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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Raw Feedback

Great opening promo man. Jericho and Cena were on the button and I think you deserve a pat on the back for having those two as faces and displaying their dislike for each other like that. It will certainly add more to this situation with Vince and his two buddies, fatal fourway at No Mercy maybe? Austin was in good character and it was good to see that he was putting his foot down and telling Vince who makes the matches, and what a main event. There’s no way Orton and Kennedy aren’t getting involved

First match was okay and after the recent events with Cryme Time, they were obviously going to take this one. It was best they did and using the belts too was a nice touch to rub salt in the wounds. What happened after with the wallet was bizarre and it took a few read throughs for me to get it

Jericho winding his new family up was funny and I loved the insults, which reminds me that the Lindsay Lohan line from Cena was great earlier too. It was effective as I can see you getting Shane and Steph involved somewhat now that they were on the show tonight. God can only wonder what Austin is going to do with Coach!

After massacring Triple H last week in the way he did, having him only beat Jeff cos Estrada shook the rope didn’t exactly reinforce the belief that Umaga will be able to cope with Triple H when he is back. The match was good and entertaining and I was waiting for Triple H to come out, which he did. The attack on Estrada was a good move as it keeps Umaga out of harms way for now and we wait in baited breath for next week now. I think you could have had Trips get a mic to announce the match though mate

The Cody/Holly promo was very good and intense. It’s a situation you’re dealing with well and it does work like this. They’re shit as champions IRL, so it’s great you’re going with this angle and having Cody stick up for himself eventually was a nice call too

The Womens match was kept short and you definitely had the right team win as the face team was beyond weak. But a Melina turn? Wow, not sure Melina would be right as a face at all, but I wouldn’t mind seeing you try as I don’t think it’s been done

Austin/Coach was just hilarious and would play out brilliantly on TV, it was so, so funny with the whole Coach gimmick and the fact Austin was playing him so brilliantly. Nice one man

The Santino interview I didn’t like simply because he’s said all this shit before. I don’t know whether it’s a bad idea as Austin is now in a position of power and it would help Santino to get on the wrong side so he gets some decent storylines, but it’s just that we’ve heard 95% of what you wrote

Cody/Holly match seemed okay and then this duo you’ve put together of Santino & Striker attack both of them to make a statement. It made sense, but with Santino doing this and already involved in a storyline, it seemed to make his remarks about Austin before irrelevant. Cody getting the win at Holly’s expense will certainly make it more interesting as Holly will be more likely to snap

Carlito/Morrison promo was okay, I liked both guys characters, but I thought Carlito was in fact quite cool, but I’m starting to get a feel for Morrison and his character now so I can relate to him more but this was good

The handicap match was fun and gave some real good action too. RVD starting off strong with the split leg, built it up at pace and I was waiting for the inevitable Punk/Carlito confrontation. Punk getting a win over the champion works for me as it sets the title match up I’m sure for the future, but after Morrison’s promo before, he was nowhere to be seen in the aftermath

Cena interview was good, short and to the point. It was in good character and played on everything he needed to, to demonstrate how much and why he hates Vince for what will be great to read later. A Jericho swerve would be so amazing if it happens

No major shock in the outcome of the main event, with the exception of Shane coming down and battering Kennedy with the chair. Where the hell did that come from? That was a shock and I’ve seen a great Shane/Kennedy feud in D-K-L’s thread and the two have a strong chemistry for sure. Glass Shatters for the third time tonight! Sure even Austin marks are draining, but interesting choice of match for No Mercy, half expected a 6 man with Shane and Vince added after what just happened

Overall, a very good show with only a few things I didn’t think came off that well. I know people mark for Austin, but he came out too much tonight and staying in his office but appearing on the tron would make things easier. He could have done that for the Umaga match, and I felt that you could have just had Jeff come out without having to announce the match there and then. The Santino promo wasn’t cool at all, but I’m loving the main event situation man!

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