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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Sorry for the delay for Smackdown, have been ill the last few days so it took longer for me to write. The reason why there is one recapped promo in this show, is because i wrote it and just when formatting the show realised it wasn't there. So i must not of saved it after writing it, and i just want to get the show up now, so that's why there is one promo which is recapped. Anyway enough talking, here's Smackdown.

WWE Smackdown!
28th September 2007

“Rise Up” by Drowning Pool hits as the Smackdown Video package plays before we head out to the arena where we see thousands of screaming fans. The camera pans amongst them before finally going over to Michael Cole and JBL at ringside.

Michael Cole: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, where tonight we have two enormous matches.

JBL: Your right Batista and The Undertaker who face each other in a Hell in a Cell at No Mercy team up, to take on Edge and Rey Mysterio who are also facing each other at No Mercy, for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Cole: Huge main event. But also tonight finally Matt Hardy gets his shot at MVP’s United States Champion, as the Tag Team Champions face off for MVP’s gold.

JBL: Tonight Cole, MVP will prove why he is the captain of the team, and he is going to give out wrestle and out class Matt Hardy.

Cole: We will see about that, but lets kick off the show with the Cutting Edge!

We then cut to the ring where Edge is already in the ring with a mic in hand, lying down on his couch. Edge then gets to his feet.

Edge: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the most controversial talk show in history, THE CUTTING EDGE!

Huge heat

Edge: As always hosted by your World Heavyweight Champion, THE RATED R SUPERSTAR, EDGE!

Huge heat

Edge: And tonight is going to be a huge night for all you Edgeheads. Because tonight my No Mercy opponent, Rey Mysterio will team up with me to take on Batista and The Undertaker!

Crowd Pops

Edge: And before I bring my guest out for the Cutting Edge, since this my show, I am going to talk about more important things than my guest has to say, because I am going to talk about issues, which resolve around myself.


Edge: Y’see in just over two weeks time at No Mercy. I am going to face the man who I defeated at Summerslam…….Who I defeated at Unforgiven………And who I am going to DESTROY AT NO MERCY, REY MYSTERIO!

Big heat

Edge: Ever since Rey Mysterio became number one contender, I have heard people talk about how; Rey Mysterio is going to get third time lucky. That he is going to take MY World Heavyweight Championship.

Crowd Pops


Huge heat

Edge: Like it or not I speak the truth. You people might not agree with me, but I COULDN’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU PEOPLE THINK!

Huge heat

Edge: Unlike Rey Mysterio. Ever since he joined the WWE, Rey Mysterio has been sucking on you chump stains like a Banana. For the past 5 years he has tried to get all of you on his side, and has tried to make himself out, to be some kind of superhero. Well let me tell you this Spiderman, when you come diving at me, YOUR GOING TO FALL FLAT ON YOUR FACE!

Crowd Boos

Edge: Because at No Mercy I am going to…..

“I Walk Alone” hits and Batista comes out to a thunderous mixed ovation from the crowd due to his recent actions. As Batista makes his way down to the ring, Edge speaks even over the music.

Edge: Hey, hang on, hold it right there….Go! I haven’t given you your cue yet. Go away and come back when I am ready.

Batista ignores Edge and enters the ring, as his music cuts off.

Edge: Didn’t you listen to me? Who do you think you are? I wasn’t ready for you to com…..

Batista: You might of not been ready, but I was sick and tired of waiting for you to stop running your mouth!

Crowd Pops

Batista: I didn’t accept your offer to be on the Cutting Edge to listen to what you have to say; I came out here to talk about my match at No Mercy with The Undertaker!

Crowd Pops

Batista: And if your not going to ask me any questions, you can either leave this ring, or I will throw you out of this ring!

Crowd Pops

Edge: You know what I have changed my mind. You’re no longer welcome on the Cutting Edge, so you can scoot off because you’re not welcome!

Big heat from the crowd as Batista gives a slight smirk.

Batista: Edge, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Small pop

Batista: I am not moving anywhere Edge. I am going to talk about my Hell in a Cell match at No Mercy, and if you have a problem with that feel free to let your feelings known. Because I will have no problem kicking your ass, RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

Big pops

Batista: But Edge I would advise you to listen to what I have to say. Because I talked to Teddy Long earlier today, and a stipulation has been added to my match. You see the winner of my match with the Undertaker, will get a World Heavyweight Title Shot at Survivor Series!

