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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

WWE Smackdown!
Dayton Ohio
5th October 2007

“Rise Up” by Drowning Pool hits as the Smackdown Video package plays before we head out to the arena where we see thousands of screaming fans. The camera pans amongst them before finally going over to Michael Cole and JBL at ringside.

Michael Cole: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, from Dayton Ohio. I’m Michael Cole, as always alongside JBL. Just two weeks before the next WWE PPV No Mercy. And tonight we are going to witness the contract signing, for the Undertaker versus Batista, Hell in a Cell Match at No Mercy.

JBL: Those two biggest of rivals are going to be in the same ring, at the same time something has to give.

Cole: Also both men will be in Wrestling Action tonight; Undertaker’s match has not yet been confirmed. But Batista will be teaming up with his long time friend Ric Flair to take on Chavo Guerrero and Kenny Dykstra.

JBL: What a match that is going to be Michael, but what a way to start the show with the most Ballin show in all of Sports Entertainment, the VIP Lounge.

We then go to the ring where the VIP Lounge is already set up, and MVP is already in the ring with both his United States and Tag Team Championships over his shoulders. MVP drops both off his championships onto the couch, and he picks up a mic.

We then go to the ring where the VIP Lounge is already set up, and MVP is already in the ring with both his United States and Tag Team Championships over his shoulders. MVP drops both off his championships onto the couch, and he picks up a mic.

MVP: How are all my playas doing tonight in Dayton Ohio!

Crowd Pops

MVP: You should all be feeling good, because when I am in the ring it only means one thing. That big things are popping, and little things are stopping. And do you know what I am also feeling very good tonight. Because I know in roughly…..say two hours. I am going to get the first plane out of Dayton Ohio!

Big heat

MVP: And before I introduce my guest for this edition of the VIP Lounge. I would like to introduce you to my co presenter in this edition of the VIP Lounge. He is my partner; he is in fact the man who I share the Tag Team Championships with. Show your love for Matt Hardy!

“Oh Yeah” hits and Matt Hardy comes down to the ring to a big pop from the crowd. Hardy comes down, with cuts and bruises on his face. Hardy gets in the ring and immediately locks eyes with MVP. MVP realises that Matt Hardy is looking pissed off.

MVP: Matt Hardy you sit down and look prett, oh sorry I forgot about your face, you look pretty ugly at the moment with all those bruises and cuts on your face.

Matt Hardy gets even more wound up by that comment and he gets in MVP’s face, and MVP quickly backs off.

MVP: Hey just kidding Matt, that’s what buddies do Matt. They mess around and have a bit of fun. But Matt your obviously not in a very good mood, so you just sit down while I introduce the guest.

Hardy refuses to sit down, to which MVP tries to ignore.

MVP: Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce at this time, the man who…..

Suddenly Matt Hardy snatches the mic off MVP, which gets a pop.

Hardy: Before you move on, we need to talk.

Crowd Pops, as MVP gulps knowing what is coming.

Hardy:Last week, I was supposed to get a one on one match for your United States Championship, but moments before my match somebody attacked me backstage meaning that I couldn’t get a title shot. And MVP, I think I have an idea who attacked me, and that person I have in mind is…….YOU!

Crowd Pops as MVP’s mouth opens wide in shock.

MVP:Hang on Matt; you actually think that I did this? Why would I back out of match with you by attacking you backstage? Matt I could beat you with my hands tied around my back, my legs tied together and blindfolded at the same time because quite simply, I am Half Man Half Amazing!

Crowd Boos

MVP: Now Matt if you want to know who attacked you last week, look no further than the men who attacked me after my match with Kane last week, Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von. Last week they took both of us out to send us a message that they are coming after OUR Tag Team Championships. Matt if it was me, you would be in a lot worse shape than you are right now, TRUST ME!

Big heat as Hardy gives out a smirk.

Hardy: Well MVP as much crap that is coming out of your mouth, you don’t need to worry because no matter what I think I am not out here to get my revenge. I am out here to put things right. You see MVP; you are going to accept my challenge for you to put up your United States Championship at No Mercy. Or these cuts and bruises on my face will be nothing compared to what you look like, if you reject my challenge!

