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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Sorry for the delay for Raw, been ill for the last week and a half and was waiting to see if i got better before the weekend. But i haven't so this week's Raw will be in recap.

1st October 2007
Cleveland Ohio

*Opening video and pyro*

After the traditional Raw opening, “No Chance in Hell” hits and Vince McMahon comes down to the ring along with the WWE Champion Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy. Vince immediately grabs a mic and orders the backstage crew to cut his music. We get an enormously long promo to kick off the show, which starts off with Vince ranting at Jericho for splitting his family apart. Vince says that Jericho has turned his own son Shane against him. Vince says that Jericho can have his fun and try and split their family apart, but at No Mercy Vince’s Corporation consisting of Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy are going to tear Chris Jericho and John Cena apart. Vince then calls Shane to the ring, so Shane can explain his actions from last week. But instead of Shane “Break the Walls down” hits and Chris Jericho comes out with a mic in hand. Jericho tells Vince to Shut the Hell up, and tells him that he is sick and tired of hearing Vince wine and moan. Jericho then starts throwing a tirade of insults at all three men in the ring, calling them “Corporate Jackasses”. Eventually Randy Orton cuts in and says that Jericho can run his mouth all he likes, but when they get in the ring at No Mercy Randy Orton will prove that Chris Jericho doesn’t have what it takes anymore. Jericho then challenges Orton to a match tonight to prove he stills has what it takes, but before Orton can answer Ken Kennedy cuts him off finally and accepts the challenge meaning that tonight Chris Jericho will go one on one with Ken Kennedy. After a short exchange of words between Kennedy and Jericho, Jericho says why wait for later and he makes his way down to the ring. He stops just outside of the ring however as “My Time is Now” hits and John Cena floods to the ring. Vince quickly escapes the ring as Cena and Jericho get in it, and they brawl with Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy. Cena and Jericho get the better of Orton and Kennedy, as Vince gets back into the ring with a Steel Chair in hand. Vince goes to hit Jericho with the chair, but from behind Shane McMahon snatches the chair off Vince! They have a short stare down, before Shane swings the chair at Vince, who sees it coming and quickly gets out of the ring, as Orton and Kennedy are both tossed out of the ring. Shane then stares down at his father, with intensity in his eyes, as Vince looks on in shock that his own son was about to hit him with a Steel Chair.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we go straight over to JR and Jerry Lawler who announce that Stone Cold has made a four man tournament. With the winner getting an Intercontinental Championship match against Carlito at No Mercy. The semi final matches in this tournament are CM Punk v Kevin Thorn, and the next match between Rob Van Dam and John Morrison.

The Intercontinental Number One Contender Tournament starts off with a great match between Rob Van Dam and John Morrison. We get a very fast paced back and forth contest, with both men using their bodies to hit high flying moves, doing anything they can to advance to the final next week. Just like last week we saw a very physical side to Rob Van Dam. RVD set John Morrison hanging head first over the barricade, and RVD climbed to the top rope, connecting with a diving spinning leg drop over the back of John Morrison’s neck. John Morrison picked up some momentum in the middle of the match, and came so close to victory with a Moonsault off the top rope, but RVD kicked out at two. The ending of the match saw RVD climb up top for the split legged moonsault, but John Morrison rushed up to his feet. He connected with a Powerbomb to RVD off the top rope, and made the cover putting both of his feet on the ropes, and the referee makes the three count not realising Morrison’s feet were on the rope!
Winner: John Morrison in 9:22

After the match John Morrison quickly escapes the ring and celebrates, what could be called an upset victory. Meanwhile in the ring RVD is furious, and he starts arguing with the referee. RVD then suddenly rushes at the ref and goes to attack him, but fortunately the referee just makes it out of the ring at time. RVD then leaves the ring and kicks the steel steps on the outside, before going over to JR and King at ringside and shouting that was “Bullshit”. JR apologises for what RVD just said as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin playing darts, with the dartboard on the door. The door then opens as Steve Austin throws a dart, and in comes Shelton Benjamin who has to duck Austin’s dart and Charlie Haas. Austin asks the Worlds Greatest Tag Team who the hell they think they are for interrupting Stone Cold Steve Austin playing a game of darts. Charlie Haas tells Austin that he is fed up of seeing Cryme Time running around, with their Tag Team Championships. Haas tells Austin that he needs to do something about it. Austin replies by telling them that they lost the belts you silly bastards, so they need to do something about it. Austin says that tonight he will give them a chance to do something about it, because they will face Cryme Time tonight. Benjamin and Haas thank Austin before walking out of the office, only for Armando Alejando Estrada (Who has a neck brace on, because of Triple H hitting him with the Pedigree last week) to walk into the office. Armando tries to tell Austin that Triple H needs to be punished after what happened last week, but after every couple of words he says Stone Cold responds with a What. Armando starts to get fed up and tells Austin to stop shouting what, to which Austin responds Speak English then. Armando then tells Stone Cold that Triple H needs to be punished, in a very slow mocking tone. Austin then says he now realises what Estrada was saying, and that he wants to kick Triple H’s ass. Stone Cold then makes a Tag Team match with Estrada and Umaga facing Jeff Hardy and Triple H. Estrada goes to complain about Austin’s decision, but is cut off by a “Uh Huh” to which Estrada storms off.