Crowd Pops as Edge turns away from Batista, and shakes his head not happy at what he just heard.

Batista: So when I’m through beating The Undertaker…

Mixed reaction from the crowd

Batista: And if you happen to beat Rey Mysterio at No Mercy. At Survivor Series I am going to get my title shot, and I am going to REGAIN MY WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

Crowd gives a mixed reaction, as they would rather see The Undertaker get a title shot. Edge at first glances at Batista in anger, before a smirk appears on his face for some reason.

Edge: Well that’s great Dave but I forgot to tell you. You’re not the only guest on tonight’s show.

Edge then laughs as Batista looks on in confusion.

“Gong” hits and the arena turns dark. The crowd then gives a huge pop, as the lights come back on to reveal The Undertaker, who is face to face with Batista, with both men staring a hole through one another. The Undertaker takes off his hat and rolls his eyes to Batista, who does not look intimidated at all. Then Batista throws a hard right hand at Undertaker, and BATISTA AND THE UNDERTAKER GO AT IT! Neither man seems to gain an advantage, as both men relentlessly pound away at one another. Referee’s and Road Agents come rushing down to the ring to split the two men up, dragging both men to opposite corners. However Batista gets himself free, and charges up at The Undertaker and the two men go at it again. This time they can’t split the two up, but The Undertaker gets the better of Batista and clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside. The Undertaker goes to go after Batista on the outside, but the referee’s hold him back from doing so. Things finally calm down, as in the ring Edge goes over to The Undertaker and starts clapping to him, happy at what he did to Batista. But The Undertaker turns around and looks at Edge manically. Edge realises he is in trouble and goes to back off, but The Undertaker grabs him by the throat! He lifts Edge in the air and goes for the Chokeslam, but BATISTA ENTERS THE RING AND SPEARS UNDERTAKER! Batista then stands over The Undertaker, looking down at him very intensely. Batista then leaves the ring and we go to a commercial, as The Undertaker sits up and looks at Batista.

Commercial Break

Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and just before the break we had a very volatile situation. As Batista and the Undertaker went face to face, and when Undertaker went to Chokeslam Edge, Batista speared the Undertaker.

JBL: Michael how are these two men going to co-exist when they team up tonight in a Tag Team Match?

Cole: Also how are Rey Mysterio and Edge going to co-exist, what a huge main event this is going to be.

Kenny Dykstra’s music hits, and Kenny Dykstra comes out to some decent heat from the crowd. As he makes his way down, we are shown footage of his victory over Ric Flair last week.

“You will remember me” hits and Chuck Palumbo rides down to the ring on his motorcycle to a nice pop. He rides around the ring and parks it on the ramp, before entering the ring.

Match 1
Singles Match
Chuck Palumbo v Kenny Dykstra

We get a rather solid back and forth physical contest, to kick-start the wrestling side of the show. The match started off at a very quick pace, with both men coming close to getting the victory in the early going. However the pace slowed down when Kenny Dykstra took Palumbo off the ring apron face first onto the barricade with an impressive Springboard Dropkick. Kenny Dykstra played a smart strategy, keeping the big man on the ground working over his neck. However Chuck Palumbo fought back into the match, after Dykstra climbed up top and Chuck Palumbo tossed him off the top rope down onto the mat below. Chuck Palumbo then went full throttle on Dykstra, hitting him with numerous power manoeuvres. Chuck Palumbo hit Dykstra with a big Superkick, but somehow Dykstra kicked out at two. Palumbo then went to finish off Dykstra with his Full Throttle finishing manoeuvre, but Dykstra blocked it and then connected with a Rolling Cutter onto Chuck Palumbo. Dykstra then climbed up to the top rope, and came off with the Sky High Leg Drop. Dykstra then made the cover and in a huge shocker Kenny Dykstra picks up the clean victory.