Huge pops as MVP looks on at Hardy in shock, not too happy that Hardy just threatened him.

MVP: Matt as much as I would like to prove that I am better than you, once again. The thing is I presumed that we would both want revenge for what happened last week, so that’s why I had a little chat with T.Long. We chatted for a little while, and he made a match for No Mercy. You see me and you are going to defend our Tag Team Championships against Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von!

The crowd boos, as they would of rather seen Hardy v MVP at No Mercy. Matt Hardy frowns at MVP who gives out a slight smile. The tension between the two men is then cut off as “Booyaka 619” hits and Rey Mysterio comes out to a thunderous ovation. Mysterio makes his way down to the ring and takes a mic. MVP looks glad that Mysterio has come down, as it stops the confrontation between him and Matt Hardy.

MVP: Rey Mysterio welcome to the VIP Lounge. Now Rey Mysterio there is a lot of questions I want to ask you. But let’s get straight to the most important question. Rey how does It feel to be standing in the same ring as greatness, how does it feel to be standing in the same ring as the man who is a Legend in the Making, how does it feel to be standing in the same ring as MVP?

Mysterio: It…..

MVP: You don’t even deserve to answer that!

Crowd Boos

MVP: Rey Mysterio it is a disgrace, it is a disgrace that a loser like you gets ANOTHER, World Heavyweight Title Shot while World Class Athletes like me are held back. Rey how many times Is that you have lost to Edge, two times. You are a LOSER REY….

Mysterio: How about we prove who the loser is right here right now.

Crowd Pops

Mysterio: The matter of fact is that the first time Edge cheated to beat me, and the second time I wasn’t the one who Edge beat. Nobody remembers the first or the second time, all everybody remembers is the third time. And the third time is the time, when I am going to beat Edge and become World Heavyweight Cham…..

“Metalingus” hits and Edge steps out onto the top of the ramp dressed for a fight. Edge starts talking trash to Mysterio, who challenges Edge to come down to the ring. As Edge makes his way down to the ring MVP and Matt Hardy are attacked from behind, by Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von. This distracts Rey for long enough, so that Edge can get into the ring and he starts attacking Edge. However Mysterio starts fighting back and he sets Edge up for the 619, but Edge moves out of the way at the right time. Meanwhile Matt Hardy fights back against Elijah Burke and tosses him to the outside of the ring, and Hardy then saves MVP from being Pounced by Marcus Cor Von. We then go to our first commercial break, as Mysterio, MVP and Matt Hardy in the ring look down the ramp at Edge, Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von.

Commercial Break

Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and after what just happened before the break. Teddy Long has made a huge 6 man tag team main event. As Edge teams up with the New Breed to take on Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy and MVP.

JBL: What a huge match this is going to be Michael, six of the best athletes in the WWE in the same ring later tonight.

Kid Kash’s music hits and Kash comes out to a nice pop from the crowd. As Kash makes his way down to the ring, Michael Cole announces that the first match in the best of seven series between Jamie Noble and Kid Kash will take place in nine days time at No Mercy. Kid Kash enters the ring, with Frankie Kazarian staring him down having already made his entrance.

Match 1
Singles Match
Frankie Kazarian v Kid Kash

With Kid Kash’s first match with Jamie Noble in the best of seven series in just nine days time, Kid Kash warmed up for the match with an impressive display against a tough Frankie Kazarian. Despite Kazarian getting a lot of offence in the match, it never looked as though Kid Kash would lose the match. It was a very quick paced match with a lot of near falls, the closest coming when Kid Kash connected with the Money Maker, with Kazarian putting his foot on the bottom rope at two. The end of the match saw Frankie Kazarian set Kash up for the Back to the Future. But Kash slid off Kazarian’s shoulders and connected with the Dead Level. Kash then climbed up to the top rope and connected with the Frog Splash, for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Kid Kash in 6:13

Cole: What a victory for Kid Kash, he is on a roll at the moment JBL, and at this rate the best of seven series will only go four matches because Jamie Noble has yet to beat Kid Kash.

