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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

SD Review

Opening seg - Good solid way to build up the main event scene of both tonight and the PPV, filling the air time up with some big match promises. Edge got angry pretty early on and I was suprised not to see Rey in the late moments but besides that, did it's job well.

Match1 - Good opening description for the match, rather than some of the BS generic stuff alot of bookers provide. Match seems to be that of a good pace to start off the show and as suprised as I was to see Kenny get the win, it's a good sign of difference and I hope you take this to something a bit different, as opposed to the same matches repeatedly.

Matt seg - Realistic, hype-building and a good ending from Matt. The right stuff going into a big Title match. Tbh though it could have been left there as Noble's promo was far far too repetitive and never gave him much to work with considering his match was straight after.

Match2 - Again, delivering the goods sensibly with some nice array of moves. Both guys looked strong and Kash's emergence seemed perfect aswell, but my only problem with the situation was the aftermath. The best of 7 series can work really well but with two guys like this who had faced 4 times already, you'd really need to use some variety. Stip matches, tag matches etc. I mean 11 matches between two guys can really drag on. Plus Wang gets a good win and no reward from it? Maybe interject him in there so he can mean something afterwards.

Matt seg - Oooh the tension. Nice one. My only problem though is once again, you need to break a bit further from reality. We've seen Kane/MVP before and even though you had him nearly come to blows with Flair, you still opted for the "already-done" option.

Match3 - Nicely done match with all the right ingredients, so theres no flaws in your match style I can see anyway. Finlay I didn't see coming because he's already had his beef with Kane in the past (back to the "already-done" stuff) but the New Breed coming in and Cole analysing the attack was something really good to see, as it filled in all the gaps.

Match4 - Squash matches aren't the most exciting of matches but they do their job well, as did this contest. Your new stable's certainly got some weight behind it and with Regal staying involved like he did here, one more big PPV win and you can easily throw these into the Title hunt. I like it.

Batista seg - Short but awesome at the same time. Really shows that after this long, Tista isn't intimidated anymore. Great build.

Chavo seg - First off it's a good idea for a fued, having two guys who haven't tango'd before. Secondly, if Chavo did the dress-up thing already then why do it again? You should have more idea's than that for a recapped promo. I hope to see a bit "more" and a bit of variety out of these two as it seems like a good starting idea.

Match5 - Good match with plenty of spots and the right momentum, but why didn't Steve go for the cover after the Stevie kick? I mean if Masters was to kick out there, you could have just thrown in a different big move in it's place. Makes Richards look a little confused which isn't what you want after a big stip match.

Edge seg - Good in-character stuff from both guys, with just the right words said too. Not alot I can say here but great build promo.

Main Event - Great stuff as per usual. Nice mix of moves, dominance, rivalries and hype. No complaints here whatsoever, and I mean that. Great way to cap off the show in style.
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