Winner: Kenny Dykstra in 6:04

Cole: What an upset, young Kenny Dykstra has beat Chuck Palumbo. What a huge win for Kenny Dykstra

JBL: This man is on a role Cole, last week he beat the Nature Boy, Ric Flair and this week he beats Chuck Palumbo. This man is the future of Smackdown.

We then go straight backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy, who gets a big pop from the crowd.

Josh: Matt Hardy, finally tonight you get your opportunity at MVP’s United States Championship. How do you feel ahead of this huge match?

Matt: Josh I have waited for this title opportunity, ever since the Great American Bash. MVP beat me that night, and I have waited for too long to get my rematch. MVP used the Tag Team Championships as a way to stop me from facing him for the United States Championship. And do you know why, because MVP is scared of me!

Crowd Pops

Matt: Because he knows that I can beat MVP, and he knows that I can take his United States Championship. And tonight that is exactly what I am going to do!

Crowd Pops

Matt: Because I am going to walk out of Indianapolis with the United States Champion, and after tonight I will have no problem sharing the Tag Team Championships with MVP. The only question Josh is if MVP makes a good loser, because MVP after tonight you can call me Captain.

Matt Hardy then walks off the screen leaving Josh Matthews, when the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble enters the scene to some heat.

Noble: Josh, how could you interview a loser like Matt Hardy over a Champion like Jamie Noble. What has Matt Hardy done, except from having his girlfriend sleep with the entire Smackdown Roster. I think you need to interview a real man like Jamie Noble!

Crowd Boos

Josh: So you want me to interview you?

Jamie: What? A man of my class to be interviewed by a scumbag like you? Get out of my picture.

Jamie Noble softly pushes Josh away, signalling for him to get out of the way.

Jamie Noble: Last week I proved to the world why I am the greatest Cruiserweight in the world. I proved to the world that Kid Kash is no match for the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time, Jamie Noble!

Big heat

Noble: Kid Kash got three lucky victories against me, and last week I brought that redneck back to reality. I gave him the beating of his life, and he is now in a hospital bed telling his children that he got his butt whipped by the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time!

Big heat

Noble: And tonight I am going to prove to the world that just like Kid Kash, Jimmy Wang Yang has no right to be in the same ring as me.

Jamie Noble then walks off as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see Jimmy Wang Yang in the ring awaiting his opponent.

“Slam Smack” hits and Jamie Noble comes down to the ring to some heat from the crowd. Noble comes down to the ring with a big smug look on his face, looking pleased about what went down last week.

Match 2
Singles Match
Jamie Noble v Jimmy Wang Yang

We get another very exciting bout here, with Jimmy Wang Yang proving why he could be a credible challenger for Jamie Noble in the future. At the start Jimmy used some very effective high flying moves, taking Jamie Noble to the outside with a Hurricarana, before hitting a springboard somersault plancha onto Jamie Noble on the outside. However the tide of the match turned when Jamie Noble, whipped Jimmy Wang Yang knees first into the steel steps, causing a lot of damage to Jimmy’s knees, and Jamie started to work over the knees knowing Jimmy Wang Yang is in trouble. Jamie Noble played a very smart game, keeping Jimmy Wang Yang grounded on the mat, weakening him for a possible submission finish. It looked like Noble was going to get the Submission Finish when Noble locked on a Boston Crab to Jimmy Wang Yang, but Yang somehow grabbed the ropes. Wang Yang then showed some heart and despite his injury to his knee, Wang Yang fought back after connecting with a Jumping Spinning Leg Lariat to the jaw of Jamie Noble. Wang Yang stepped up a gear and even looked like he could get the victory, when he connected with a Tornado DDT, but Noble got his feet on the ropes at two. The referee was then taken down after, Wang Yang accidentally took him down with a clothesline. Jamie Noble took advantage low blowing Yang, before grabbing his Cruiserweight Title Belt. Noble went to hit Yang with it BUT KID KASH SPRINTS TO THE RING! Kid Kash and Noble went at it, with Kash getting the better of Noble, and connecting with a Brain buster DDT onto Noble’s title belt! Kash then woke the referee up, as Jimmy Wang Yang connected with a Corkscrew 450 Splash, and hooks the leg to get the win!