Commercial Break

Our second match of the night sees a very important match in the Womens Division, with a win for Melina or Candice, would surely put them in contention for a Womens Title Shot. We get a pretty decent Womens contest between the two Divas, with Beth Phoenix watching on from ringside. Both divas came close to victory throughout the match, with a forward Russian Leg Drop, but Melina kicked out at two. Near the end of the match Melina started to pick up some momentum, after nearly knocking Candice out with a boot to the face. Moments later Melina took the victory, after connecting with the Kyrapractor.
Winner: Melina in 4:47

We go backstage to see Hardcore Holly looking extremely pissed off, probably due to his loss against Cody Rhodes last week. Hardcore thumps the wall with his fist, as we see the Intercontinental Champion Carlito walk into the frame. Carlito proceeds to laugh and mock Hardcore about his loss to Cody Rhodes last week, saying that Cody Rhodes is a loser, and him losing to Cody Rhodes makes him a loser, and losers aren’t cool. Hardcore responds by challenging Carlito to a match for his Intercontinental Championship tonight to prove he is not a loser. Carlito accepts the offer and says that after he beats Hardcore tonight he is going to spit in his face. Hardcore tells Carlito that this is what he is going to after he beats Carlito, and then out of nowhere he nearly slaps Carlito’s face off. A smirk then appears on Hardcore’s face as he walks off, leaving an angry Intercontinental Champion.

Commercial Break

The third match of the evening sees the second match in the Intercontinental Number One Contender Tournament, with CM Punk going one on one with Kevin Thorn accompanied to the ring by Ariel. With the winner of this match facing John Morrison next week, with the winner of that facing Carlito at No Mercy for the Intercontinental Championship. Complicated enough for you? We get a very good big man v little man match here with CM Punk showing no fear to his larger opponent. CM Punk used his speed to his advantage in the early going, but the tide of the match turned when Ariel got involved in the match. Ariel distracted Punk as he climbed to the top rope, which allowed Kevin Thorn to knock Punk off the top rope down onto the floor on the outside. The pace of the match slowed down as Kevin Thorn started to work over the back of CM Punk. Thorn dominated Punk, coming close to victory after a Sitdown Torture Rack Backbreaker Drop, with Punk kicking out literally just before the count of 3. CM Punk picked up some momentum later on in the match, going through his move set on Thorn. Punk came close to victory after locking on the Anaconda Vice onto Thorn, but he locked it on too near the ropes and Thorn grabbed the bottom rope. The ending of the match saw CM Punk go for the GTS on Thorn, but he couldn’t lift Thorn up because of his bad back. Kevin Thorn then hit the Crucifix Powerbomb on Punk and made the cover, but Punk kicked out of Thorn’s finisher! This infuriated the monster, who then got himself disqualified on purpose after smashing a Steel Chair over the back of CM Punk.
Winner: CM Punk via DQ in 7:19

We then go backstage to see Steve Austin playing with his guitar in his office, where we also see a random production member on the floor knocked out by Stone Cold’s feet. Then we hear the door to the office fling open, and we see a furious RVD walk into the office. RVD starts ranting and raving about he is being held down, and that he shouldn’t even be fighting to get a title shot for the Intercontinental Title Shot. RVD says that he should be fighting for the WWE Title, and is sick of undeserving guys like Randy Orton and John Cena getting all the title shots, while he is stuck opening the card against some boy band wannabe. Austin eventually finally shuts up RVD, and says that if he wants to make an impression, he will give him a chance to do so. He announces that next week RVD will go one on one with Umaga. Austin then tells RVD to get the hell out of his office. Moments after RVD walks out, in walks Jonathon Coachman. Coach complains about how Austin treated him last week, saying that a General Manager should not lay his hands, especially on somebody as important as Jonathon Coachman. Coach tells Austin that he has to apologise right now. Austin surprisingly agrees with Coach, saying that he shouldn’t of done what he done last week. Austin then apologises to Coach, who accepts his apology. Coach then goes to walk out, when Steve Austin gets to his feet with his Guitar in hand. AND HE SMASHES THE GUITAR OVER THE BACK OF COACH’S HEAD! Austin looks down at a knocked out Jonathon Coachman, and shouts at Coach Don’t Trust Anybody. Austin then picks up Coach’s lifeless body and throws him out of his office.

