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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Raw Feedback

Great way to start the show after what went down with Shane last week. I really wanted to find out why he did it, but look at you, you little tease, keeping us waiting. Jericho as Vince’s son has been brilliant so far as he has really stirred the pot and made things more interesting, and entertaining. The escalation of the heat between them was great here as it eventually boiled over, nice promo

A good idea on how to find a new number one contender for the IC title. RVD and Morrison have had heat for a while and it was a very good match up to say the least. With Punk a nailed on winner against Thorn, I had an inkling that Morrison would take this one, which he did in typical heel fashion. Well booked and well written match

Man you can really write for Austin! This was hilarious, especially the bit with Estrada, really funny. Shelton & Haas getting their match is cool, despite the face they’re not getting their belts back in a million years

Melina getting a win over Candice was sort of an upset for me, but it shouldn’t be. You’ve given the right diva the win here as she is more entertaining that Candice. The Holly/Carlito promo was funny, and man, I would have loved to have seen that slap from Hardcore. You booked him well, showing he doesn’t take crap from anyone, even the cocky Carlito who was funny here too

Punk & Thorn was a really good match as it swing both ways with some close calls too. The outcome was obvious, but it was a plus for Thorn that he got some offence in here and didn’t look like a formality to lose. Punk is obviously going to beat Morrison to face Carlito now though, which will be “COOL”

Austin promo was funny again, as he just takes no shit from anyone, just like real life. RVD bitching and moaning could set up a heel turn, but what a match he has next week. I like that you’re making RVD prove his worth, but LOL at The Coach. It was so what Austin would do IRL, brilliant man. The DTA memories come flooding back

Shelton & Haas beating Cryme Time was a little unexpected, but it was cool that they did it by cheating. The question that we were left with was more important than the match as I wanted to see what happened with the belts. I can’t believe you auctioned the belts off to the crowd, what the hell happens now? Wow, very interesting

Triple H interview was really good, entertaining as ever with a fired up Trips. Coach being wheeled past and asking for his mummy was funny, but I think you should have had Trips stay where he was, I mean hasn’t Coach had a rough couple of weeks anyway without that? Na, you’re right, nice one! The match went the way I expected with Estrada wanting to get the glory, giving the opportunity that the face team needed to get the win they needed without making Umaga look weak. Well booked again man, I think you’re proving yourself with the sensible booking and your ability to think outside the box

Carlito/Holly match up was good, but the finish was justified by what I said before about your booking ability. Adding to the tension between Cody & Holly even more by this mix up. A great way to carry the tension forward man, seriously impressed with the work you’re doing

Cena interview was real good as you pretty much spelt out that was going to be tension between him and Jericho. You’re certainly making things a lot more interesting by keeping us guessing what is going to happen with not just this situation, but with the tag titles and Shane too. The Shit Happens line though, not sure Cena would say that unless a turn was on the cards

Real good main event, that turned into chaos and quite rightly so. Shane just seems untouchable and is in the right place at the right time yet again to give Jericho the win. It was awesome that you put some tension between Cena and Jericho too to end the show, and also that you had Shane break it up

Man, I can’t say enough how impressed I am with this show and thread in general. I would have to say that is my favourite thread and the best I read as you have a realistic roster and use it so well. The characterisation and the ability to do something different in promos is terrific
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