JBL: That was impressive Cole, and yes Jamie Noble has yet to beat Kid Kash. But when the lights are on bright, and the title is on the line that is when Jamie Noble is at his best. At No Mercy Kid Kash and Jamie Noble are going to tear each other apart, and they might have to do it six more times after that.

We then go backstage to see Batista in the main Locker Room staring at a Poster of The Undertaker on the Wall. Batista starts to breath heavily as he looks at the poster in rage.

???: Hey how’s it going big man?

Batista then turns around to see Ric Flair, which gets a big “Whoo from the crowd”. Batista and Flair being good friends share a hug.

Flair: Hey Champ we got a big match tonight, I can’t wait to get my hands on Chavo Guerrero, for the disrespect he showed me last week I am going to kick the Living Hell out of him WHOOO!

Crowd responds to Flair’s Whoo, as Batista smiles but carries on looking at The Undertaker’s poster. Ric Flair sees this.

Flair: Hey Champ you needn’t worry about The Undertaker. Yeah you haven’t beat the Undertaker, yeah The Undertaker is one of the Greatest Superstars of all time. But when me and Hunter brought you into Evolution, we didn’t do that because you were a big tough strong man. We brought you in, because we saw the Talent in you. We noticed that you would be the future of the WWE. I know you can beat The Undertaker, and Big Man at No Mercy that’s what you are going to do.

Batista smiles as we hear a bit of heat for that comment.

Flair: But there’s one thing you need to do Dave. I think you need to calm down, because in your current state of mind you are not going to beat The Undertaker.

Batista eyes suddenly open in wide at shock at Flair’s comment.

Batista: Hang on did I hear you just correct? You think I need to calm down? Well let me tell you what I think, I think you need to shut your mouth!

Flair’s mouth opens wide in shock at Batista’s attitude.

Batista: Ric I appreciate the advice. But quite frankly I don’t need it. Ric you can doubt me all you like, you’re just like everybody who thinks that I can’t beat The Undertaker. But at No Mercy I am going to prove to you, and the whole world that I am better than The Undertaker.


Batista: (Intensely says, staring hole through Ric Flair) I am going to beat The Undertaker, and I am going to do it in his own backyard!

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see Chris Masters making his entrance down to the ring.

“You Will Remember Me” hits and Chuck Palumbo comes down to the ring, as always riding on his motorcycle. He circles the ring and parks it on the ramp, before entering the ring and locking his eyes on Chris Masters.

Match Two
Singles Match
Chris Masters v Chuck Palumbo

This was your typical match between two brawlers, with a lot of punches and kicks thrown throughout. Palumbo took it to Masters straight from the start, pounding away at him into the corner with a string of hard right hands, before taking him down with a Clothesline followed by a Big Boot. Chuck went for the victory too early however, as he went for the Superkick on Masters, who simply ducked it and back body dropped Palumbo over the top rope to the outside. Chris Masters then started to work over the back of Chuck Palumbo, after originally scooping him up and ramming him spine first into the Steel Ring Post. Chris Masters did a very effective job of keeping Palumbo on the mat, working over his back so he can finish the match with his finisher. But Palumbo fought back into it after catching Masters off the ropes with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Chuck Palumbo then went full throttle, going through his move set on Masters. Early on in the match Chris Masters undid the turnbuckle padding, and in the end that helped Masters to victory. Palumbo charged up at Masters, who moved out of the way causing Palumbo to go spine first into the Unprotected Turnbuckle. Masters then sneaked from behind and locked on the Masterlock. After a few moments of fighting, Palumbo finally gave up giving Masters the win.

Winner: Chris Masters in 6:18

After the match Chris Masters refuses to let go of the Masterlock, and only lets go when a second referee comes down to the ring to tell Masters to get off. Chris Masters celebrates his victory as we go backstage.

We then go backstage to see Teddy Long talking on his Mobile Phone, when the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble comes in with a big frown on his face. Teddy Long finishes his phone call, and turns his attention to Jamie Noble.

Long: Hey what’s up Playa, what’s the matter Jamie?