Commercial Break

The forth match of the night sees a very enjoyable tag team match with the Tag Team Champions, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, and the team who are holding the tag belts Cryme Time. It was your typical formula for a Tag Team Match, with Cryme Time making a bright start to the match. Only for the Worlds Greatest Tag Team to get back into the match, and JTG plays the face in peril. JTG eventually made the face comeback, after he ducked a superkick from Benjamin who accidentally hit his own partner with the move. JTG then tags in Big Shad, who starts to clean house on both Benjamin and Haas. They go to finish off Benjamin with the G9, but as JTG bounces off the ropes, Haas trips him up and pulls JTG to the outside. Big Shad then went to make the save, but Benjamin came from behind with a roll up grabbing a handful of tights to get the victory.
Winners: Worlds Greatest Tag Team in 5:36

After the match the Worlds Greatest Tag Team ask for Cryme Time to give them their belts back since they beat them. It looks like Cryme Time have finally gave in as they grab the Tag Team Championship Belts. They then offer the belts to Benjamin and Haas. But just as they go to take back their titles, JTG and Shad clock the Tag Team Belts over Benjamin and Haas’s skulls. Cryme Time then leave the ring and go into the crowd taking a mic with them. JTG asks the crowd who wants a Tag Team Championship belt. Cryme Time then sell off the Tag Team Championships to two members of the crowd, as the Worlds Greatest Tag Team look on absolutely livid.

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by Triple H. Todd shows Triple H the footage of Umaga attacking him two weeks ago on Raw after his Steel Cage Match. Todd Grisham goes to ask Triple H a question, but mid way through a stretcher with Jonathon Coachman is pushed past the Interview Scene. We can hear Jonathon Coachman who does not know where he is asking his mummy where they are going. Triple H looks at Todd and signals one moment before going over to Coach and hitting him with a big hard right hand. Triple H then walks back into the interview scene and tells Todd he couldn’t resist. Todd then finishes his question asking Triple H, if he is 100% going into his match with Umaga in 13 days time. Triple H then cuts an intense little promo, saying that he is not 100% but Umaga tried to end his career, and he is not going to waste any time in a Hospital Bed so he can get his revenge. He says that at No Mercy, he is going to beat Umaga within an inch of his life and teach him that there’s one thing you do, and that’s Play the Game. Triple H then stares into the camera breathing heavily, as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we return from commercial we see a graphic, showing that next week will be the debut of Santino Marella’s new talk show “Santino’s Casa”. And that his first guest on the show, will be none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Despite this match being a Tag Match, it was more of a handicap match as Armando Alejandro Estrada refused to get in the ring, leaving Umaga to fight both Jeff Hardy and Triple H. This allowed Triple H and Jeff Hardy to dominate the match in the early going. But the tide of the match turned when Umaga dodged a Whisper in the Wind by Jeff Hardy. Umaga then started to go through his move set on Hardy, but Hardy showed some resiliency kicking out after every big move by Umaga. Umaga set Hardy up for the Samoan Wrecking Ball, but Hardy moved out of the way at just the right time and tagged in Triple H. Triple and Umaga brawled it out with Triple H getting the better of Umaga, hitting a running knee smash followed by a Spinning Spinebuster. Triple H then set Umaga up for the Pedigree, but Estrada on the apron distracted Triple H long enough so that Umaga could counter the Pedigree into a Back Body Drop. Umaga then viciously started beating away at Triple H, and it looked like he could get the win when he connected with the Samoan Wrecking Ball on Triple H. But Armando wanted to be tagged in so that he could make the cover. Umaga tagged Estrada in, who went for the cover, but Triple H kicked out. Estrada went to tag Umaga in immediately, but Jeff Hardy rushed past him and took Umaga off the apron to the outside with a dropkick. Jeff Hardy then looked at Estrada, who backed off not wanting any part of Jeff Hardy. But Estrada backed off into Triple H, who spun Estrada around and connected with the Pedigree. Triple H made the cover and got the pinfall.
Winners: Triple H and Jeff Hardy in 6:08

