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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Smackdown Feedback

Opening promo with Edge was pretty good. Edge was the best part of this by a long way, Batista as a tweener it seems, not fully fledged heel was decent to read. The match for tonight looks a little explosive to say the least. I didn’t count on Taker coming out like he did, but it was great to see Edge get choke slammed. I can’t make my mind up whether he should have high tailed it or not, but huge start to the show

Palumbo and Dykstra put a better match on to start the show than I expected. Dykstra looked good in the match and it’s good to see you recognising the talent he has, good win for him and I like that he did it clean too. The start of things to come?

The dual interviews with Matt Hardy and Jamie Noble were a good idea as we got a filler into two decent promos instead, putting both matches over for later on. Matt seemed in character, but Jamie’s promo was better, probably cos it was more comical and aggressive. Some good stuff from Noble, and that’s great to see as he is awesome in the ring and it seems you’re doing a good job of mixing them together to give him a real push as a strong champion

Noble’s match with Yang was very good, great to read and very realistic of how it would come off on TV. I didn’t think we would see Kid Kash, but that was an added bonus. I think a DQ would have been better as Yang isn’t going to benefit too much from this, but the loss for Noble is nothing too big. Best of 7, fucking yes please! Bring it on

Matt being attacked by MVP, too obvious I think. I’m not sure who else it could be, but I like that you had MVP back himself up with Flair and Teddy. Long would make MVP suffer and give the fans what he promised, so Kane as an alternative is very cool. I was ready for the change to take place, but a second straight run in, ruined that possibility. Again, I don’t think a pinfall victory was needed over the DQ as MVP retained anyway and he could have escaped, leaving Finlay and Kane to brawl, slipping out of the picture himself. But obviously, you wanted The New Breed attack to happen, so I can understand that now. I don’t see them as faces, Burke in particular, so this attack was a little random and confusing, but I know it’s heading somewhere good

A squash match to put the UK Connection over was good to see and shows that they are imposing and strong champions. Will be interesting to see who challenges them, but a nice finish with the C4. The Batista promo was really good, very freaky and shows that Batista is in deep trouble and that he is hot about the situation going into the match later

I wonder if Chavo’s push in ECW is done to them seeing your work with him on here! Seeing you started this feud a while ago and before his push IRL, it’s great to see him developing in this way, and this was a great promo, booked brilliantly. The brass attack as I will call it, worked brilliantly and then the use of the figure four, just brilliant. Nice job

Masters beating Stevie at last was always going to happen, but in a way, a newly aggressive Masters is good thing all round as he can be taken more seriously now. He looked hot in his match and should be moving up the roster soon

Edge/Rey promo was a nice little filler and teaser for the main event. I so wish Rey had walked out on Edge, but it was great seeing Edge so cocky and then realise his own mistake, showing us he is a coward. The main event itself was good, very strange concept with opponents together, but Batista became the third person tonight to lose thanks to an attack not from his opponent. Taker walking out on Batista I think should have been the other way round, but giving Rey a win was the obvious idea you wanted to get him over as a possible threat to Edge’s title, which he really isn’t

Overall, some really great booking here. Looking at Chavo in particular, some of the match endings could have gone the other way or ended in a DQ, but nothing major here, a really great show man
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