Noble: What’s the matter? Teddy Long are you out of your mind? Teddy Long what the Hell were you thinking, when you put me in a best of seven series against Kid Kash huh? What has Kid Kash ever done to deserve seven matches, with the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time, Jamie Noble!

Crowd Boos

Long: What has he done to deserve seven matches with you?

Noble: Yes answer that one Teddy.

Long: Jamie what Kid Kash has done, is beat you three weeks in a row.

Crowd Pops as Noble laughs sarcastically

Noble: What are you talking about Teddy, I think you have been around Rey Mysterio too much, because you don’t speak Mexican you speak English. Kid Kash has never beat me fair and square! I demand you to cancel this best of seven series, right now!

Crowd Boos

Long: Your right Jamie I don’t speak Mexican, I speak English and you better understand this Jamie. Since Kid Kash has had a warm up match for this best of seven series tonight, it is only right that you have a warm up match aswell.

Crowd Pops

Noble: I have no problem with that, I will take on anybody you want…

Long: That’s good because your opponent tonight is going to be……………THE UNDERTAKER!

Huge pops for this announcement as Jamie Noble can’t believe what he just heard, and is absolutely livid.

Noble: WHAT? THE UNDERTAKER? Teddy Long what in the hell are you thinking, I can’t face The Undertaker I’m too young to die! Come on Teddy, how about I face Michael Cole.

Long: Like it or not Jamie, this match is going to happen tonight. Actually Jamie, this match is going to be………NEXT!

Crowd Pops

Long: Now you can Holla that playa!


Jamie Noble then storms out of Teddy Long’s office slamming the door on his way out, as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break.

“Slam Smack” hits and Jamie Noble comes down to the ring, looking very nervous ahead of this upcoming match. Not happy that he has to face The Undertaker.

“Gong” hits and The Undertaker makes his way down to the ring to the biggest pop of the evening. As Undertaker and Jamie Noble were about to lock up, we saw Batista making his way down to the ring. The Undertaker saw this and he got himself ready for a fight with Batista, but referee’s rushed to Batista and pushed him back to the Locker room.

Match 3
Singles Match
Jamie Noble v The Undertaker

Jamie Noble got more offence in than he had any right to, but in the end The Undertaker was too big, powerful and good for the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble. Jamie Noble very surprisingly straight from the go, attacked The Undertaker before the match even started taking Taker down with a Chop Block to the leg after Batista was sent to the back. Jamie Noble then started to work over Undertaker’s leg, even turning him over for the Boston Crab, but pretty quickly Undertaker got to the ropes. Jamie Noble then made a big mistake, which allowed Taker into the match, as he set up Taker for the Tiger Bomb, and Undertaker easily countered with the Back Body Drop. Undertaker then steamrollered through Noble, going through his move set on the Cruiserweight Champion. Undertaker went to finish off the match with the Chokeslam, but in mid air Noble countered it into a Tornado DDT! Jamie Noble after countering Undertaker’s finisher started celebrating like he won the match, which turned out to be his downfall as The Undertaker then sat up. Undertaker then grabbed Noble by the throat and turned him upside down, connecting with the Tombstone Piledriver. Taker then made the cover and got the academic 1-2-3.

Winner: The Undertaker in 5:47

After the match The Undertaker does his normal post match routine as Michael Cole and JBL at ringside, say that’s what could happen to Batista at No Mercy.

We then go backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by Finlay who is met with some heat from the crowd.

Josh: Finlay, ever since unforgiven you have targeted Kane, you have cost Kane matches and you have continued to attack his injured leg with that Shillelagh. What I want to know is Finlay, what is your problem with Kane?

Finlay looks at Josh Matthews in a “Did he just say that” expression. Finlay then grabs Josh Matthews by the shirt and pushes him back against the wall.

Finlay: My Problem with Kane, is that at Unforgiven he cost me my chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion! I had that match won, but Kane screwed up. He being the loser he is, he got pinned by that winy blonde Jackass, Edge. Edge should not be World Heavyweight Champion; I should be the World Heavyweight Champion! Kane might be a monster Josh, but I love to fight. And if you think what I have done to Kane so far is bad, well just wait and see what I do to that big red freak tonight!