Winner: Jimmy Wang Yang in 7:46

After the match Jimmy Wang Yang celebrates his victory on the outside as Kid Kash immediately gets back into the ring. Kid Kash goes to get revenge for last week, as he goes to lock on the Dragon Sleeper, but Jamie Noble feels the move about to be locked onto him, and he quickly scurries out of the ring. Kid Kash challenges Noble to get back into the ring as “MacMillitant” hits and Smackdown General Managed Teddy Long, comes out onto the ramp with a mic in hand.

Teddy Long: Hang on Playas I have got a proposition for both of you. You want to fight so badly, well I am going to give you that fight. In fact, I am going to give you seven fights.

Crowd Pops as Noble and Kash look intrigued.

Long: You see starting at No Mercy, we are going to have ourselves A BEST OF 7 SERIES!

Crowd Pops as Kash smiles, while Noble shakes his head in disagreement.

Long: Now Playas, I am sure you can Holla Holla that.

Teddy Long then makes his way to the back with his music playing, as Noble and Kash lock eyes.

No Mercy Commercial

“Oh Yeah” hits and Matt Hardy’s music is met with a big pop from the crowd. However we wait, and wait, and wait, but there is no sign of Matt Hardy.

We then cut backstage to a locker room full of superstars crowding around a BLOODIED AND KNOCKED OUT MATT HARDY! Paramedics rush in as superstars like Ric Flair, Stevie Richards, the Major Brothers, and a few Cruiserweights look on. Then MVP rushes into the locker room.

MVP: Hey what the Hell happened?

Flair: You attacked Matt Hardy that’s what happened!

MVP: Hey don’t blame this on me Ric. I was just getting ready to enter the arena, when I hear that my Tag Team partner has been knocked out….

Flair: Oh don’t give me that crap Montel. You have never wanted to face Matt Hardy and you know it. So that’s why you came in here and ambushed Matt Hardy..

An angered MVP then shoves Ric Flair, who shoves MVP back, and the two men are about to go at it when the other superstars in the Locker Room break them up. We then see Teddy Long storm into the locker room

Teddy Long: What the hell has happened here?

Paramedic: We don’t, all we know is that he has been attacked.

Long: Is he going to be able to wrestle?

Paramedic: No we need to take him away immediately.

We see a smirk appear on MVP’s face, until Teddy Long turns around and gives MVP a stern look.

MVP: Hey, Hey, hang on a minute now. Don’t you say that you think I did this too right?

Long: No I never said that, because there is no proof at this time that you did it. But MVP I said you were going to have a United States Title Match tonight, and I am not going to let these fans down. So there will be a replacement for your match.

Crowd Pops as MVP doesn’t look too pleased.

Long: Because next, you are going to defend your United States Championship against…….KANE!

Crowd Pops

Long: Now get ready because your match is next.

MVP looks like he is going to blow, but he keeps his anger inside of him, and just storms off knowing he has an ever tougher challenge in store.

Commercial Break

“I’m Comin” hits and the US Champion MVP makes his way down to the ring to some big heat. He still doesn’t look too pleased, that he has to come down and face his long-term rival Kane.

“Slow Chemical” hits and Kane comes out to a big pop from the crowd. Kane comes down, with a maniacal look on his face, knowing that this is his chance to become the US Champion.

Match 3
United States Championship
Kane v MVP ©

Was a huge disappointment for everyone watching that Matt Hardy did not face MVP as expected, and instead we see a match which has been done a thousand and one times in the past. But despite that, we get a very enjoyable match between the two men. MVP took it to the Big Red Machine early on, but should of not exchanged blows with Kane who got the better of MVP pounding away at him into the corner. Kane then went through his everyday move set, and things early on looked very bad for MVP. But we saw a fantastic piece of athleticism by the Champion, as Kane climbed to the top rope to connect with the diving clothesline, MVP hurried up to the top rope and connected with a big arm drag to Kane off the top rope down to the mat below. We then saw a very physical side to MVP; with MVP knowing his title is on the line, and knows he has to do everything he can to get the win over a Monster like Kane. MVP came so close to getting the victory, after literally knocking Kane’s head off with the Playas Boot, but Kane kicked out at two. Kane then started to fight back into the match, and we saw some back and forth action between the two, with both men having chances to win. The end of the match saw MVP set Kane up for the Playmaker, but Kane spins out of it and grabbed MVP by the throat and connected with the Chokeslam! Kane was too hurt and could not make the cover, and when he went to make the cover, MVP smartly rolled to the outside realising the trouble he was in. The referee then told Kane to stay in the ring, and he checked up on MVP on the outside. And with the referee sidetracked, FINLAY COMES FROM NOWHERE AND CRACKS A SHILLELAGH OVER THE INJURED LEG OF KANE! That only knocked Kane to his knees, so Finlay then cracks the Shillelagh over the skull of Kane, before scurrying out of the ring. MVP who saw what just happened, recovers into the ring and hooks the leg, and gets the three count to retain his title!

