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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Kane01's Raw Feedback

I loved the opening segment between Chris Jericho and John Cena. Both men were wonderfully in character and it flowed nicely. I really liked the tension between these two big babyfaces of the brand; it almost had a kind of Stone Cold and Rock kind of feel to it. Judging from Y2J's comments about "fring" Cena, I can definately see a feud on the horizon between these two. McMahon and Austin were right on cue as well. I can see Raw being an enormous amount of fun with these two vying for control of the brand. The match tonight between Cena and Vince should be ... interesting to say the least, but I'm more interested in what we will actually get as our WWE Championship match at No Mercy. We could get Orton/Cena, Orton/Jericho, Orton/Kennedy, Orton/Cena/Jericho, or even Orton/Cena/Jericho/Kennedy. The ME picture looks stacked, and that's good.

Wait a minute, I wasn't sure from this match, but are Cryme Tyme heels now, or are they just acting much more tweenerish than usual. If they are just faces, then it's a nice little storyline you have going with the World's Greatest Tag team for the titles, with CT stealing the belts. Cade and Murdoch are a solid team to throw in the picture as well, and it was cool the way CT got the heel teams brawling at the end.

Another quality segment from Jericho tonight. This just reeked of 2001 when Y2J just made a habit of completely owning The McMahons on a regular basis. I can see this situation with him as Vince's bastard son creating some amusing scenes in the next few weeks. As for what Coach has in mind, I can only speculate.

Estrada is awesome, no two ways about it. Umaga is so much better with AAE as his mouthpiece, I can't believe the 'E' ever broke them up. Hopefully in this thread the Hunter/'Mags feud isn't as one sided as it was in relief, where it sucked. Just like Jericho, Austin has been on fire tonight as well. A short but top notch promo from The Rattlesnake - "Your stupid little hat" - and then Jeff comes out to get murdered. Or not. Wasn't a squash at all, so Hardy could be going after the IC title quite soon then it seems. Triple H comes back already? I would have thought he'd be out for quite a while considering what happened to him a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I don't see why Umaga would not have gone back into the ring with The Game. 'Maga fears nothing, right? AAE taking the Pedigree is fine, but I just really hope that Umaga goes over at No Mercy.

Never really been onto the Cody Rhodes/Bob Holly feud much, but this is a nice bit of build for them. The miscomminication leading to a brawl between the two. I can see Rhodes pulling out the win tonight.

Awesome to see Candice and Michelle getting squashed in the next match. They both such to be honest, whereas Beth and Melina are both awesome. This could be an interesting feud between The Glamazon and Melina if that is indeed what you are going for, but who, I wonder, will end up being the face?

Oh man, you are on fire with Austin tonight aren't you, Kane? That was another very, very good segment from The Rattlesnake, this time with Coach. It was damn funny as well. I think it should become a routine thing, Stone Cold kicking Coach's ass Awesome stufff. Santino's little interview was gold as well, but I think he should get something else to do other than the 'Stone Cold obsession'. Intercontinental title plz.

Ha ha, I knew that Cody would be picking up the win tonight, but I honestly have no idea what the hell is going on with Santino and Striker. I guess they are feuding with Holly, or trying to recruit Rhodes or something. Could be interesting.

This interview was going fine with Carlito {who is awesome}, until John Morrison showed up and ruined it. Honestly, this guy is talented, but I wish you would give him a mouthpiece. Melina plz. Ineteresting to note that at the end of the Handicap Match, it was Carlito tapping out to CM Punk's Anaconda Vise. Oh, I think this almost guarantees an IC title shot for Punk soon.

Maria doing her comedy routine = stale, especially with Cena. I liked the intensity of Cena though once he finally got going. I can really see him putting the hurting on Vince tonight, although I hope the WWE Champion Orton isn't just relegated to being a run-in lackey for McMahon

Very exciting Main Event to say the least. Nothing really happened in the match itself, but it was still good fun to see Vince on the run. The aftermath was chaos though. What the hell is up with Shano 'O Mac? Nailing Kennedy? I could understand that if KK was Vince's illegitimate son, but he's not, Jericho is. I wonder why Shane is turning face. Stone Cold's announcement for No Mercy doesn'y exactly fill me with joy, as that kind of tag team contest seems more suited to an edition of Raw or something. The stipulation makes it quite interesting, and I can definately see Cena and Jericho making a double pin on Orton or Kennedy, resulting in a Triple Threat match at Survivor Series. Though I may be wrong ...

Overall, this was the best show of yours that I have read in a while, Kane. You were really on the ball with your promos tonight, with Santino shining briefly, but mainly Stone Cold and Jericho stole the entire show. Now that I'm reading properly, I understand everything that is going on. Good work
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