Finlay lets go off Josh and walks away from the interview scene, as Josh sorts out his suit.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see Kenny Dykstra making his way down to the ring. Dykstra comes down looking as cocky as ever, as Michael Cole and JBL talk about the victories Dykstra has got in recent weeks.

“Oooh Chavo” hits and Chavo Guerrero comes down to the ring to some heat from the crowd. Chavo once again mocks Ric Flair as he makes his way down to the ring, mocking Flair’s strut and giving out a few “Whooo’s”

“Whooo” hits and Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring to a big pop from the crowd. Flair doesn’t make his traditional entrance by styling and profiling, but instead just walks down into the ring with a face off intensity. He gets in the ring and goes straight after Chavo Guerrero, who flees out of the ring. Flair wants to go after Chavo, but the referee blocks his path.

“I Walk Alone” hits and Batista comes out to a huge reaction from the crowd, very half split however with lots of pops and lots of boos. Batista gets into the ring and he and Flair immediately have a stare down, Ric Flair taps Batista on the back with his hand and they shake hands as they start to talk match tactics ahead of this match.

Match 4
Tag Team Match
Batista and Ric Flair v Chavo Guerrero and Kenny Dykstra

An entertaining Tag Team Match, which saw Chavo Guerrero and Kenny Dykstra play a very smart game for the majority of the match, keeping Flair in the ring and not allow him anywhere near Batista so he can tag out. Chavo and Kenny worked over the leg of Ric Flair (Which was injured by Chavo last week), using some very effective double teaming, producing quick tags and keeping the freshest man in the ring at all times. Chavo Guerrero went to embarrass Flair in the biggest way possible, as he got Flair in his own finisher the Figure 4 Leg Lock. But as Flair went to grab the ropes, Kenny Dykstra came off the top rope with the Guillotine Leg Drop. Chavo went for the cover but Batista had finally snapped, and stormed the ring and broke the cover. Batista then took it to Chavo and Kenny, allowing Flair some time to recover. As Flair got to his feet, Batista got on the apron and Flair tagged him in. Batista continued to clear house, hitting Chavo and Kenny with high impact power Manoeuvres. The end of the match saw Batista hit Kenny Dykstra with a Spinebuster, before connecting with a Batista Bomb to Chavo right ontop of Kenny Dykstra. Batista then made the cover and picked up the three count.

Winner: Batista and Ric Flair in 7:50

After the match Batista celebrates his victory, and Ric Flair comes from behind to celebrate with him. But when Batista feels someone touching his back, he turns around and goes to hit the person, only to stop midway realising that it was Ric Flair. Then moments later the lights in the arena go off. Then a Lighting Bolt hits the ramp, and then the same video that has played over the last few weeks’ plays, showing The Undertaker’s history in Hell in a Cell Matches. Showing highlights off his matches with Shawn Michaels, Mankind, Rikishi and Brock Lesnar.

We then cut back to the ring to see a furious Batista. Ric Flair who is in the ring tells Batista to not let the mind games get into his head, as Batista breathes heavily in anger. Batista then looks at the referee who is still in the ring, before charging up at him and hitting him with the Spear. Batista then picks up the referee and hits him with a Devastating Batista Bomb. Batista is not finished yet however as he lifts the referee back up, and connects with a Second Batista Bomb. During all this Ric Flair is shouting at Batista to stop and calm down. Batista ignores Flair however and goes to lift the referee up again, but tons of referee’s and Road Agents come down to the ring. Batista however starts cleaning house taking some of them out with Clotheslines and Spears. Batista then challenges the rest of them to get in the ring, and try him but they saw what just happened, and they know better. Ric Flair then starts shouting at Batista what the hell is he doing? Ric Flair tells Batista he needs to calm down, saying that he just has to wait nine days to get his hands on The Undertaker. Batista, who now seems calm, looks at Ric Flair and nods his head knowing he went a bit too far. Batista then leaves the ring without Ric Flair, as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see Edge watching the monitor, with his tag team partners tonight Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von in the background, with Marcus Cor Von thumping away at a punching bag as Edge smiles at what he has just seen.

