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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Smackdown Feedback

Sorry it’s a little bit delayed man, I’ve had a real shit day to say the least. A very explosive start to the show with an explosive promo. I think you went about the tension between MVP and Matt brilliantly as Matt sat back before cutting in at an important time. That was a really effective way of getting MVP’s attention, and the build up to the announcement about Burke & Cor Von at No Mercy. You’re stalling this brilliantly so that when we finally do get the match, it will be at the peak of its heat. Poor Rey getting bashed like that, but at least you had him took tough, something he doesn’t get much chance to do. The attack from behind gives Matt renewed focus to forget about MVP, but do I sense MVP will align himself with these guys soon?

You had it right when you said Kash never looked like losing the match, he never would. Kash vs Noble is something worth paying for and Kash getting a win before the best of seven series is exactly what the doctor ordered

Batista’s promo with Flair was really good, and don’t tell me you going to drag this out too, or maybe not. I thought Batista had fully turned, but you made it out like he was a tweener last week, but I like the attitude inside of him coming out, and at Flair of all people too. Very strong promo

Masters and Palumbo was a surprise for me to see, but it was a lot better than I expected. I sure didn’t anticipate a clean Masters win, I just wonder if this is the start of a push for him

Noble’s promo with Teddy was pretty good as you can just see Noble trying to do anything he can to get out of the matches against Kash. The only thing I don’t think he would say is that he is too young to die after Teddy made the match with Taker for later on, man is Noble getting squashed. The match up was academic, but I liked Batista’s intensity to try and get to the dead man. It’s nothing you see a lot, but it is very effective for Batista’s turn of sorts

Finlay’s interview was nice too, laughed a lot to the comment about Edge being whiny and blonde. I’m happy that you let him speak as it brings out his character far much more and shows that he isn’t just a jobber for the guys hoping to get past the upper mid card

Tag team match was very good too, waiting all match for the Batista turn, but it didn’t come. I particularly liked the spot with the figure four and the guillotine leg drop, very nice. The booking of Batista has been first class and for him to come on and dominate like this was totally the right decision, just wiping the floor with Chavo and Dykstra. The aftermath was just brilliant, and further strengthens the Batista push. I was waiting for him to turn on Flair, but good call for him to walk away after going too far, but not far enough to turn on Naitch

Edge’s interview with Burke was the perfect way to get Edge’s character across, proving he’s a coward, but a good one. I somehow have a feeling that Edge will lose to Rey tonight now as I think Rey needs the win but it would be awesome as hell to see Edge defend against Cor Von and Burke. Nice amusing finish too with Edge looking back at Cor Von’s line

Regal beating Kane was inevitable with the new and impressive team at ringside, with the extra bonus of having Finlay as someone to count on. The match played out perfectly for the ending to came about in the way it did. And no surprise we will see them go at it at No Mercy

Main event time and a thoroughly enjoyable and chaotic main event. I thought that this would be Rey’s night, slightly spoilt by Edge’s bargaining tool earlier on. Matt and MVP’s feud continues to be very intriguing, but I like this team of Burke and Cor Von

The contact signing came as a shock as I thought the show was over. I didn’t expect it after they both had matches tonight, couldn’t it have waited a week? The Batista Bomb on Teddy was a great way to get things started, and from there it was brilliant, the leap over the ropes is brilliant to see

Overall mate there wasn’t a part of the show I didn’t enjoy or like. The booking of Batista is just outstanding and I hope you get more credit than you are currently getting as you deserve it in a big way. No Mercy looks to be fantastic
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