Winner: Still United States Champion MVP in 9:11

After the match MVP grabs hold of his US Title, and raises it in the air as Finlay walks to the back, looking at the damage he has just done. As MVP is celebrating in the ring, HE IS SUDDENLY CLOTHESLINED OUT OF NOWHERE BY MARCUS COR VON! ELIJAH BURKE THEN RUSHES INTO THE RING AND HE AND COR VON BEAT DOWN MVP! Cor Von then picks MVP up to his feet and drives him into the corner, and hits him with repeated shoulder thrusts to the sternum. Cor Von then grabs hold of MVP, as Elijah Burke rushes to the opposite corner. Elijah then rushes up and connects with the Elijah Express, Marcus Cor Von then rushes off the ropes and connects the Pounce onto a groggy MVP. Elijah Burke then gets onto his knees and gets in MVP’s face, saying that he and Cor Von are coming after MVP and Matt Hardy’s Tag Team Championships. Cor Von and Burke then leave the ring, as Michael Cole speculates that it was them who attacked Matt Hardy.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see the random pairing of the night, featuring Billy Kidman and Shannon Moore, who are in the ring warming up for this up coming contest.

“Power of the Punch” hits and the UK Connection consisting of Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill come down to the ring, along with group leader William Regal. William Regal steps up onto the ring apron and waves to the crowd, as Burchill and McIntyre look much more serious, staring at their opponents.

Match 4
Tag Team Match
Billy Kidman and Shannon Moore v UK Connection with William Regal

Just like their match last week, we get a rather short match here, which was mostly dominated by McIntyre and Burchill. Once again we see some nice double team moves by Burchill and McIntyre, who seem to work very well as a team. The only time when Kidman and Moore had any offence in the match, was mid way through thanks to Billy Kidman. But as Kidman climbed to the top rope, William Regal distracted him on the outside, allowing McIntyre to push Kidman off the top rope to the concrete floor on the outside. The ending of the match saw McIntyre connect with the Swinging Side Slam into Sitout Facebuster on Shannon Moore, which was followed by the C-4 by Paul Burchill onto poor Shannon Moore. Burchill hooked the leg and got the easy 1-2-3.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill in 4:03

Cole: Another impressive victory for the UK Connection, and they are looking to be a real force in the WWE.

JBL: These two men remind me of a young William Regal, and that is why William Regal has brought them to the WWE.

Cole: Well folks in just over two weeks time, The Undertaker will take on Batista in a Hell in a Cell Match. The Undertaker has a legendary status is this Steel Structure. He has ended careers and has made people famous. Let’s see what I am talking about.

A video package shows, highlighting The Undertaker’s past in Hell in a Cell Matches. We see clips of the destruction he has caused to the likes of Shawn Michaels, Mankind, Rikishi and Brock Lesnar.
We then cut to the backstage area where we see Batista watching a Monitor, with Batista having just watched that video package of The Undertaker. Batista smirks before opening his bag and he searches through it. Then suddenly the light in Batista’s Locker room turns off. Batista who is in complete darkness then turns his attention to the TV Monitor, where we see a Casket in a Graveyard on the screen. The casket then slowly opens revealing a mannequin of Batista! Batista looks on at the mannequin version of himself in the casket with anger in his eyes. Then suddenly he grabs the TV and throws the TV against the Wall! An absolutely livid Batista then tips a table over, before storming out of his locker room, as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