Edge: Did you guys just see that? Even if Batista beats The Undertaker to get a title shot against me at Survivor Series, he is going to be suspended by then anyway the stupid Jock.

Edge then turns around to see Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von who is still boxing the punching bag.

Edge: Now we need to talk about our match tonight. I have got a proposition that will interest the two of you.

Elijah: Ok what’s that?

Edge: I want you two to take out Rey Mysterio tonight in our little 6 man tag team match.

Crowd Boos

Burke: So what’s in it for us?

Edge: A shot at this baby

Edge shows off his World Heavyweight Title to both Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von.

Edge: So if you take out Rey Mysterio tonight, both of you will get will title shots in the future so you both in.

Elijah: Sure i'm in. Mark how bout you?

Cor Von: You damn right I am in. But Edge if we take out Mysterio, and we find out that you have been messing with us. We are going to take you out, and you are going to feel the……………POUNCE! PERIOD!

Elijah: You heard the man, so if i was you i would stick to your word.

Edge mouths “Pounce Period” giving a what the hell type look as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

“Power of the Punch” hits and William Regal makes his way down to the ring to some heat from the crowd, accompanied by the rest of the UKConnection consisting of Paul Burchill and Drew McIntyre. Regal shouts some orders to Burchill and McIntyre as they are in the ring, waiting for Regal’s opponent.

“Slow Chemical” hits and Kane comes out to a big pop from the crowd. Kane comes down to the ring with a big bandage wrapped around his knee. Kane steps into the ring, and sets off his pyros sending the UKConnection fleeing.

Match 5
Singles Match
Kane v William Regal with Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill

We get a typical TV taping match here, with a lot of ground and pounding throughout this match, with Kane not really able to gain the momentum in the match thanks to Regal’s men McIntyre and Burchill. Every time Kane seemed to get in his stride, the numbers game came into play with one man on the outside distracting the referee, allowing one man to come in and attack Kane. Just like the last match there was a lot of work done onto an injured leg, this being Kane’s with William Regal knowing the damage Finlay has done to it in recent weeks. Regal went to lock on the Boston Crab to Kane who grabbed him by the throat. Kane looked to go for a Chokeslam, but once again McIntyre and Burchill got involved, which allowed Regal to take Kane down with a Chop Block. Regal then finally got Kane into the Boston Crab, and after a bit of struggle Kane got to the ropes. The second half of the match was dominated by Kane and late on Kane started cleaning house on all three members of the UKConnection, taking them down with Clotheslines, Big Boots and Diving Clotheslines off the top rope. Kane then showed off some impressive strength connecting with a Double Chokeslam onto both McIntyre and Burchill. Kane then went for the Chokeslam, when Hornswoggle comes from underneath the ring and distracts the referee. Finlay then comes down with Shillelagh in hand and goes to hit Kane with it once again, but this time Kane sees him and hits him with a Big Chokeslam. But from behind William Regal rolls Kane up and grabs the bottom rope for leverage, and Hornswoggle lets go off the ref who makes the three count, giving William Regal a Huge Upset Victory!

Winner: William Regal in 9:23

After the match Kane immediately goes to attack Regal who flees out of the ring and celebrates with the recovering Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill. Kane then looks at Finlay on the outside, who is holding onto his head after that Chokeslam. Finlay’s face of pain turns into a smirk, as he cost Kane the match tonight despite not doing what he intended to. As Kane looks down at Finlay in a very pissed off tone, “MacMillitant” hits and Teddy Long comes out with a mic in hand.

Long: Finlay, Kane, you two want to fight so bad. Well I am going to give you that opportunity. Because at No Mercy, Finlay your going to go one on one with Kane!

The crowd pops the announcement, as Kane gives a very evil smirk knowing he can get his hands on Finlay at No Mercy. Finlay points at Kane, telling him he will see him at No Mercy.

No Mercy Commercial

Commercial Break

”Don’t Waste My Time” hits and the New Breed consisting of Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von come down to the ring to some big heat from the crowd. Elijah Burke throws his towel into the crowd, as Cor Von comes down to the ring with a face of intensity.