Commercial Break

The sixth match of the evening sees the Intercontinental Championship on the line, as Carlito defends the title against Hardcore Holly. We got a decent match out of the two, despite the match being kept short due to time constraints. The match was pretty much all Hardcore Holly, with Carlito only able to get in a few moves. Early on Carlito went for the Back Cracker on Hardcore Holly, who blocked it by holding onto the top rope letting Carlito fall to the mat on himself. Hardcore ever so nearly picked up the victory after connecting with the Alabama Slammer, but somehow Carlito got his foot on the bottom rope at two. Late on in the match Matt Stryker made his way down to the ring, attempting to distract Hardcore Holly. But it didn’t work as Hardcore continued to dominate the match, but late on he accidentally took down the referee with a dropkick meant for Carlito. This allowed Matt Stryker to get into the ring, and Stryker started to beat away at Hardcore Holly into the corner. Then Cody Rhodes runs down the ramp to make the save. Rhodes grabs Carlito’s Intercontinental Title Belt, and he goes to hit Matt Stryker with it, but Stryker ducks and Cody hits Hardcore Holly with the title belt! Matt Stryker then escapes the ring as Cody looks on in shock at what just happened. Carlito meanwhile calls for another referee to come down to the ring as he goes to take advantage and make the cover. Cody escapes the ring knowing he has made a mistake, as a new referee comes down and gives Carlito the win.
Winner: Still Intercontinental Champion Carlito in 5:48

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham again standing by John Cena. Todd asks John how is he and Chris Jericho going to be able to coexist at No Mercy, when not only don’t they like each other but also the man who gets the pinfall in the match gets a title shot at Survivor Series. John tells Todd that was the most stupid question he has ever heard, because he knows there is no chance in hell that he and Chris Jericho are going to be able to coexist. He says that despite the fact that they want to tear Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy apart, they both also want a title shot at Survivor Series. He says whether Jericho likes it or not, Cena is going to do all he can to make sure that he gets the winning pinfall. And if that means he has to attack his own partner, well Shit Happens. John Cena then walks off as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

The main event of the evening sees Chris Jericho make his wrestling return as he goes one on one with Ken Kennedy. Jericho’s first match back is very good, and is one of the better Raw matches in recent times, showing that Jericho has lost nothing of what he used to have. We get a very back and forth contest between the two, with both men having plenty of chances to get the victory. However the excitement of being back for Jericho became too much, as when he went to catapult himself over the top rope to the outside, Kennedy moved out of the way and Chris Jericho hurt his knee after an awkward landing. Ken Kennedy then proceeded to work over the injured knee of Chris Jericho, looking to hurt it enough so he can beat Chris Jericho by submission. Ken Kennedy attempted to beat Chris Jericho in the most embarrassing fashion, locking on Chris Jericho’s own finisher the Walls of Jericho. Chris Jericho however crawled to the ropes, and then moments later got back into the match after hitting the Code Breaker onto Ken Kennedy. Chris Jericho then started to pick up some momentum, going through his move set on Kennedy. Jericho hit the Bulldog on Kennedy and then went for the Liansault, but as he went to jump onto the middle rope, he stopped in mid air as his knee gave way. This allowed Kennedy some time, as he came from behind with a Chop Block onto Jericho. The ending of the match saw Ken Kennedy set Jericho up on his shoulders, when Chris Jericho slid off and tripped Ken Kennedy to the mat, locking on the Walls of Jericho. The match looked over for Kennedy, when suddenly Vince McMahon rushed to the ring. Vince distracted the referee as Kennedy started tapping out. Then through the crowd came Randy Orton who came from behind Jericho, hitting him with the RKO. Orton then looked down at Jericho with a Psychotic look, and he then sized him up for the Punt Kick. But down the ramp came John Cena, and Cena goes straight after Orton taking him to the outside with a Clothesline. Vince McMahon in anger then grabbed a Steel Chair on the outside and brought it into the ring with him. Vince waits for Jericho to get to his feet as the referee tries to stop Vince. Vince goes to swing when Shane McMahon floods down to the ring. Vince immediately flees the ring. Shane watches his father on the outside as Jericho runs to the ropes, and connects with the Liansault and hooks the legs for the three count.
Winner: Chris Jericho in 10:30

After the match Chris Jericho celebrates his victory raising his arms in the air walking backwards, as John Cena does the “You Can’t See Me” taunt to Randy Orton down the ramp as he also walks backwards, and Cena and Jericho bump in the middle of the ring. John Cena and Chris Jericho get into an intense stare down, with both men signalling to one another that they are going to get the title shot. It looks like the two men are going to come to blows, but Shane McMahon splits the two men up telling them to stop it and get along. Raw then comes to an end as the Corporation on the ramp, like what they see in the ring.


Raw Results
John Morrison beats Rob Van Dam in 9:22
Melina beats Candice Michelle in 4:47
CM Punk beats Kevin Thorn via DQ in 7:19
Worlds Greatest Tag Team beat Cryme Time in 5:36
Triple H and Jeff Hardy beat Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada in 6:08
Carlito defeats Hardcore Holly in 5:48 to retain his Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho beats Ken Kennedy in 10:30

Current WWE No Mercy Card

Triple H v Umaga

Chris Jericho and John Cena v Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton

Batista v The Undertaker

Carlito © v CM Punk/John Morrison

Edge © v Rey Mysterio
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