*See speech at top of show for why this promo is recapped*

When we return from commercial “Sprach Zarathustra” hits and Ric Flair comes down to the ring to a huge pop. Or is it Ric Flair? Or for the second time in a week, it is Chavo Guerrero coming down to the ring dressed as Ric Flair. Chavo..oh I mean Ric Flair gets in the ring and takes a mic. Chavo cuts a promo mocking and insulting Ric Flair. Chavo says that he is fed up of 120 year old men like Ric Flair get the limelight every week, while deserving and talented people like Chavo Guerrero are forced to mock people to get some TV Time and make an impression. After a few more mock “Whoos” and Nature Boy struts, Ric Flair finally comes down to the ring with a purpose. Flair gets into the ring and he and Chavo exchange hard right hands, with Flair getting the better of Chavo, until, Chavo pulls something out of his tights and blasts Flair over the skull with it knocking Flair out. Chavo then reveals that he hit Flair with some Brass Knucks. Chavo doesn’t finish there however, as he gets Flair into the Figure 4 Leg Lock! Flair screams in pain as Chavo refuses to let go of the hold. Chavo then grabs Flair’s hand and taps his hand of the mat.Chavo then lets go of the hold and tells everyone that he made Ric Flair tap out to his own hold.

Don’t try this at home commercial

We return to see Stevie Richards making his way down to the ring to a decent pop from the crowd. We are shown highlights of previous matches between Richards and Masters, with Richards upsetting Masters on three occasions.

“Masterpiece” hits and Chris Masters comes out to some heat from the crowd. He comes down looking very focused on the match ahead, knowing he realistically has to beat Richards if he can get anywhere on Smackdown.

Match 5
No Disqualifications
Chris Masters v Stevie Richards

Chris Masters entered the match will full confidence, believing that this match against Richards would be a walk in the park. But very surprisingly Richards got a lot more offence in than their previous encounters, with Masters being on the defence for the majority of. We saw a very physical side to Stevie Richards, with the highlight being Richards kicking Masters head, sandwiching it between Richard’s boot and the Steel Step on the outside. Stevie Richards came so close to the victory when Chris Masters brought a chair into the ring, only for Richards to connect with the Stevie Kick with the chair smashing off Masters skull. But the tide of the match turned, when Chris Masters got Richards set up in the air for the Powerbomb, but instead of dropping him on the mat, Masters powerbombed Richards spine first off the turnbuckle in the corner of the ring. Masters then started to attack the back of Richards, at one point repeatedly driving the Steel Chair into the spine of Stevie Richards. This all ended up with Chris Master locking on the Masterlock, and Richards passed out ending Master’s jinx against Stevie Richards.

Winner: Chris Masters in 6:28

After the match Chris Masters tosses Richards to the ground, as the referee goes to raise his arm in the air. But Chris Masters suddenly takes the referee down with a big clothesline; damn near taking the refs head off. Chris Masters then raises his own arm in the air as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see Rey Mysterio warming up for his upcoming contest, when his tag team partner and the man he faces at No Mercy for the World Heavyweight Championship, Edge steps into the scene to some big heat.

Edge: Hey how’s it doing….PARTNER!

Edge laughs as Mysterio scowls

Edge: Now Rey we have a match coming up next, and I don’t want you to screw this up. Because World Heavyweight Champions don’t lose, and all you have done since returning is lose…

Big heat

Edge: But aslong as you listen to me, and just stay on the apron the whole match. We have nothing to worry about.

Mysterio: Is that right Edge? Well if your so confident Edge, I might aswell not come out tonight and team with you, because you sound so confident you can take Batista and Undertaker on yourself!

Crowd Pops

Edge: Hey I didn’t mean it like that….

Mysterio: Just like I thought Edge. But let me tell you this Edge we might be partners now, but as soon as the bell rings to signal the end of the match. Don’t be surprised to get a phonecall from 619!

Huge pops for Mysterio, who then walks away leaving a very angry Edge, as we go to our final commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial “Booyaka 619” hits and Rey Mysterio comes down to a huge pop from the crowd. Mysterio pops out of the ground, and comes down to the ring slapping hands with fans at ringside.