“Metalingus” hits and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge comes out to the biggest heat of the evening. He steps through the smoke and raises his title in the air setting off some pyros. Edge enters the ring and immediately starts having a team talk with Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von.

“Oh Yeah” hits and Matt Hardy comes out to a big pop from the crowd. Hardy comes down to the ring with his Tag Team Championship around his waist and as he gets into the ring, he stares down Burke and Cor Von who he now believes attacked him backstage last week.

“I’m Comin” hits and MVP comes out to some big heat from the crowd. He comes down to the ring looking as cocky and confident as ever. When he gets into the ring he goes over to Matt Hardy, and points to Elijah Burke and Cor Von, reminding Hardy that they took him out.

“Booyaka 619” hits and Rey Mysterio comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. Mysterio pops out from the ground, and makes his way to the ring slapping hands with fans at ringside.

Match 6
6 Man Tag Team Match
Elijah Burke, Edge and Marcus Cor Von v Matt Hardy, MVP and Rey Mysterio

We have a fairly long match to end the show, with these six men producing a very enjoyable six man Tag Team Match, with all six men getting a good amount of time in the ring to showcase their talents. The match started off with a big brawl between all six men, which saw the Heels flee to the outside, only to have Mysterio and Matt Hardy dive over the top rope to the outside ontop of them. The early stages of the match saw Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy dominate the match, using their speed to the advantage. But some miscommunication between Tag Team Champions MVP and Matt Hardy occurred, when Cor Von sent Hardy crashing into MVP on the ring apron. This annoyed MVP and he and Hardy a few moments later started exchanging some words, only for Elijah Burke to come from behind with the Elijah Express to Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy then played the face in peril, as Burke, Cor Von and Edge started to work over Matt Hardy, keeping him as far away from his Tag Team Partners as possible. But Matt Hardy got his team back into the match, after he blocked a superplex attempt from Marcus Cor Von off the top rope, and he hit Cor Von with a Top Rope Side Effect. But Hardy was too weak too immediately make the cover and by the time he tagged in Mysterio, Cor Von had tagged in Edge. Edge had dodged Mysterio all throughout the match till now, and it proved to be no surprise as Mysterio took it to the WWE Champion. Mysterio dodged a Spear from Edge tripping him onto the bottom rope, and he went for the 619 only for Cor Von to get in the ring and takes Rey’s head off with a Clothesline. Things then turned ugly between the two teams, as another big six man brawl occurred between both teams. During the melee MVP went to hit Cor Von with the Tag Team Belt, but Cor Von ducked and MVP knocked out Hardy with the title belt. Marcus Cor Von and Burke then took MVP to the outside as Elijah Burke quietly tagged himself in. Mysterio however went straight for Edge, and once again set him up for the 619. Burke went to attack Rey from behind but also got tripped onto the Bottom Rope. Rey then hit both Edge and Burke with the 619, and then hit a Springboard Headbutt onto Burke and hooked the leg for the victory.

Winners: Matt Hardy, MVP and Rey Mysterio in 13:24

After the match Rey Mysterio celebrates in the ring, as Matt Hardy slowly gets to his feet and MVP gets into the ring. Straight away Matt Hardy gets in MVP’s face and argues with MVP, about MVP hitting him with the Title Belt. The two men then start a shoving contest, and they are about to go at it when Rey Mysterio splits the two men up. MVP leaves the ring telling Hardy it was an accident, as out of nowhere Edge spears Rey Mysterio! Edge then floods the ring, smiling that he has gotten the final word. Hardy checks up on Mysterio, before looking at Cor Von and Burke, and then MVP on the outside of the ring.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial, Michael Cole and Tazz run down the No Mercy Card as the ring is set out for the Contract Signing.

Current WWE No Mercy Card

Jamie Noble v Kid Kash

Finlay v Kane

Triple H v Umaga

Chris Jericho and John Cena v Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton

Batista v The Undertaker

Matt Hardy and MVP v New Breed © (Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von)

Carlito © v CM Punk/John Morrison

Edge © v Rey Mysterio

Then we cut to the ring, where we see Teddy Long standing in the ring with a mic in hand.

