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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Raw Review

Enjoyable opening segment. The tension between Jericho and Cena was definitely on point, and something one would expect considering the history between the two. Austin was strong as well, but his comments leave several things up in the air. First off, I assume Vince is still the boss, and if that's the case, he still has the power to make any match he wants. Secondly, if Austin is allowed to put Vince in matches, it needs to be explained how. Still, good segment.

Tag team division seems to be pure comedy at the moment, and that, I have no problem with. Always good to see the RWC and WGTT show a bit of personality.

If Jericho is Vince's actual son, he's just Shane and Steph's brother, not stepbrother. Decent segment. Didn't get the turkey joke at the end. Must be an English thing.

Should've had AAE rebut Austin. Estrada/Austin promos can be nothing short of amazing. Anyway, both guys were solid here. Glad to see 'Mags pick up the win, while keeping the methhead strong. Solid aftermath too. Not sure if I like Umaga walking away from Hunter, but he had the hammer. So yeah...

You would think someone else would have already informed Holly of what actually went down, rit?

What happened to Mickie? Return from injury with major push over these jobber divas plz. Thank God Beth and Melina pick up the win. Far better than their opponents in this match. Beth-Melina feud could be decent. Are they both heels?

lmao, Austin is awesome. Good stuff.

Santino is almost as awesome as Austin. a couple of his lines seemed a bit force instead of his usual ditsiness. But still strong nevertheless.

Interesting shenanigans going on in this match with Striker and Santino helping out Rhodes. New stable possibly? Either that, or a Striker/Santino - Rhodes/Holly feud.

Carlito was alright in the segment, but at the moment, Morrison is nothing more than a series of catchphrases and monikers. Up to you to pull something with a little more substance out of his character.

Doesn't say much for Carlito and Morrison, considering they couldn't beat Punk with a three on two advantage. I haven't the slightest clue as to why Van Dam is upset. Looking forward to seeing this as it develops...... <<< I sound just like a news anchor. ~__~

This is the second time I've read a show of yours where a nice swerve was undercut by an announcement. The Shane swerve should've ended the program, and then the announcement could've been made sometime during next week's show. Still, the main event was good enough, and Shane's turn was unexpected. Hopefully, we get a decent explanation next week. Tag match for No Mercy seems like quite the filler match, but SD's strong half of the card makes up for it.

for the week of September 28th


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