“Metalingus” hits and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge comes down to the ring, to some huge heat from the crowd. Edge at the top of the ramp raises his title in the air, setting off some pyros. Before making his way down to the ring, immediately locking eyes with his rival, and his tag team partner tonight Rey Mysterio.

“I Walk Alone” hits and Batista comes out to a huge reaction, mostly pops scattered around with a couple of boos. Batista sets off his pyros, before making his way down to the ring, looking very focused on the match ahead.

“Gong” hits and The Undertaker comes out to the biggest pop of the evening. As Undertaker makes his way down to the ring, Batista leaves the ring and faces down the ramp towards The Undertaker. Undertaker sees this and the two men walk face to face, and they start an intense stare down just moments before they are supposed to team up. Meanwhile in the ring Rey Mysterio and Edge are shoving one another, as The Undertaker and Batista finally split and go to enter the ring. But they are suddenly halted, when Rey Mysterio speeds up towards the ropes, connecting with a Crossbody plancha onto Undertaker and Batista on the outside!

Match 6
Tag Team Match
Batista and The Undertaker v Edge and Rey Mysterio

We finish off Smackdown, with an explosive contest, featuring two teams consisting of men who quite frankly hate each other. It was a very entertaining back and forth match, with neither team able to gain an advantage, because of both teams not getting along throughout the match, with both teams arguing and very aggressively tagging each other in. However in the early going it appeared as though there would be no problems between Edge and Rey Mysterio. With both men using their speed to their advantage, and even doing some very effective double-teaming. But when Mysterio shoved Edge out of his way so he could get to the corner of the ring and climb the turnbuckle, Edge didn’t take it very well. So as Mysterio went for a diving Crossbody, Edge caught Mysterio in mid air with a Dropkick. Batista and Undertaker then had the match’s only dominant phase, with Batista and Undertaker despite not getting along, worked over Mysterio and kept him as far away from Edge as possible. Batista hit a Spinebuster onto Mysterio, and set him up for the Batista Bomb, but surprisingly Edge helped Mysterio out, hitting a chop block to the back of Batista’s knees. It then looked as though Mysterio was going to tag Edge in, and he did so but with a dropkick to the jaw taking him off the apron. And as Edge got into the ring, Batista slapped The Undertaker across the face as he tagged Taker in. It looked as though Batista and Taker were going to go at it, but Edge stopped that from happening when he attacked The Undertaker from behind. The ending of the match saw mayhem let loose. The two legal men went at it with Batista taking Mysterio to the outside with a clothesline, and the two illegal men went at it with The Undertaker Choke Slamming Edge. Undertaker then turns around into BATISTA WHO GOES FOR THE SPEAR, BUT UNDERTAKER CATCHES BATISTA AND HITS THE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! The Undertaker then walked out on Batista, as Rey Mysterio connected with the Droppin the Dime on Batista and got the three count!

Winners: Edge and Rey Mysterio in 12:29

Cole: Mysterio picks up the victory what a match! And what an ending to the match. Batista goes for the spear on his own partner, but gets caught with the Tombstone Piledriver.

JBL: Michael I have never seen anything like it, I have seen so much problems between both teams like I have done tonight. Edge and Mysterio got the win, but in just over two weeks time they will battle it out for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Cole: And also The Undertaker will face Batista in a Hell in a Cell Match. But that’s all we have got time for tonight, make sure to tune in next week. On Friday Night Smackdown

The show comes to a close with Batista looking down at the ramp at Undertaker in frustration, as Mysterio signals to Edge that in two weeks time he will take his World Heavyweight Championship.


Smackdown Results
Kenny Dykstra beats Chuck Palumbo in 6:04
Jimmy Wang Yang beats Jamie Noble in 7:46
MVP defeats Kane in 9:11 to retain his United States Championship
Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill beat Billy Kidman and Shannon Moore in 4:03
Chris Masters defeats Stevie Richards in 6:28 in a No Disqualification Match
Edge and Rey Mysterio beat Batista and The Undertaker in 12:29

Current WWE No Mercy Card

Triple H v Umaga

Chris Jericho and John Cena v Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton

Edge © v Rey Mysterio

Batista v The Undertaker
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