Long: In nine days time at No Mercy, we are going to witness the end of one of the most brutal feuds in WWE History. Because we are going to witness a HELL IN A CELL MATCH BETWEEN BATISTA AND THE UNDERTAKER!

Crowd Pops

Long: These two men have fought many times this year, including at the grand daddy of em’ all Wrestlemania. But next Sunday will be the last time these two men will face one another. And the winner of this match will go onto Survivor Series, to face the winner of the match between Edge and Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Crowd Pops

Long: And right now I would like to introduce the first combatant for this Contract Signing. This man is a former Tag Team Champion, a former Royal Rumble Winner, a two time World Heavyweight Champion. This man is the ANIMAL BATISTA!

“I Walk Alone” hits and Batista comes down to the ring to a huge mixed reaction from the crowd. Batista comes down to the ring, with tons of security guards coming behind obviously to make sure nothing happens between Batista and The Undertaker. Batista gets in the ring and immediately grabs the contract and signs it.

Long: Thank you Batista. Now I would like to introduce you to his opponent. This man is a former Hardcore Champion, a multi time former Tag Team Champion, a former winner of the Royal Rumble and a five time former World Heavyweight Champion. This man is the PHENOM, THE UNDERTAKER!

“Gong” hits and The Undertaker comes down to the ring, to a huge reaction from the crowd. As The Undertaker gets into the ring, Batista immediately gets up to his face and the two men lock eyes.

Long: Batista back off. If either of you two even dare to attack one another, the man responsible will be fined heavily and will be suspended!

Crowd Boos, as a big frown appears on Batista’s face. Batista eventually backs off, as Teddy Long grabs the contract and gives it to The Undertaker. The Undertaker looks at Batista and gives him the cut throat signal, before signing the contract.

Teddy Long: That’s it in nine days time Batista will face The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match! Now do either of you men have anything to say?

Batista then suddenly snatches the mic off Teddy Long.

Batista: Yeah I do Teddy. You see I might not be able to attack The Undertaker, but you never said………..I couldn’t attack YOU!

Then suddenly Batista kicks Teddy Long in the mid section and BATISTA BOMBS TEDDY THROUGH THE CONTRACT SIGNING TABLE! The Security Guards then flee into the ring and they all go after Batista, with one of them with handcuffs in his hands. Batista starts shouting at The Undertaker, daring him to hit him as he is handcuffed back. Batista then charges through the Security Guards with his handcuffs on, and he charges Undertaker into the corner. Before the two men can properly go at it, the Security Guards split the two men up with half of them taking Batista outside the ring. Undertaker goes to after him on the outside, but they block him off just like they do to Batista, not allowing him back into the ring. Then suddenly The Undertaker bounces off the ropes, AND HE DIVES OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO BATISTA AND MANY SECURITY GUARDS ON THE OUTSIDE! The Undertaker then starts pounding away at Batista with closed fists, until the Security Guards can pull Taker off Batista. Smackdown then comes to an end, as Undertaker now at the top of the ramp stares down Batista at the bottom of the ramp.


Kid Kash beats Frankie Kazarian in 6:13
Chris Masters beats Chuck Palumbo in 6:18
The Undertaker beats Jamie Noble in 5:47
Batista and Ric Flair defeat Chavo Guerrero and Kenny Dykstra in 7:50
William Regal beats Kane in 9:23
Matt Hardy, MVP and Rey Mysterio beat Edge, Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von in 13:24

Current WWE No Mercy Card

Jamie Noble v Kid Kash

Finlay v Kane

Triple H v Umaga

Chris Jericho and John Cena v Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton

Batista v The Undertaker

Matt Hardy and MVP v New Breed © (Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von)

Carlito © v CM Punk/John Morrison

Edge © v Rey Mysterio

With One weeks of shows before No Mercy, expect the next editions of Raw and Smackdown to be posted in recap together, so I can focus more on writing No Mercy. All reviews for Smackdown will be returned
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