momentum. A good example of this was Kenny Dykstra catching Mysterio in mid air with a Dropkick, after Mysterio took too long on the top rope because of a distraction from Edge. Mysterio looked to have the match won when he set Dykstra for the 619, but Edge pushed Dykstra out of the way who then clotheslined Mysterio over the top rope to the outside. Dykstra then distracted the referee as Edge speared Rey Mysterio on the outside. However Rey Mysterio overcame the odds after moving out of the way from Dykstra’s guillotine Leg Drop, and then hitting the 619 and West Coast Pop combo to get the win.
Winner: Rey Mysterio in 7:15

After the match Edge immediatley goes after Rey Mysterio, going for the Spear only for Mysterio to trip him onto the Bottom Rope. Mysterio then goes for the 619, only for Edge to move out of the way at the right precise time. Edge and Mysterio then lock eyes as we go backstage.

We then go backstage to see Kid Kash talking to a few other Cruiserweights, when Jamie Noble steps into the scene causing the other Cruiserweights to walk away leaving the two rivals. The two men have a short confrontation hyping their match at No Mercy, with Jamie Noble telling Kash he is so confident he will whitewash Kid Kash in the best of 7 series, that he will give Kid Kash the first fall. Kid Kash tells Jamie he likes that offer but he has already beat Noble three weeks in a row, and tells Jamie he shouldn’t be so confident because in about four weeks time he will no longer be Cruiserweight Champion. Kash then goes to walk off, when Noble clocks Kash in the back of the head with the Title Belt, before locking on the Dragon Sleeper onto Kid Kash on the floor, squeezing away at him like a Snake. Referee’s come to pull Noble off Kash, but they are too late as Noble has already done the damage.

Match 5
Tag Team Match
Deuce and Domino v Sabu and Tommy Dreamer

We get a rather filler match here, with this being used to get Sabu and Tommy Dreamer back on TV after being injured in that gruelling 8 man tag match at Unforgiven. Sabu and Tommy Dreamer put on an impressive display, proving why they could be possible future contenders for the Tag Team Championships. Sabu in the early going not only botched a few moves, but suffered a lot of punishment from Deuce and Domino who used their power to their advantage. However Sabu fought back against both men, hitting a Springboard Tornado DDT on Deuce and a Springboard Leg Lariat on Domino before tagging in Dreamer. Dreamer and Sabu then started to clean house, hitting their trademarks moves on Deuce and Domino. As Sabu hit a Springboard Somersault Plancha onto Domino on the outside, Tommy Dreamer hit the DVD on Deuce for the victory.
Winners: Sabu and Tommy Dreamer in 5:39

Commercial Break

Match 6
Singles Match
Finlay v The Undertaker

Finlay and Undertaker put on a very good contest to close the show, putting on one of Smackdown’s better matches in recent months, with this being as you expected an all out brawl. A lot of the match was kept on the ground, kept to a ground and pound style match. After a back and forth opening minute or so with a lot of punches and blows being thrown around, it seemed as though Taker was picking up some steam. But that changed however when Hornswoggle on the outside distracted Undertaker as he was going for the Old School, and Finlay shook the ropes causing Taker to fall crown jewels first on the top rope. Finlay then just like he has being doing to Kane the past few weeks, started to work over the leg of The Undertaker. After minutes of working over it, Finlay went to finish him off as he locked on a Modified Indian Death Lock. Undertaker tried to reach for the ropes, but Finlay pulled him back to the centre of the ring. However The Undertaker got out of it by grabbing Finlay by the throat, he then brought Finlay to his feet and hit a Chokeslam, but couldn’t make the cover because his leg was too badly hurt to make the pin. The Undertaker then took control of the match and he went to finish it off with the Last Ride, but Hornswoggle distracted the referee as Finlay slid off Undertaker’s shoulders and hit him in the back of the injured leg with the Shillelagh. Finlay made the cover but somehow Taker kicked out. The ending of the match saw Hornsoggle distract the referee again as Taker set Finlay up for the Chokeslam, which allowed Finlay to connect with a Low Blow. Finlay then went for his Shillelagh, but someone else grabbed it, and that someone else was Kane! Kane then got into the ring with the weapon and backed Finlay off, straight into the Undertaker who hit Finlay with the Tombstone Pile Driver. Undertaker then made the cover as Kane made sure Hornswoggle did not get involved, and Taker picks up the victory.
Winner: The Undertaker in 10:14

After the match The Undertaker celebrates his victory, as Kane picks up Finlay and tosses him to the outside of the ring. Then suddenly the lights come off, and then come back on and we see Batista running at Undertaker going for the Spear, but Taker moves out of the way and Batista Spears Kane! Batista then flees the ring telling Taker he was that close to hitting him with the Spear, and the two Monsters stare holes through another as Smackdown comes to an end.


Raw Results
Chris Jericho and John Cena beat The Redneck Wrecking Crew in 7:58
CM Punk v John Morrison goes to a No Contest in 8:31
Umaga beats Rob Van Dam via DQ in 8:02
Beth Phoenix beats Melina in 5:20 to retain her Womens Championship.
Carlito beats Hardcore Holly in 6:55 to retain his Intercontinental Championship
Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton beat Jeff Hardy and Triple H in 12:46

Smackdown Results
Stevie Richards beats Chavo Guerrero in 6:37
Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill beat Matt Hardy and MVP in 8:51
Batista beats Kane in 11:13
Rey Mysterio beats Kenny Dykstra in 7:15
Sabu and Tommy Dreamer beat Deuce and Domino in 5:39
The Undertaker beats Finlay in 10:14

Here is the final WWE No Mercy card, with some bonus questions for predictions. No Mercy itself will hopefully be posted by Wrestlemania 24, end of Easter Holidays at latest.

Final WWE No Mercy Card

Jamie Noble v Kid Kash

Finlay v Kane

Triple H v Umaga

Chris Jericho and John Cena v Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton

If Cena, Jericho or Kennedy get the winning pinfall they face Randy Orton at Survivor Series. If Orton gets the winning pinfall he chooses his opponent at Survivor Series.

HELL IN A CELL (Number 1 Contender Match)
Batista v The Undertaker

Matt Hardy and MVP (C) v New Breed (Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von)

Carlito © v CM Punk v John Morrison

Edge © v Rey Mysterio

Bonus Questions

1.How many titles will change hands?

2.Who will get the winning pinfall and on who during the Chris Jericho and John Cena v Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton tag team match?

3.Will MVP or Matt Hardy turn on one another during their WWE Tag Team Championship Match.

4.What will be the match of the night?

5.What will be the biggest spot of the night?
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